Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Word of Thanks ...

What a wonderful year it has been and I feel tremendously blessed by the friendships and support this blog has given to me.

Personally and  professionally.  You have pushed me in my DIY skills! My design aesthetic, looking both to those younger and those more experienced than me, a constant reminder of the talent out there and that I have so much still to learn and experience.

Friendships that have developed through a beautiful world of design and blogging.
I raise a toast to all of you this Thanksgiving.

And my sincere hope that I have brought some inspiration to you.

And to remember as we live in this virtual world, that it is the health and love of our family and our friendships that are the real blessings.

I invite you all, anytime, to my table of thanks and celebration.
Your visits, in person, or virtually make my day!

 I look forward with delight to another year with you all ... 

As I strive to pursue my vision ...

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

See you all on Monday ... Peace and love and joy to all of you!



Monday, November 25, 2013

Prepping for Thanks ...

As I know all of you were doing the same thing.  I will not belabor the point.  
The weekend was about getting read for Thanksgiving.
And I am not talking about Grocery Shopping.  I am doing that this morning!

Because of our Move, we decided to decorate for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  I normally won't bring in Christmas until the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.  I made a choice this year to let that be okay. I want this season of Thanks and Blessings to be long, as we have been blessed and are Thankful for the past 7 years in our home at Farm Road.
Yes, we are looking forward to our next Chapter.
But the life, love and laughter that happened here is special.
And I want it to resonate with our children.

 Some Sneak Peeks at the process.
Chevron Table Runner left over from the Illusion.
Antler Ornaments from Walmart. Yep.  Walmart. $1.97. Thank You Very Much!
I considered Spray Painting Them.  I voted for A Natural Feeling.
Birch Logs.  From The New Hampshire State Tree.
Erin even commented ..." I know you are all about the Natural thing with Gold and all", but maybe you should bring in some Navy.  
I do love her, You know I do.
But ... No.

 Grocery Shopping this morning.  We will be Biscotti Making, Thanksgiving Prepping, House Warming, and Packing this week!

Making The World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Snip - It's ...

1.  Working on WallPaper for two clients this week ... Here's how the samples were wrapped up from Schumacher.  Best present!!
2.  The Martin Group Showroom at the Boston Design Center.  Stunning.
3.  Circus Animals.  Why not?
4.  New Ceiling Light from Currey & Co.  Love.
5.  Colorful Rolling Pins.  I need some!
6.  Designing Custom piece for a client.
7. Navy/Taupe Stark.  Stair Runner.  It's a Go!
8.  I need a place under my Staircase.
9.  French Trumeau Mirror heading to a client today!

Happy Friday my friends!!  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pop Up Sale ...

As our move is going to happen pretty quickly ... I am beginning to purge.  
Let the Down Size Begin!

As well as popping these up on Craigslist ... I thought I'd give a shout out to my locals ... 

So here's what is going first!

Bought this Chippendale Style Camelback sofa antiquing in Maine several summers ago.

Bought this Antique Secretary on the same Maine trip.  I am going to miss this one.  She is 52" wide and I don't have a home for her.  I think you should take her!
You can see that we stored a TV in here.  Loved it in my kitchen!

This Ballard Design Chair and Ottoman ... this is from their website ... mine are like brand new!

Who am I kidding ... Diamondback Elliptical ... I don't think I'll miss this one much!

Clearly these are local pick ups ... I am negotiable on all.  If you or anyone has an interest ... let me know!

I Will be Popping Up with more things as we go along!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, November 18, 2013

House/Life Changes ...

Happy Monday Morning my sweet blog friends ... Change is in the air and I feel it is time I share with you what is happening in my little part of the world.

I am really going to try and not be too wordy, I know we really just like to look at pretty photos!

In September Don and I sold our Farm Road house.  I consider this the house where our family grew up together.  With Don traveling so much, Erin and Callie off to college and Christopher and Sammy only with us every other week ... we were starting to feel "house overwhelmed".  Mostly this was me ... Alot of the time it was just me and our dogs.

We actually put our home on the market back in May.  Nothing happened and before Callie's graduation in early June I asked Don to take the For Sale sign out of the yard.  He kind of looked at me ... and said "ok."  Just one of the reasons I love him so much, he really didn't press me ... I just told him it wasn't the right time.  I truly felt something was not right.  So off we went along to our summer routine, kids in and out and the house was full.  

Slowly the nest started emptying again, Erin left for Auburn in early August.  We moved Callie into Bucknell mid-August.  School started for Sammy and Christopher and Don was on the road. Alot.

Then, probably the most significant change that took place.  In September Murphy died.  We had a dog trainer when Murphy was a puppy and one thing he told me is that every dog needs a job.  I really didn't understand this until now.  Murphy's job was to patrol our yard every morning and every night.  I used to tell the kids that Murphy is letting all the little creatures know he is watching and listening as he literally circled the property barking twice a day.  At the same time. Each morning and each night.

