Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day Trip ... Lighting Adventure!

I love a good road trip ... and today my sweet client Sarah and I headed up the coast to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  On a mission for lighting!

Tucked away in a very unassuming little strip (corner) mall was a tile shop.  And in the tile shop some very creative designers were involved in some really creative design!

Drum shades are all the rage and Kimberlee McCue has got it going on ... the lights, that is!  She can create any size, fit any space and make it personal.  She doesn't have a website up yet ... but contact her at if you want her to help design something special for you.

Sarah and I are looking for some fun one of a kind drum pendants for her new kitchen.  What we found was inspiring and on the money!

And Kimberlee has partnered with Bridget Bleckmann, creator of Penumbra Textile, who designs and locally produces some fabulous fabric for Kimberlee's lamp shades or anything else you can imagine.  Including Outdoor Furniture.  You can reach Bridget at

If that isn't enough right brain activity for you ... they have a third artist Hope Murphy, creator of Fuzing!, a fuzed glass company that can take any photograph ... from her stock or yours and fuze it onto a glass sconce ... or anything else your little heart desires! You can find Hope at

Hope also has a beautiful line of glass and decorative metal hardware.

This little purple lampshade is going to be the prototype of Sarah's new kitchen island pendants.  Wait till you see the fabulousness!!

Back home, back to reality, and wondering why I didn't think of any of this myself?  Certainly glad these three ladies have come into my life!



Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day from New Hampshire ... where Don and I spent the weekend with his parents and sister and her husband celebrating Don's Mom's retirement.  A day of golf, lots of laughter, lobsters and steamers and beautiful weather!

Hope you are enjoying yours!



Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I am working on ...

This week has been a whirlwind ... Here's a taste of what has been happening!

Living room for a client who is creative and a personality of color ... she needs a living room that reflects that.  Oh, and she also runs her business out of this room!


Sofa is going ...

Great chair, but Out of Africa Linen is tired and worn.

Working on de-cluttering.

Inspiration Linen Fabric by Duralee against a wall of Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green.  You can clearly see how my camera is not catching the beautiful color of the walls!

Tangerine Tango has come to the party!!

This room is coming along ... we are hunting for a rug and pillows ... I will keep you posted!!

Next Up:  College Tours Begin!

Callie doesn't know where she wants to go to college.  She is a Junior.  So we started touring schools locally just to give her a feel of what City Campuses feel like compared to College Towns, like Auburn where Erin goes.  We started at Boston University this week.  It was fun and informative. I am certain it is a wonderful school ... but I believe she wants more of a campus.  Excellent, we have made that decision!  One step at a time baby!!  I did snap this beautiful photo.  Brownstone Dorm Rooms ... I like them!

Moving Along:  A renovation project going on ... This sweet family is getting a new family room, kitchen, mudroom and master bedroom.  Here's a shot of what we are doing in the master.  The room is only 14 X 14 and we wanted to maximize the space and make it feel larger.  The architect gave them an angled ceiling and we are putting a picture frame molding on the angles to draw the eyes up and make it feel a little more special!  Painting should begin next week!

The Beginnings of the new Family Room:

It has been a crazy week ... but things are moving and that makes me smile!  I hope you and your families enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cool, Modern Interiors

