Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ralph Lauren and the Power of Plaid

No news that Ralph Lauren is Classic ... but just take a refresher course here with me.  The four-poster bed, with Nailheads and Leather on the Headboard.  The walls are covered in plaid flannel fabric ... the chair matches.  The linens and pillows are simple, but the fabric is exquisite.  You can just look at the photo and feel how warm the bed linens are!

The sitting area at the end of the bed ...

Simple really ... not over thought.  Beautiful Chairs, table, lamps, High-boy, and some art and rugs.  Simple, but the best.  And timeless.  Sometimes I ... and I bet alot of you too, want to hurry up and fill the space.  Take your time ... keep it simple ... and buy the best you can.  Then you can move on and live!

Don and I were in London in 2008 and I took these photos at the Ralph Lauren Home store.  I love it as much today as I did then ... and probably will in twenty years.

I'd love to cocoon right here for the winter ... although it is still quite warm here in New England ... making me a little nervous!!



Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Walls ... I am becoming obsessed

The Home Observer Fall 2011

While we are in the room re-do mode ... Callie, almost 17, wanted a more sophisticated space.  But still  a place for a few of her special things ... here's her Art Wall ... 

Here's what makes it special ... The "C" I found at Scott's in Atlanta, the clock my mom gave her when she was born, the Audrey Hepburn photo ... well, just because it is Audrey, the Eiffel Tower picture that my mother-in-law gave me because she knows I love all things French, the photograph of the purple hydrangea ... I took this in the Claude Monet's garden at Giverny on a trip with Don, the painting of Catalina Island that I did when I was with Don on a trip in Southern California, Keep Calm and Carry On ... from Brimfield and the two tiles from a little local shop that she loved and the "manners" plaque I had found years ago.  The "little bitty" piece from a farmers market in Charleston ... three coke bottles all lined up.  She's a Coke kid ... no Pepsi served here!!!

She snagged the settee that used to be in our bedroom ... an antique from my Aunt Elise (Callie's namesake ... Callie Elise!) I had it covered in my first ever purchase of  Lee Jofa fabric ... ooooh, I love that piece, the fabric is yummy. Guess she's worth it!  It makes me smile that she has already begun her "coffee table" book collection ...  She gets a new one each year for Christmas.

Also working with a couple of clients on their own art walls ... I will be sharing those as they materialize!



Monday, November 28, 2011

Favorite Find ... Society Social

When furniture meets fun and function!!  Just featured in the December/January edition of House Beautiful.

Society Social

This is a coffee table!!  and when you slide the chairs under the table it makes a beautiful statement with the bamboo like work on the legs.  Need extra space ... just pull out the chairs!  The most clever thing I have seen in a while!  Plus ... it comes in 11 colors!!!

Not only should you visit Society Social for this table ... but the other fun and a little crazy things they serve up!

This made me smile on a Monday ... This week is going to be a doozie ... I am determined to enjoy the holidays this year ... it may or may not get all done like I plan ... but it will be festive and filled with family and friends!  

I also went and told you all that I will re-do the settee in Erin's room ... and will be done by December 7.  UGH ... I must get to work!!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oliver Gagnère ... and an Apology!

First ... I must apologize to Madeline WeinRIB ... yesterday in my post featuring some of her fabulous rugs I referred to her as Wein"rob"!  Traveling for me is a bit upsetting ... I am kind of a routine girl.  At my parents' house we have no wi-fi.  I set up office in the local Starbucks at 6:30 am to get my start on the day.  I also have a favorite table ... yesterday, someone took my table ... you can see the havoc that began to have on my day.  So, Madeline, please understand  .... I was out of sorts!!!

On to today ... it is a cloudy, blackish morning ...  this room is calling me in ...

Oliver Gagnère, Elle Decor

It is warm and bright ... full of color, but very calm ... I'm a huge fan of the orange and lavender together ... along with the art layered on the mirror. Cool gray walls, but lots of texture to make it cozy.  The room has swagger!

Hope everyone is mentally preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving ... be safe and happy ... and most of all, Thankful!!



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Purple Pops!

As y'all know I am traveling this week visiting my parents ... while I am here I am having so much fun catching up on my design book/magazine readings.  They are inspiring me in so many ways.

Before I left town I was looking at rugs ... two of my clients were in the market ... I am happy to say the hunt proved successful.  But what has not stopped is my obsession now ... of rugs!  There are so many new and wonderful colors and designs.  One of my favorite rug lines right now is Madeline Weinrob and her purple hues ....

Orleans Lavender

Chime Iris

I would put these in the great room of a busy and vibrant family or a bedroom, or a feminine dressing room, or a dining room ... REALLY ... anywhere!

