Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower Power ... Comes To Life!

Sometimes I become obsessed with a look ... and it becomes a mission to find the perfect place to bring the look home. I apologize because I saved this photo long before I started keeping the information on where it came from ... whoever did this ... I APPLAUD!

Remember I tried to do my own version for Erin's Room?  My peony.  It was fun ... but didn't come close to my INspiration!

Finally I found the Place, the Professional and the Look ... 

I am working with a wonderful client and we are creating a Living Room/Study/Office of sorts (The Place!).  She is an incredible Mother of 3 ... busy enough. But she also writes and her first book is about to be PUBLISHED!  But that is not all ... her Husband ... is a Passionate (The Professional) Photographer. And he made my dream come true (The Look!).

And they liked (I coerced them!)  my vision of this in Her Study.  Sophisticated, Feminine and BOLD.  I cannot wait to show you the rest ... it is almost done and I nearly swoon whenever I round the corner after coming into their home when I see this ART on the Wall!!

What takes your breath away?  I hope you get to experience it every day!!  And Have a Wonderful Weekend!



Thursday, September 27, 2012

MOC and the FIG

MOC update ... my cushion (Don's cushion) has been covered ... and I had three pillows for the sofa made.  This is one of them, it doesn't fit right, so another is on its' way to go on the back.  It kind of looked NEKKID without it.  

Next up ... the slipcover for the Sofa.  I just haven't pulled the trigger to buy that fabric yet.  20 Yards, it is going to give me a punch I just know it!  Also ... did you see the Fabulous Brass Chest that Kim from Chattafabulous posted here?  Well, I grew up with one of these and now that we are downsizing my Dad ... guess where it is going to come to rest?  Right here in my Sunroom Baby!!

And ... about this FIG ... 

Here are some tips that Louise from StoneGate Gardens passed along ... but I will tell you this.  I water mine about every two weeks ... a really good watering.  And it seems to be pretty happy.  I think it might be one of those plants that does better with a little neglect rather than over watering.  I don't know ... just sayin'!

MOC ... one step at a time.  Getting closer every week! Good luck with all those FIGS out there!!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the MOVE and Thank you!!

Yesterday I was overwhelmed ... when I woke up and looked at my desk I truly wanted to walk back out of the room ... so I told all of you about my emotional breakdown!!  And you took it all in stride and pushed me to move forward and get myself an INTERN! 

I made the call to a local college and am officially about to interview some interns (I hope even ONE is interested!)!  Thank you all for listening and helping me make the commitment.

So this is how the rest of the day went ... Fantastic!!  I met with two clients on projects we are close to wrapping up and felt energized by this ... as well as deliveries of one chair to a client for her BOUDOIR and pillows and window treatments delivered for a Design Delivered Client!

Remember where I showed you my inspiration fabric and then the actual fabrics from FORSYTH Fabrics in Atlanta?  Well ... I am quite pleased!

These are headed to a Lake House

I will be requesting photos once everything is installed!

And you know I'll share!

And here is the CHAIR ... going into a very chic Master Bedroom ... This Chair came from her husband's family when they got married ... she wanted to keep it BUT ... here's what it looked like

And here is what it looks like today.  Okay, the upholsterer ... who I absolutely adore ... came up with the little arm covers.  I have not embraced them yet.  But I appreciate his thought process!!

A little Fabric LOVE!!

A good day ... some things coming out of the LINGERING stage!!  And you, my sweet friends helped me move FORWARD!!  Sometimes a girl just needs a PUSH so she doesn't JUMP!!



Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning ... Not so Pretty!

This Monday Morning is coming at me like a Freight Train! This is the top of my Desk this morning!  

I have a TO DO list a mile long and I am hitting the ground running ... Good News is I am busy ... Frustrating News is I am only ONE person!  

Here comes the time in my "career" to really assess if I can continue this one-woman operation ... or is it time to bring someone in to help me?

I would love to hear from those of you who have made this step and please share some inside scoop with us all in this same situation!

Happy Monday and Here's hoping for a positive, blessed and productive week for all of us!



Friday, September 21, 2012

Southern Influence!

New England is embracing the GRIT!

One of the biggest changes in moving to New England, besides the OBVIOUS weather, was the grocery store!!