It hit me that Murphy was the reason we couldn't sell the house in May.  This was his home.  He made his last rounds this past September.  
He had done his job and he had done it very well. 

Two weeks later we put our house on the market on a Monday.  It sold on Tuesday Night.  I do believe things happen for a reason and I should listen to my instincts more often!

We have been on the hunt and I think quite possibly seen every home on the market in the two town area where we live and want to stay for Christopher and Sammy to finish school.

We found one just a mile away from our Farm Road house ... which is sort of weird.  But it is time for us to move on!  I am a little shy of sharing because it isn't signed and sealed yet.

Okay, this isn't the one we chose ...  But we did look at the land!
Don and I are a little like wanderers.  We like change and we like new "house" adventures.
We are calling this next one the 5-year Plan.  Or Forever.  How does one really know?

Feeling pretty positive about this down sizing ... 
Yep, Changes are coming and I hope you'll enjoy the ride with us!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

Sharing a post on one of my favorite Paris Trips with Sandy today!



Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Snip - It's ... Details to Follow!

1.  Texture is becoming a more and more important detail to me.
2.  Celebration Sushi night ... check in with me on Monday and I'll share the details!!
3.  Hardware detail.
4.  Persian rug ottoman.  I like this detail.
5.  Lamps coming into a client's home.  A detail that can't be overlooked.
6.  Beautiful Fall Day in Boston.  Iron Detail.
7.  Carved Furniture.  Without this detail this piece wouldn't be worth a look!
8.  Traditional Ethan Allen is bringing in the Fun Detail ... finally!
9.  Hand Painted Persian Box.  Color and Movement Detail.

I have been very focused on these details this week. 

Are you noticing the details?  Kind of like smelling the Roses.
Notice them this weekend!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chair Addiction ... The Reality!

Hi My name is Kim Macumber and I have a Chair (and possible sofa!) Addiction.  And no matter how many steps I go through ... I am not certain I will every overcome this.

Some people (my Husband) might call this hoarding.  I have no idea what he is thinking.
I am saving history and being the most "green" a person can be.  Repurposing.  Whether I have the immediate purpose or not.  That is NOT the point.

So ... back to my addiction ... as I might not be the only one with this I thought I should share a little "new" source for you.  

This is a Louis XVI settee ... you know how I know this?  Well, I just know this ... but you know how I can find out things I don't know about styles and era's? I go here.

Perhaps you just buy things because you like them?  I have no issue with this.  You don't really care whether the styles you love are Mid-Century Modern, Louis XVI, or Baroque.

But maybe when you are sitting around with the gals having a few glasses of wine, you cannot imagine the delight you will see in their eyes when you announce that you picked up this fabulous Louis XVI Chair over the weekend for a steal ... they will get wide-eyed with the whole mystery of the thing.

My husband does not give me this reaction.  You need serious friends for this!

This is a 1960 reproduction of a Bergère ... that was from my parents home.  Free to me.
And when I got it ... brown paisley.  Not my scene.

The orange leather hide was a find for $85.00 while looking for something completely different.  That is when it happens.  I had no idea what the future held for it.  But then there it was.  You can read more about this chair's adventure here.  And yes, I particularly like real furniture in the yard.

Then these two ... Fauteuils which I found at Brimfield.  I paid $250 for the pair.  I didn't haggle at all.  I was a neophyte.  My first Brimfield trip and my first ever purchase there.  I was in unknown territory and I wanted them.  Badly.  

All re-done and Red Cat Like.  

Once I started getting the hang of things I started working the system. 

 I am still uncomfortable with this.  Louis XVI Settee for $300.  Scored it for $150.  Erin was with me and we found this disaster in the field.  When I was taking it apart to recover it I found a petrified mouse.  No lie.  I immediately took it to my professional.  Some things you just have to send to others. 
 I know my limit.

I had this done for Erin's room.  She loves it and I know it will travel with her through life. All remnants of the mouse are long gone.

We had it recovered (re-built!) in an embroidered white cotton to keep it fun and flirty.  The best part is that she was with me when we were loading up the car with crazy items.  This was the last piece ... we made it fit.  You can read about this here.

So ... in my beautiful world ...  she will remember our adventure that day every time she looks or sits in this settee.  The Best part.

I have been a long supporter and shopper on OKL ... but now love the fact that they are not only a good shopping resource but you can actually learn a little about all the fabulous things that draw your attention.

Makes the whole game more fun!  Thanks OKL!
Next time your looking for something specific or want to know what it is that you have and love.  You have a new resource.  Use it!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, November 11, 2013

Down Time ...

I can remember my Mother needlepointing at night when we were watching t.v.  Or on a Sunday afternoon.  She taught me how.  But I never really took up the needle.  I like to sew, but this just didn't intrigue me.