The colors remind me of some sunsets I have seen at the beach ... stunning!

okay ... then this random note ... have you seen these?????

Richard Saja - Keds

Designed by Richard Saja for the Opening Ceremony of Fashions Night Out in New York ... I will be figuring out a way to be sporting a pair of these at the beach this summer ...

Happy Tuesday!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Maine Cottages

Sammy, our youngest is just in 6th grade ... but retirement seems to be a constant matter of conversation around our house.  Don, a true New Englander ... me, a true Southern Girl ... he wants Maine, I want the southern coast.... Carolina's down to Amelia Island area.  For a while I thought I had Don moving in that direction.  But secretly and stealth-like he kept taking me up to Maine on little getaways.  Then my heart began to warm up to the coldest place I have ever been!  

We have driven so many places ... round and round ... found a few places I stood firm ... no way!  Then, we found Kennebunkport ... okay, a little touristy, but a wonderful little year round community which is key.  We like to eat out ... we like to have a Friday night cocktail in a cute bar (maybe Thursday night too ... we'll be retired!). Don has promised that we will find a way to go south from January to March.  That's the DEAL!

So begins my research and fascination with Maine Cottages.  I also have to tell you the thought of having a weekend hobby and being able to "fix up" an old cottage is my idea of heaven!

This cottage is a little farther north than we will probably go ... but my sweet friends, Heather and Jim, just bought this one and shared it with me.  It came completely furnished, so these photos are "as is".  It is adorable and warm and cozy and friendly ... and look at the views!  While I know they will put their stamp and personality on this as they settle in ... they can start enjoying it immediately!

The plank walls and beamed ceilings are so beautiful!  

  Can't you just imagine sitting out on the little porch having your coffee in the morning and dreaming about the possibilities of the day ahead.

Okay ... I am cozying up to the idea ... so the search and dreaming begin!

Where do you plan to retire and spend your "golden years" ???



Friday, November 18, 2011

One More ... Atlantis Interiors

Last week I shared with you all the fun and entertaining events put on by the Atlantis Paradise Island ... now I want to share with you the interior!  We stayed in the "Cove" ... the adult only side of the resort.  It was beautiful ... and as my children say ... SWANK!!  Although I am not quite so contemporary in my daily life ... this was fun!  Maybe if I lived in Miami I might consider this an option for home ...

I also think I tend to leave a lot of "dust" in my path as I move ... I am constantly having to pick up after myself and these beautiful interiors made it even more noticeable!  Maybe this is why I tend to like the "clutter look"!

What couldn't be beautiful with the Ocean as your backdrop ...

We all know I love orange ...

this is better than the bedroom!!

Can you tell the sofa is leather with a plush "fur" on the cushions ... scrumptious!!

Love the colors, the feel, the textures ... Experiences like these broaden my senses ... 

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday. It lacks the pressure of gifts, it’s not overly marketed or commercialized. If you are really lucky you’re able to spend the day and share a meal with those that are closest to you, giving thanks for all that you have. To me, it is the perfect holiday, and I cherish it each year.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving very traditionally. We don’t deep fry a turkey, we don’t cook a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken; we simply roast a turkey and serve it with the most simple but wonderful sides, stuffing, carrots, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole…and the list goes on…yum! So what wine goes with such a sumptuous meal? Well the truth of the matter is whatever wine you like. However that is a big cop out, so here is what will be on our table on Thanksgiving Day.

We generally like to start with champagne or sparkling wine. Not only is it festive, it’s delicious and is a fabulous way to start the fun. We happen to like Schramsburg Blanc de Noir, 2007. It’s creamy, with a great mouth feel, a touch of vanilla along with the delicate hint of Raspberries and Strawberries. It goes great with the saltiness of nuts and a shrimp cocktail, about $27.00.

When dinner arrives we generally serve two wines, a white and a red. For white wines Rieslings are a really good call. Shoot for something not overly sweet with enough acidity to balance the fruitiness. This year we will go with Poets Leap 2008 Riesling about $20.00. It is not overly sweet, has a bright acidic side and matches nicely with the turkey. Additionally, it has a hint of grapefruit, pear and honey which really compliments the side dishes that tend to lean toward the sweeter side, I love this combo.

