Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Glimmer!

I think I am having One Room Challenge Withdrawals!!  For those that weren't following, for the past six weeks,15 of us bloggers were in a challenge to get One Room Done!  Well ... we completed that last week ... you can click on the One Room Challenge Button on the right to start from the beginning or go here.

So ... I feel the need to show you what else I have been working on.

Rookie Mistake Number One!  I didn't take before photos ... the room just kind of evolved!  I was working with my client on painting her kitchen area ... and it just seemed natural to carry the paint right into the dining room ... then we started REALLY looking at the dining room ... I got ahead of myself and then found us in the middle of everything with no before photos!!

The room was yellow ... a chair rail ... and a beautiful table and chairs (will show you when the room is COMPLETE!) 

Here's what is happening right now:

The Dining Room is not big but we wanted it to have a Big Impact.  We chose Benjamin Moore Metallic Paint - Bronze for the ceiling.  We wanted to echo the bronze/gold stencil in the wallpaper but not have it too shiny.  Three coats over the painted ceiling we started with.  The Depth and The Sheen are gorgeous.  You look up and feel drawn in ... not stopped by the lower ceiling.  

Close up of the Lee Jofa Wallpaper ... grass cloth with a gold stencil ... stunning!

Lamps that mimic the pattern on the walls ... and the Crowing Jewel, Metallic Ceiling.

You can see that our drapes are not up yet ... they are coming ... and you will be able to see them in the next Big Reveal.  I have a hard time keeping a secret.  We also have some fabulous Brimfield finds ... remember these

Well, they have a new home in this dining room and you are going to be blown away!!



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Shared "view"

Sometimes I wish Brooke Giannetti was a family member ... because she appreciates "Patina" ... if you are not familiar with her or her book Patina Style go get it and visit her blog Velvet and Linen.

My family doesn't always appreciate my love of "old things" ... Old houses, old furniture, flea market finds.  I love to think about where these pieces lived before I found them.  The stories they could tell, the lives they have been a part of.

Last week Don and I went up to Kennebunkport for the day ... he knows if we go I will drag him to Old House Parts.  I showed you the photo of a window I found ... I wanted it.  So he said go for it, we'll come back next week to pick it up.  We weren't in my Denali.  When I got home I looked at some old photos from a trip we took last year.  The Same Window!!  See ... it was waiting for me.  I had forgotten all about it.  It, however, never waivered and waited patiently for me!!

It was a little too tall for our house ... so the kind folks at Old House Parts took three rows off the top for me!

Out to the gravel to be cleaned and removal of some broken glass!

Murphy and Byron want to help and don't understand what I am doing with a bucket of water and why they can't drink it.

All cleaned up and just like new :)

Up off the floor to it's new home.

Somewhere, a while ago ... someone else looked through these window panes.  I don't know what their view was ... and while my "view' is just a wall ... the reflection of what might have been makes me smile.



Monday, February 27, 2012

"Living" with Alice Williams ...

and her Art!  Alice's colors and images are warm and inviting and appealed to me the first time I saw one of her pieces.  I am so intrigued by artists ... just like anything else, they come in all shapes and sizes and march to their own beat. I have been fortunate enough to be given a "peek" into her life.  As I have learned more about Alice, I believe she speaks to me even more because of her love of Europe, color, and her almost "impressionistic" flavor (although I would never trap her in that term ... she can paint anything!).  As I continue to go on and on about original art, I have found that getting to know the artist makes the work even more special. Now, I have had the good fortune to meet several of the artists whose work I love.  But this also means studying up a little and getting to know more about those that I may never meet.

I have this desire to know what goes on in the artists' head when they paint.  I want to feel the piece.  Maybe I don't feel it quite the way they intended.  That is what makes it even more fun!

First ... enjoy a little taste of Alice's current work.

for more by Alice, go here.

Alice and her husband make their home in Atlanta ... but they continue to make travel and living abroad a huge part of their life.  They bought a "penthouse" Condo in an older building in Atlanta several years ago.  I tell you this, because while Atlanta has many high rises ... this building was most likely built in the 60's or 70's and is only 5 stories high.  Very unpretentious when you pull up.  Then you gasp as you step off the elevator and enter the re-creation of this mid-century condo into this home.