Hi there! Iím Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Every day I get to discover beautiful, inspiring interior design ideas and light fixtures, and then get to share them with lovely bloggers, like Kim. I'm delighted to be guest posting today because I'm going to be sharing a collection of cool, modern interiors. I hope you enjoy!
Modern Interiors
This impressive home is full of sleek, modern furniture in a relaxing beige tone. A pop of yellow and purple accents are a playful touch, as is the thoroughly modern hanging bubble chair.
Modern Interiors
Beautiful, colorful patterns are always good idea for a children's room. The built-in shelving around the window is also a very clever idea.
Modern Interiors
Modern designs are marked by simplicity and convenience. The smooth unadorned surfaces in this stylish dining room is broken up by the lovely vine details on the pendant light.
Modern Interiors
This clean minimal loft features plenty of circular designs, a popular motif in modern dÈcor. Bright red accents fit in with the light-hearted atmosphere of this open space.
Modern Interiors
The subway tiles and industrial appliances give this kitchen an urban modern feel. The sleek white Phillipe Stark swivel chairs and oversized pendant light are just plain cool, too.
Modern Interiors
This pristine bathroom is all about functionality. The mini Buddha statue gives a cool, zen feel to the room, while the ceiling light provides ample warm general lighting.
Modern Interiors
This sparse, yet rustic living and dining room is so modern and inviting. The cave art picture is a fun contrast.
Modern Interiors
Brilliant oranges and warm brown tones combine beautifully in this swanky modern living room. The exposed concrete walls and flooring gives the space a particularly industrial edge.†Images†1†|†2†|†3†|†4†|†5†|†6†|†7†|†8 Are you a fan of modern interiors? Be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a wide selection of affordable modern lighting fixtures for your home!

While I don't normally "advertise" for a particular company,I wanted to share this with you. The photos Jessica is sharing here relate to my recent posts about Mid-Century Modern, and my love for the contemporary/rustic mix. I hope you enjoy the visuals and maybe you will find a new source for some fun and affordable lighting!



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do you Tassel?

I love a good tassel.

Le Meurice Hotel, Paris - Phillip Stark

Adding a touch of glam, and a lot of pretty!

The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia

Some are made of wood
The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia

And some are made to wear!  My favorite new accessory!!

I bought an orange one.  I wore it last week.  I got mixed reviews.  Mostly good.  My Children asked if I were wearing part of the curtains.  As a matter of fact, yes.  I might just go on a tassel hunt to create my own.  In the meantime, I will happily wear this little curtain detail from Jules Reid around my neck!  Please say yes to the tassel!



Friday, May 18, 2012

Feeling the Blues at Neiman Marcus

I was cutting through Neiman's running a couple of errands and found myself snapping photos and trying not to feel too sketchy while I was in awe of the home decor department in Neiman Marcus. I forget about it truthfully.  And always assume NM's prices will be too high ... well I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, there are some beautiful expensive items ... but mixed with quite a few more price friendly options ... Feast your eyes! 

And if this wasn't enough, I was shown how Hermes does Blue and White ...


With a fantastic POP of yellow.  Can you say bring on the Summer!!!! Okay ... this one is the pricier ... duh.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

And then, there was this ...

This Union Jack Rug was in several colors ... The Nomadic Trading Company takes Vintage Rugs and over-dye them to create a new look.  Finding a new way to re-purpose old rugs.  I love this.  There was a Union Jack in Orange.  I am still wishing it were mine.

Red. Stunning. Different.

Wonderfully soothing patchwork.

For the Pink Movement.

Just another reason I love Brimfield ... a place to discover and see the old become new again.



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bring in the Clams at Brimfield!

Large Clamshells have had a starring role for a while in decorating... I do love the look, but sometimes start to shy away from something because it seems so normal or expected.  Then, with the clamshell ... I still snoop around for a good buy and see if I can't incorporate one in my life in some way.  Here's the deal, the real ones, like this one, are pricey.  Brimfield was selling large ones for $600 - 800.00.  A little  (lot!) more than I want to pay!

While looking for something "new" this weekend I came across this absolutely drop - dead gorgeous Fan Coral ... It was exactly what I have been looking for to replace the clamshell urge.  I had it all planned in my head.  I bet they'll negotiate, it is late on Saturday and dealers are starting to pack up.  

My head was wrong ... price tag: $900.00.  No deals.  I had to leave it there, I hope it finds a warm home and will stunningly grace a sideboard somewhere and be happy!  It just won't be mine!!

So ... I have moved back to the clamshell!

Look how fun for a summer bar set up ...
Elle Decor

This is my favorite way to use a shell ... for a  floral display on a dining room table or sideboard.  I think the natural roughness is a beautiful contrast to a traditional polished wood piece of furniture.

Coastal Living

So, would you pay this money ... or would you opt for the Ballard Designs Resin look alike for $129.00??  Fake and reasonable, or real and pricey?



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