Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old ... is new Inspiration to Me!

This past weekend I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to read some magazines.  I love blogging, y'all know I do.  And the inspiration ... it makes my day to catch up with favorite bloggers and see what DIYing they are up to, what they cooked for dinner, or just getting to know them better.

But the Magazines.  There is something about the rag that holds me captive.  Some people save their copies for years.  I am a RIPPER!  I try not to destroy them, but I find favorite things and before I know what has happened ... RIP!  

I do keep a notebook of my favorites RIPS ...  I should put more on Pinterest.  But I am a toucher.  A feeler.  And want to do it over and over again!

Here are a few of my favorite images from this addition of Traditional Home.

What draws us in?  Do you know what really makes you smile?

Here's what really strikes me when I am looking for inspiration:

Window Details and Floors ... 

Neutral? Yes, but look at the subtle color in the chair fabric and the texture in the wooden table that brings in the warmth ... and can't you just FEEL the linen on that stool? ... 

And here, if it weren't for the happy punch of Color and Gloss this dining room would be BORING ... but no snooze here ... 

  I like so many styles, so it makes it very fun for me to really look at the images that I have ripped away and discover what draws me in.

What draws you in?

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time.



Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Triple Play!

Three Things I Love.

Good Bar.

And here they are.  All wrapped up in one tidy package.

And Look at the EASE of this bookcase design.  Yes, it took some time to get there.  But not over-thought.  Books looking like they got placed in after the owner finished reading each one, not carefully arranged by size, color, shape, etc.  Sometimes we over-think design.  
This is a Collection.

Gotta Love That!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, June 21, 2013

Pool Time!

After my post on Statement Art ... I am feeling the Love for Black and White Retro.

I am checking out for the weekend ... The Sun is Shining in New England!!  Whoop Whoop! Hope you are getting you "Pool Cocktail" On!!  

                              Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Art ... Layer It!

We have had lots of Rain.  So I have had to amuse myself inside.  This could be productive or lethal ... depending on how you look at it!

Y'all know I love a good antique market.  Well, I have this "tool room" in our garage. The tools are minimal.  The rest is piled with what Don refers to as Junk.

You know the saying ... One Man's Junk, Another's Treasure.  Yep, that is how differently we look at that room!

I told you how I want to create a gallery wall going up my stairs out of antique prints that I find when out hunting for "new" junk.

As I have been STUDYING designer spaces and art walls it is becoming more and more clear that the most interesting spaces are those that you create from what you have, Not what you go buy.  New or Old.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love bringing in new/old things ... and sometimes you don't have things just sitting around.  Perhaps another statement about my getting older. I've got too much stuff.

While I am still working on my Stairwell Gallery Wall I kind of stumbled onto this ... 

I haven't shown you my whole Family Room on my Home Tour yet.  Those brown "leather" sofas ... we'll discuss those when I post the room.  I will refrain for now.  Focus on the Art!

Remember when I brought This Home ...

I love it ... but it felt a little ... dare I say ... Brown/Boring.  It filled my space and brought in the texture I was looking for.  But just didn't make my heart jump up!

While it was raining ... I started moving and Shopping Within!  I have this print.  Not one I would have gone out to purchase.  A little "prissy/formal/old school" for my liking.

But the Blue it has ... hmmm ... I can bring some more blue in my family room!!

The Window is far too fragile to actually hold the picture ... so a few hooks from Home Depot, a little Picture Wire and here's the result ... 

Distressed/Formal/Industrial ... all working together to Warm things UP! 

Shop within ... It's FREE!!  And good to warm a soul on a Rainy Day!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time! 



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Serious. Garden. Envy.

Charlescote. A 300-acre working farm that dates back to Sherborn's earliest roots. 

I've shared this farm with you in the past ... where we get our eggs, feel inspired and simply enjoy the view ... every single day.  I cannot tell you how many times a day I drive past this farm.

But no matter how many times, I have to say I never pass without a little inner sigh of joy at the beauty of it all.

Charlescote Farm. The Farm at the side of the Charles River.

Forget the history ... the farm I have featured many times.  Because it is beautiful.  
Simply Bucolic.

A couple of weeks ago the sweet family who own and run this Farm invited us lucky neighbors over for an afternoon gathering.

We also get Cow Bones for our dogs here.  The "Lady" of the Farm calls me when she has new ones and leaves them in her freezer for me (well, for me to pick up for the dogs!).

I have to limit the dogs intake of these bones ... but boy do they love the treat!

Murphy Buries the treasure.
Cooper Chows.
Byron licks, considers, then walks away.

I have never seen such a vast garden before.  Well, I have at Giverny, the Rodin in Paris and other Museum like settings.

