Friday, June 29, 2012

Flower Power

As most of y'all know I have been working on (sort of) Erin's bedroom.  She is at college, I can do anything I want. However, because she has been away I kind of slowed down ... to a snail's pace.

Then it was time for her to come home for the Summer.  Now, this was back in May ... so to say it got me moving a little faster is really not quite the truth.  But I did take a look in the room again!

We started with the inspiration pre-made panels from West Elm.  And as I have been moving forward it just seemed a little blah to me.  I needed a color kick.

I cut this peony from my garden and put it in my bathroom.  The aroma was wonderful.  And now that I blog I am constantly taking photos. What started as a nice little flower from my garden ended up providing the focal point for Erin's bedroom! 

I thought it really looked pretty against the scroll woodwork (see it in the background?).

I have held on to this inspiration photo for quite sometime.  Now my head was spinning ... how can I do something similar?  I am sorry that I don't know where I got it.  I saved it before I started saving the all the credits for photos.  

Then I was reading Emily Clark's blog and she was offering this 50% off offer to have a canvas made from a favorite photo.

Hmmm ... this might be fun, Erin doesn't like pink really ... oh well, if she doesn't like it I'll just do something else with it!  

When I downloaded the photo they told me my resolution wasn't ideal for this size - 36 X 24.  I ordered it anyway.  

And it looks fantastic!!  The fact that the resolution wasn't quite strong enough resulted in a canvas that has an abstract feel that fills the space perfectly!

And guess what ... she likes it!!  (yay mom!)  We are still finishing up ... photos of the whole room soon!!  I promise!

Sometimes in decorating, as in life, just go for it ... nothing is sacred!!



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Room Challenge!

Every Wednesday, For the next six weeks you are in for a treat ... Linda from My Crafty Home Life is doing it again!  Remember the One Room Challenge?  Well this time there are 20 DIY-ers and Designers to complete one room in this short span!  I hope you will join us all as we journey through 20 rooms!

My ORC is a Keeping Room.  I have been enamoured by the idea of Keeping Rooms forever.  That is a strong statement ... it's a fact.
The original definition of the Keeping Room dates back to Colonial times when families would actually sleep in this room off the kitchen to keep warm when the weather was not so friendly!  It is truly the pre-cursor of the family room of today. I still prefer the smaller cozier Keeping Rooms as opposed to the giant open spaced Great Room.  

The fireplace is generally the focal point.

Here is our Focal Point ... Before!

The whole idea of a keeping room is to have a family gathering place that is near the kitchen. And even though we don't have to sleep here to keep warm, children still play and families gather to read, talk and often keep warm by the fire. 
My love for the Keeping Room revolves around our family gathering together in the evening to share stories of our day, preparing dinner and the laughter and loudness that ensues. 

I don't have the space for a keeping room ... but my client does ... And she was game! 
More "Before"  ...

I am not a Tiffany Chandelier lover ...  I really know nothing about Tiffany Glass.  I hedged around this one with kid gloves till I figured out it wasn't a sacred piece ... whew ... we will be moving it along!  Too heavy and brooding for this little space.

Please join me as we move through the transformation of this kitchen drop zone into a beautiful Keeping Room ... where this family will Keep for a long happy life!

And please pop over to my ORC friends and see what they have drummed up for this fun challenge!


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dining Room ... Done!

This space is finally done.  All the little details in place and it is now home for wonderful dinner parties.  And the Mr. has chosen to use it as his office when he is home.  The best complement I could ever receive.  

It all began with a plan to bring in some light. Remember the shimmer of the ceiling?  

And this chandelier?

Beautiful Kravet silk now frames the windows, pulling out the subtle trellis pattern on this Lee Jofa grass cloth.

The Clam Shell dilemma I was having a while ago?  Real or fake?  Then I saw this Coral at Brimfield.  And one day, while looking for a few baskets I happened upon this beautiful one made out of mother-of-pearl.  Much better than the fake resin ones.  Much more affordable than the Coral!  Add some oomph ... bring in orchids and moss.  I am not generally a fan of "faux" flowers.  But there is this store ... Perennial Designs ... I will gladly take any of their faux!!

 The warmth comes from the mix of textures.

Silk ... & ...  Grasscloth

Orchids ... & ... Shell

Gilt ... & ... Wood

Let the party begin!



Friday, June 22, 2012

Swan Song ... so to speak!

Please don't think I am going sappy ... but there is this fabulous Audobon property near our home and the things that happen there are amazing.  There is this particular area of water with chopped off dead trees that looks like a hurricane came through.  However, I have no idea if this is the result of a hurricane or how it came to be.  

This is mom, keeping the nest tidy for her family. 

Last year there were Heron nests up high in the dead trees.  This year a pair of swans made it their home.  The place they chose to have their family. 

Dad is taking the little ones out for a swim.

Mom has finished her chores and swims briskly out to catch up with her babies.

Looking for good snacks for the kids!

For the past 6 weeks cars have stopped along the roadside to take photos and just admire these creatures that mate for life and take care of their little ones.  

A wonderful sight of nature and beauty.

Their presence has been a gift and made this stretch of road a wonderland.

I have taken all the kids and made them get out of the car and take notice.  They think I am weird.  Isn't that what they are supposed to think anyway?

An unexpected gift.

There were originally 8 babies.  Now there are only six.

Like all parents they are doing their best to keep them all safe.  At least we don't have to worry about hawks and snapping turtles.

Have a wonderful weekend and take in the sights along the road!



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wallpaper. Feature. Wall.

Today is the official last day of school in our house.  Whew.  It was a long run.  I have been dreaming about summer since March when I started working with a client on a wallpaper feature wall.  

Zoffany - Flowering Tree

The colors are brilliant and the flowers and vines look hand painted.  The photo doesn't quite do justice to the feeling in person.  The flowers look real.  

That really says it all!

This wall needed some love.

Zoffany can do it.

Remember this Chair?

One side of the room was warm and cozy and the other a little cool feeling.  The picture frame moulding frames the wallpaper and makes it feel more special.  Almost like a screen.

Painted furniture is such an immediate and gratifying experience.  This piece was in the painter's barn.  My client liked it and bought it and had him paint it.  He wishes he he had kept it and painted it for himself.

Remember the other pieces we had painted?

A little wallpaper and paint = a whole lot of love!

Have you wallpapered anything lately?



Monday, June 18, 2012

Al Fresco ... finally!

Being a southern girl, I live for outdoor dining ... any time. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We have a beautiful deck and we try to spend every possible moment on it during the summer.  Winter is long!

School is almost out ... so we are in full wind down mode this weekend!

Another thing that happens over the years ... silverware goes missing ... does it get tossed in the trash when kids are clearing the plates?  Does it get taken to friends' houses?  This leaves me with having to make a sort of "mixed" set at many places.  Found this year I am missing 2 good silver forks and 3 stainless knives.  I need to fix this.

Erin and I like arts and crafts.  Remember when Don was traveling last weekend?  Not only did I do the Chair.  We also wrapped a few wine bottles!

There was a little chill in the air, but once the wine was poured and everyone was here we paid no attention!

The boys think the food is for them ... they were big helpers as we were getting ready.

Byron giving Murphy some love.

My favorite time ... when the sun goes down and the candles glow.

Summer will be in full swing by the end of this week.  What have you got planned?


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