Lately I have been noticing how my "relaxing" time involves sitting on the sofa with my family while watching a tv show or a football game ... and I am on my laptop.  Reading blogs, trying to come up with ideas for my own blog.  And perhaps playing a game of Spider Solitaire ...  or two ... or three!  Or until I can actually win the damn thing!!

 Like everything we sometimes need to bring it back.  Stop the craziness and "be" in our space at the time.

While I love blogging and the network it has given me, I realize that there are other things more important.

My Grandmother had a saying ... "Idle hands are the Devil's workshop." I hold those words dear, I am not sure why, but they constantly reverberate in my head. I have a difficult time just sitting.  Especially in front of the tv.

So ... I might just start putting the laptop down on our favorite "show night" and pick up an addiction a little more old fashioned.


Then again, if Needlepoint isn't your thing ... you can just buy all these.

Are you feeling too connected?  What do you do to REALLY disconnect?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Snip - It's ... all about the ORC!

1.  Monkey Soap from WOM.
2.  Flower pots and fake boxwood from Michaels ... painted by moi!
3.  Elephant via Etsy and gilded by moi!
4.  Elephant Prints from TPP
5.  ORC - BrainChild of Linda!
6.  HandTowels - fabric found and monogramed (by someone else!) and sewn up by moi.
7.  Gold Chevron Trash can and dish from here.
8.  Mirror picked up while in Lewisburg, Pa moving Callie into school! Always time to shop!!
And given a little Firecracker Love.
9.  Fretwork Ginger Jar via Home Goods with a little Glossy White to bring the girl to life!

As with all challenges there was progress, things not turning out quite the way you plan or anticipate ... but all coming together in the end.  Thanks again to Linda for pulling this all together and creating a forum for us to share and inspire and encourage!  

And thank you all for continuing to check in and comment.  Without that, I am not certain I would have completed this!

Have a wonderful weekend. Manhattan's being served on the sunporch at 7:30, See you here? At least virtually I hope!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Powder Room ... The Reveal!

Well, nothing like a little Group Challenge to get my butt in gear!  I have been sitting (in and) on my Powder Room Re-do for a year.  Everyone needs a Linda in their life to keep us moving along!!

Thank you Linda for the Challenge and all the ORC ladies for inspiring us all to get a room, One Room, done in 6 weeks.  This year Linda added a little Linking Party to motivate even more!  So ... with no more ado, here's my Powder Room!

This is hard for me ... but no words, just photos!  I hope you enjoy and thank you all for coming along with me on this little POTTY adventure!!

Okay ... so let's just take a look at where this started ...

If you want to be inspired even more, check in here for the rest of the Linking Party and see all the talent out there.  You are going to be amazed!

If you want to see where this little adventure began, go Here.  
I will be sharing all sources in my Friday post!

Happy Linking Day my friends!  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, November 4, 2013

Creepin' in ...

the holidays that is!!

And I know I am not thinking straight ... but I'd love to do Thanksgiving outside.  Something about it seems like a perfect way to celebrate our family.


Yes, I live in New England ... I didn't say I was actually going to be able to make this happen! 

 I also need a large tree to hang lanterns.
A girl can dream ... yes?
Like this ... I have no idea how we'd look or feel tromping out to the field for our meal and then the clean up would suck.  But seriously ... if you could just sit here for a couple of hours and there could be someone filling wine glasses and sweeping away all the aftermath ... 

I think you would like it too!

I am beginning to think about how we are going to handle it this year ... the kids are getting bigger and I love having us all at one table.  We seem to be out of the "kid table" age.
I am still trying to figure out the best seating ... I have brought up tables and put them together to create on large one.  It works ... but this is the time of year I wish I had an enormous dining room to house about 20 comfortably.  

Are you starting to think about this?  How do you handle everyone?  Needing some creative inspiration!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Snip - It's!

Some weeks are full of stuff, just stuff ... no news there!  And then some weeks are filled with the things I love ... design!  This was a pretty good one!

1.  Nothing Better than Dorothy Draper. BRASS.  BIG. HARDWARE.
2.  I picked my Montauk Daisies because of the threat of a freeze.  I killed them They lasted a day.  I guess I got to see them a little more inside?
3. A little fabric love zhushing up a PB Duvet!
4.  Custom Fortuny light.
5.  The Whole Blue and White Thang.  Thought this one was beautiful.
6.  Death Stare.  "Take us outside. NOW!"
7.  Gorgeous "fern" Stark carpet ... for a stair runner.
8.  I am still on the Chevron Bus.  Gorgeous Linens.
9.  Check Engine Light On.  Trying to Ignore it.

TGIF!  We'll be drinking wine a little earlier this weekend ... I hate the time change.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


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