I cannot buy field peas (my favorite) in the frozen OR fresh section of the grocery.  If I search hard I can sometimes find butter beans.  We have plenty of the big meaty Lima's ... ick. 
Then the grits.  I can only find them in select places and then all I can buy is Quaker Oats Quick Grits.  They are fine in a pinch.  A REALLY big pinch! 

This has led me to a life of smuggling.  For the past 8 years I stock up when I am in the South.  I have even had them shipped.  I know, it is an obsession!  Nothing like good ol' Stone Ground Grits!  Now I know I can head into Boston and get my Grits with Lobster.  I am loving this ... Hallelujah Chorus is Singing!!

Have a Wonderful Weekend and hope to see you back next week as I share several projects that are perking along!



Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Continuing our stroll through the Open Studios last weekend ... Don and I met John Gonnella!

We met "her" in the hallway ... hmmm, where did she come from???  We rounded the corner and found more!

She is 6' tall and I wish this photo could make you feel the way I did in her presence.  In AWE!

This one ... we brought home for a trial run.  It FIT.  Don and I will be meeting back up with John in the next few weeks to have him sign it for us ... in RED!  I will REVEAL it's new home as soon as it is signed!

Pop Art Goes TOILE!  Can't you just see this POP in a serious blue and white toile room?

The ORANGE Angel ... We didn't see this one in person.  I found it on his Website ... ahhh.

John ... in front of one of his girls' ... this gives a better visual of the SCALE of his art.

Thank you John for your time and ART!!

Go Find Some POP on John's site ... here.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walkin' with Jane!

Boston's South End Neighborhood Artists opened their studios this past weekend for admirer's to stop by, chat, touch (well, not really!) and learn a little about what is happening in the Local Art Scene.  South End Open Studios.

When I first started my blog, my sweet friend (and stellar Artist) Jane Feigensen let me share some of her pieces with you.  You can see them here.

Jane brought out her newest pieces to share during the weekend.  Artists talk about "mediums" ... I like Jane's.

The 'girls' had me ... they are fresh and the colors so strong AND soft.

I have always been a sucker for a Barn. Because I want one. 

I could feel this gal's energy.  She is ready for whatever life brings her ... and she will do it with style!  Just like Jane!

There were over 300 Artists that let us in their doors for a peak into their Creative Lives.  Don and I wandered, critiqued (like we knew what was what!), and marveled.  

We didn't come home with any of Jane's pieces.  But my eye is on the "Ballerina" (at the top!) we shall see if I can find a Wall!

Take a look at more of Jane's work here.

Thank you Jane for Opening your Studio for admirers like us!



Monday, September 17, 2012

Hudson on Union Park!

 I am a self admitted Jill Goldberg groupie!  And I hope I didn't scare her by acknowledging my crush when I met her on Saturday at her South End Store, HUDSON, in Boston.

I felt like a teenager meeting a Rock Star.  But I didn't stutter!  I admire her work, her style, her store, just flat HER!

She GRACIOUSLY let me wonder her store and snap photos of all her wares!  You know I have had a crush on this Pagoda Lamp for some time.  I just need a desk to put it on.  Right now I am still working on the plastic 8 foot fold out table in my unfinished basement.  Could that be any LESS inspiring???

More and more Chinoiserie mixed with Animal ... and Color!

My New Mantra ... thank you Emily!

Stacks of books in the niches of Jill's Store.

Her store fills a void for me.  Classic, Traditional, Eclectic, Color, Neutral, Unique.  I could move in here.

Jill has an eye for the unusual and sets the new trends in my mind.

Natural. History.

I wish I had more of the ceiling in this shot.  Bright Yellow and White striped Ceiling.

Nautical is Still FRESH.

I couldn't resist Mr. Peanut Man!

A Nod to her Boston Home!

Sconces to die For.

These Images are all from Hudson's Website



The Store

12 Union Park

Don and I were in the City on Saturday to visit the South End Art Walk ... and the Icing on the Cake for me was my time at Hudson!  Get to know HER!  

Check back in this week to see some of the fun and beautiful Art we spied during our Art Stroll!  Have a great week ... and remember what Emily Said:

"Why NOT Have a BIG Life?"  Go Grab IT!


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