Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Break ... and a breath of Fresh Air!

The kids' Winter Break was last week and we snuck off for a little time in the NH mountains.

When we first arrived ... I was in this mode ... I'd rather have the SunShine and Beach!

But then look at this ... It was a pretty Stunning Day and it's nice to have us all together without X-Box and sports activities!

 A litte Country Farm Bed and Breakfast around the Corner offered some fun sites for me to photograph ... 

I love a Good Stack!  Look at the textures and colors all buried in this pile of wood!

What most see as Brown. I know you can see the details with me ... 

Gray, red, brown, orange, black, gold ... all forming a gorgeous neutral palate!

Which got me thinking about the birch's in my In-laws backyard.  Way back when, they said I could have one.

So this weekend seemed the perfect opportunity.

Don thought I was whacked ... perhaps.  But My Sweet Brother in Law was ready to amuse me!!

My Own beautiful Stack ... Ready to be packed up!

Ali was Paul's helper ... and put up with me!

Great time skiing with family ... 

And Yes, I went Right.  
At the Sign.  
Off to Conquer the Illusion!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our surroundings for the past few days.

Please check back in tomorrow to witness The Illusion coming to life!




  1. Great break from "reality" and now it will continue with your

  2. what a great trip! Must admit I'm with you on the sun and sand thing more. Wonder what your going to do with all those birch? hmmm, add it on to your ILLUSION perhaps? we'll see tomorrows progress.

  3. ahhh that birch is GREAT! cant wait to see what you do with it.and i love your little helper pup. hope those horses had some shelter from the drizzle :/

  4. What about the Avenger run? :) I get inspiration, especially colors, from nature, too.

  5. ps. The google ad below is for Mammoth...they are targeting me wisely!

  6. What fun! Funny that you have 'ILLUSION' on the brain lately! Glad you got away and played. Good luck this week!
    xo Nancy

  7. What a nice break from the everyday. Spring will be here soon. I hope you got some good runs in.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful break and a great time!


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