Alice's studio ... Notice the doors that she found in France.

Their "main" room ... so  many little sitting areas ... Alice and Don have lived all over Europe and you can see it in their home.  The beams, the wood work on the walls, the doors, the furnishings ...

The furniture has been collected over time ... and they have been allowed to keep that look.   Not meant to match, not necessarily meant to go together.  The different styles and fabrics reside in the same space quite comfortably.

then you start to notice the art ... and remember that you are in the home of an artist.  One who paints with a passion.

The entry hall ... all her art!  You all know I love a good Gallery Wall ... this Gallery HALL is more than I could hope for!

Step with me out onto large patio ... because they are only 5 stories high, they truly "sit" among the trees here.  And look at the views.  This was taken on a dreary winter day ... imagine how this space will come alive in the spring and summer.

I never understood those who studied "Art History" in college ... now I do ... I think it is time to head back to school. Until then, I absorb all I can from those who are willing to share!

Happy Monday, get to know the artist and enjoy the art!



p.s. A big shout out and thank you to Emily Clark for featuring our "One Room Challenge" on her blog last week ... We had a lot of fun with the challenge and she loved our work!!  Thank you Emily!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The One Room Challenge Reveal!!

This is it!  Just 6 weeks ago, Linda of My Crafty Home Life gathered 15 of us together to get one room done in this time.  We all said yes!  Well, things have been happening.  If you want to catch up, go here. If you have been following ... thank you and I hope you like what happened here and with all the rest of us!

Just a review ... here is where we started.  Remember the facts:

Young Family
3 girls
1 Lab puppy, Ruby
Kids and Parents In need of a Family Room
Parents in need of a place to entertain and relax



Please forgive the fact that I chose the wrong time of the day ... when the sun was coming in the window!! 

We still have a few more pieces coming ... and yes, the artwork ... which will evolve over time!  

Here's a recap of what took place to change the look and feel:

1.  Addition of the beams to add architectural detail to the space.
2.  Taking the paint up to the beams ... which makes the room feel larger and warmer.
3.  Re work the fireplace, new granite and mantel.
4.  Paint ... a coat of paint can rock your world!
5.  Maximize seating with two sofas.
6.  Lantern to replace the fan.
7.  Custom Fabrics to make it personal and unique.
8.  Rug to bring it all together with texture.

Thanks so much for following us ... take another look at all my fellow challengers and see the wonderful things they have done!!  So many things to learn ... Hope you are inspired to get "one room" done!!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mandy's Room

Photo Inspiration for a young Teenage Girl's Room. We are looking at paint and window treatments to reach our goal ...  Fresh and sophisticated ... but still Fun and Feminine!

Happy Tuesday!



Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents' Day!

While at The Cloister last summer, we were able to visit the room where the 2004 G8 Summit took place.  Truly magnificent.  This table was created by a man who, the story goes, took over a year off of his regular job to make it ... You can truly feel the power in this room.

A little History Lesson ... The G8 (Group of Eight) is a forum for the governments of eight of the world's largest economies.  The group originated with a summit hosted by France in 1975 that brought together representatives from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  It was a Group of Six and over the years added Canada and Russia.  Interestingly, the European Union is represented, but cannot host or chair summits.

Hope you are having a wonderful Presidents' Day ... we are enjoying the break!!



Friday, February 17, 2012

Still in Progress ...

but worth showing the coming together of this beautiful living room ... 

Chairs have always been my obsession.  They are like shoes.  A woman can never have too many. Don has even threatened me ... NO more chairs ... whenever I walk out the door to an antique show or flea market.  So, while I still stalk the chairs ... I am discovering a new passion.  The Lamp.  You may have seen this lamp when I blogged about this chair, you can read about it here.  

While we are pulling this room together, we had an unexpected addition!  This piece of furniture ... found in a barn, needing some love, got painted to go in the bedroom.  Well ... take a look, it now has a starring role in the living room.  And it needs a good back drop, don't you think? So a paneled wallpaper feature is in the making.  This gorgeous Zoffany Wallpaper is about to be our Star.

Next, bring on the light.  I am about to do something that I don't normally do.  I am going to mix metals.  The lamp above is gold.  The pulls on this dresser are silver (very art deco and we didn't want to change them) so we are hanging silver sconces.