Last but not least, my favorite… the red. Flat out, no question; go with a Pinot at Thanksgiving. It simply knocks it out of the park. I love Burgundy but it tends to be expensive and as we have a tendency to move through a lot of it during the day we will go with something a bit less excessive.  Shea Wine Cellars, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir about $32.00…and well worth it! What a wow this Oregon Pinot packs. Absolutely scrumptious! To me it’s a Grand Cru Burgundy from Oregon at an 80% discount! You can look this particular wine up on the internet and get a million descriptions and ratings. I will simply say it’s fabulous. It is not an up-front fill your mouth with fruit type Pinot. It’s a deep, dark and brooding if wine can be that. It fills the back of your mouth with Black Cherries, Blackberries and a hint of spice and finishes forever. Oh my gosh is it good. Overwhelm your turkey? Maybe, if you simply eat white meat end of story, but if you dare to be adventurous and add a dollop of dressing to your fork or dabble with the dark meat you will be blown away, what a match.

Regardless of what wine, if any, you select on Thanksgiving Day; Have a blast, revel in the joy of those that you care about,  raise a glass to the gift of the day and… Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the wine.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Erin's Room ... Before and Inspiration

I have a million things to do this week ... I am headed out of town to spend the weekend with Erin at Auburn and visit my sweet parents.  Thanksgiving is next week, I have things to do!  
But instead, I am inspired to re-decorate Erin's bedroom!!  
Do you ever just get an inspiration and you have to act on it ... well, that was my day!!  I think that happens when I should be doing something else.  My sort of procrastination I suppose!

Here is Erin's bedroom ... in transition anyway ... she left for college two years ago.  This is the leftover stuff!  I told you yesterday that "Black and White" is one of my favorite colors. Well, this bed ensemble is "Black and Cream" ... NOT one of my favorite colors!  The walls are "mushroom" ... they actually look much better in real life.  They look peachy here.

I painted the desk and chair for her room when she was six ... think it's time to move it on???  The Starfish art ... one has fallen off!  Also, will you take a look at the light fixture.  It looks like Saturn. 
 So many things to do in here!

Here's where it starts ...

Found these Curtain panels at West Elm ... light gray ... very fun and very reasonable!  Also, this
"circle" fabric at JoAnn's ... on sale of course!  Don't ever buy anything there for full price ... they always have a 50% off sale ... just be patient!

So ... cornices out of the circle fabric and the West Elm panels.  They will have to be shortened which means I will have enough for two pillow shams and a little "fun" for the settee ... see below!

Then, in place of the sweet little girl desk ... this settee. Remember when I got this over the summer at Brimfield? Well, it is going here ... covered in the circle fabric with the extra West Elm fabric on the back.  A little more sophisticated than the desk!  When Erin moves on to her own place after college, I am sure she will take it all with her!!

Now, for the fun.  This settee ... I am going to attempt to re-upholster it myself!  Check out a "how to" on My Crafty Home Life ... You will find a step by step guide on how to do a chair ... this is just a big chair ... right??  You will enjoy Linda's blog ... lots of fun and beautiful ideas!

Also, pop over to Tobi Fairley's blog and if you are so inspired enter her DIY contest!  I'll be entering the settee ... wish me luck!!

My goal is to have this room done in 3 weeks ... Look for an "After" post on Wednesday December 7. That is my self inflicted deadline.  Erin will be home on the 11th.

Now, to put together the grocery list for Thanksgiving ... I have managed to put it off all day!!



Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Black and White ... In Color!

Black and White always seems to feel Right.  In Fashion and Design.

It is Fresh ...

It is like an old friend ... 

It is Classic ... 

The Drab Age is over. Color is coming into its own again. 
Until very recently people were literally scared out of their wits by color. 
Perhaps this was a hangover from our Puritan ancestors.
 But whatever the reason, brown, grays and neutrals were the only shades considered 'safe.' Now we know that lovely, clear colors have a vital effect on our mental happiness. 
Modern doctors and psychiatrists are convinced of this!
Dorothy Draper

Black and white has staying power ... whether we are in a "neutral" phase or a "color" phase.
 It never fails.

"Black and White" is one of my favorite Colors!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Meandering ...

Let's face it ... I don't meander ... my thought is that you don't either!  
Too many things to get done, we are all trying to beat the clock and scratch as many things off our "to-do" list as possible.  
Today, I grabbed my camera and tried my best to enjoy the ride.

Silverwood Organic Farm ... "pick your own" we had a ball here this summer bringing home fresh beans, tomatoes, kale, broccoli, carrots and wild flowers.  

There is truly nothing like fall in New England ... 
the farms, the colors, the stone walls, the crazy painted  cow ... all of them make me smile. 
I am blessed to see all of these images on a daily basis.  Sometimes I take it for granted ... but this day, Nature stood up majestically and made me take notice!

Hope you get to Meander a little this week!



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