 But this is Real. Enjoyed and worked by a real family who LIVE this farm life.

We met a wonderful older woman wandering in the gardens and Don and I stopped to discuss the plight of our rhododendrons from the Deer this past winter.

She told us about her new Deer Fence.  And the "rapturous" new gate she was having put in.


I have met so many wonderful people living here ... but this woman, who I met and chatted with for all of five minutes inspired me.  She was fabulously old school New England.  
And I was smitten.

And the Lady of the Farm.  She's my idol.  Never have I met a woman full of such spirit and grace and beauty. 

New England Summers are short.  And to witness this much effort into enjoying the short life span was the most uplifting thing I have seen in quite some time.

Enjoy the moment.  Give it your All.  The Moment is Important!

Making the World a more Beautiful Place.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Home ... The Upper Deck!

Earlier this week I shared with you Callie's celebration .. and promised I would bring you to the Upper Deck for the rest of the Party!

Here we go ... now here are the House Rules:

1.  I am a re-user!  So you have probably seen some of these things before.
2.  I have been desperately wanting new lighting for the Deck.
3.  Callie chose the menu.  
Bar-b-que, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and Southern Style Green Beans.
4.  Once the party begins, I forgot that I am a blogger and put my camera down!

Remember the One Light Four Ways post that Linda did?  Well, this was my introduction to Rejuvenation.  Have you seen their catalog?  They specialize in Classic American Lighting and HouseParts.
Traditional. Current. Industrial. Substantial. Spot On. 
Yes.  Exactly what I need.

Can you spy one of my new lights?

Here's how it was looking before the party ...

A little PUNY ... wouldn't you say???

So I found these. Here.

The Carson Gooseneck.  QuickShip. Oh Yes.

Let me Bring you in a little closer to appreciate the REJUVENATION of my Deck Lighting!!

It's really the little things that can transform a space.  Indoors or Out.  

I ordered two lights to go over the wicker sofa here as well.  But, I have to say, they were just to large in this space.  I am going to send them back and see how I might be able to Custom Design two to go here.  I will keep you posted on my findings.  I have a feeling we are all going to be pleased!!

Late night S'mores for all.

Making the World more Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.
Inside and Out!



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Home ... Celebration Week!

Happy to announce we made it through a week's worth of celebrating ... family and friends in town to visit and share in the excitement of Callie's graduation!!

Last week I shared a piece of my backyard and announced I had two days to get this looking pretty.  Two days? I was asked several times.  Yes, two days.  My own timeline because I knew the rain was coming and I just wanted the area to look a little prettier. The lower patio was where I wanted Callie and her friends to be able to have their own party within the party!

A few flowers and plants for pots I already had ... and a quilt for my hammock ...

I have used the kids' graduations as an excuse to spruce up and splurge on a couple of items ... I bought four of these huge lanterns from PB 3 years ago for Erin's party.  I have used the hell out of them!!

This year I had electricity run down to the patio ... you can see the lights wrapped around the trees holding the hammock.  They look so pretty at night!  

You will notice another reason I don't have Charlotte's backyard ... there is a trampoline back there (do you spy the legs in the photo above?) and it has to stay for a while longer!!

A view from our deck ... things set up for Callie and her friends ... 

That is Don's bamboo shooting up in the background ... he is on a mission to create a Bamboo wall.  It has been a slow process, we don't think there is quite enough sunshine back there, but it is coming along!

Later this week I'll bring you the "Adult" party and my Splurge on the Upper Deck!!

Making the world more Beautiful.  One Room at a time!



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Winner! Winner!

Happy Saturday ... the rain has finally come to a stop ... so I am headed out the door to get that backyard ready for a Graduation Party ... TONIGHT!!

In the meantime, there are TWO lucky Winners for this Moen Showerhead!

Congratulations to:


and Matt!

You will be enjoying your refreshing showers VERY soon!!  



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Giving Wednesday!

Being Thankful Today!

Number 1.  This Friday at midnight EST I am drawing for TWO Moen Shower Heads so that I can get them both mailed in time for Father's Day ... don't delay!!  

He needs a little relaxation under the Eco-friendly water rush ... don't you think??

Go Here to see the details!

Number 2.  Even Better ... Pop over to Mary Ann's Blog and see how you might help support 
ROWAN, Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network and win a beautiful bracelet!

One thing I have come to love about blogging is not only the friendships that develop but how bloggers reach out and help others ... and I am happy to be able to help in some way!

So make this a winning week!!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time! 


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden Dreamin' ... can I do it?

Here's what I want ... 


Here's what I have ... 

Can I get there?  In two days?  Givin' it a whirl!!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!



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