Do you like to mix?  This is new to me ... I am kind of a "purest"!  But I am feeling pretty good about my first intentional mix!!

Have a wonderful weekend ... hope you mix it up ... whatever you do!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

A bottle of 78' Lytton Springs Zinfandel back in 1983 was the wine that opened my eyes to the world of wine. I remember it like it was yesterday. A huge peppery, plumb bomb, inky black in color and like nothing else I had ever tasted. At the time I think it was around $10. A decent bite out of a college students beer budget but worth every penny. Ever since, I have had a special appreciation for this most versatile grape.

Zinfandel production began in California in the early 1800’s, and has been cultivated and produced continuously ever since. It has survived the Phylloxera epidemics in the mid 1850’s  and 1970’s, both of which nearly wiped out California winemaking. It has survived times of cult popularity and complete disregard. It’s used as a blending grape and as a standalone varietal. It can be made sweet and succulent or dark, dense and brooding and everything in between and has a price point from $5.00-$55.00. Zinfandel is the quintessential team player, the O Positive of grapes and is one of my all-time favorite mid-winter sippers.

Below are a few to try;

Grgich Hills 2009 Zinfandel

If you have never enjoyed a piece of Boysenberry pie this  Zin will make a really good substitute. It is packed with Boysenberry compote flavor with a slight hint of Cardamom in a toasted crust. It has a beautiful smooth texture, a delicate but short finish of hazelnut and a mysterious not really sure where it hits your palette feel. It is not up front by your teeth, not really an in the middle and nowhere near dancing with your uvula. Odd but delicious; should set you back about $30.00.

EarthQuake 2009 Zinfandel

Appropriately named, this powerhouse of a Zin is about as big as you can get without becoming a fortified wine. It is nearly onyx in color, has a huge nose of vanilla and plum, which teeters on the edge of prune. There is a slight alcohol burn to it as it has a minimum of 16% by volume and feels as viscous  a quart of Mobil 10w30. Not my cup of tea truly but exhibits one extreme of what Zinfandel can deliver. About $18.00 a bottle.

Ridge 2009 Lytton Springs Zinfandel

Ridge bought the Lytton Springs vineyard and winery back in the early nineties. Although I do not have the same fond memory and appreciation for Ridge that I have for Lytton Springs , they have refined the wine and taken it to another level. The 2009 is supple and delicious. It has a distinct nose of blackberries and pepper with just a hint of vanilla. It is not overpoweringly extracted, has a great back palate mouth-feel and is quite simply delicious. Of the three it is my favorite and lands in the middle of the pack price wise at about $24.00

White Zinfandel...any year, any winery.

I had a whiff of it back in the late 80's. Thats as far as it ever got.

Life is short, enjoy the wine!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Room Challenge Week 5!

This week on the One Room Challenge ... Linda and the rest of us that she brought together are busy wrapping things up in our Room.  We are putting on the finishing touches.  If you need to catch up ... go here and you can start from the beginning!

I'll give you a look at our chair ... it makes me swoon.

Let's talk a little about rugs ... you can see a peak of the West Elm rug under our chair.  

Rug rules I try to live by:

Rugs should be as big as you possibly can take them.  If you can, take the rug out as far as possible in the room, leaving approximately 12" of floor exposed around the perimeter of the room.

Geometrics can actually be neutrals ... here are a few of my favorite inspirations:

Layering Rugs creates depth and warmth ... do it if you dare!

We chose the West Elm Rug for texture and look ... remember our first week we discussed that this young family needs something to hold up to a new puppy and three energetic little girls.  We couldn't find an "off the rack" rug that we like enough to fit the space ... so chose this one because we like it and it "holds" the seating arrangement just fine.  Then in a few years when they are ready to make the longterm rug investment they can follow my rules!  

Looking forward to the big reveal next week!!  Remember we had an issue with the brackets needed to hang the window treatments on the large windows.  Custom brackets are coming today and we are scheduled for install on Thursday ... I am checking my mudroom by the hour to make certain they get delivered in time!!

Next week is the Challenge Finale!  A few things to take care of before you see the whole picture ... it is down to the wire!

Please drop by my other Challenge partners and see what is happening in their rooms!


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