Monday, April 30, 2012

Lamps ... Man vs. Woman!

Kim - "Don, look at these pagoda lamps ... you can order them in ANY Benjamin Moore Paint Color ... aren't they fun?!"

Don - "Can't you paint any lamp in any color if you want?"

Kim - "Ugh, that is so not the point!!"

So ... you can buy these, or start painting!!

Happy Monday ... Make it Colorful!



Friday, April 27, 2012

A Day at the Beach ... true tourists!

We packed up the family and headed to St. Martin ... truly a fantasy vacation for us all.  As the kids have grown in age and SIZE!  We no longer fit in a hotel room ... or two ... it takes three.  Well, this puts a whole new spin on spending time together.  So we booked a villa ... but before we check in there ... let me take you to the beach!  Our first day took us to Phillipsburg.  I am generally clueless when we travel ... I am happy strolling along and let Don direct the crew and I just follow along.  So I had no idea this was the beach where the cruise ships dock!!  

While we were officially "off season" ... there was still a touristy air to this beach ... so?  We are tourists!!  I will have you know that none of us wore our tennis shoes ... like so many we saw!

Some of the highlights ... 

This little lady was selling like crazy ... and I took her photo ... and she caught me.  I am now the proud owner of that white frock with the blue trim! p.s.  they are NOT kidding when they say one size fits all!

From a distance, we thought this was the Blue Birch Bar ... we were wrong.  The kids thought it was fantastic ...

Cruise ship central ...

We did NOT segway ... seriously ... you come off a cruise ship and you put on tennis shoes and you segway?  No ... not us ...

Don negotiated a cool $50.00 deal ... 5 chairs, 10 Beers and 1 Umbrella ... now you're talking!

Then we headed to our home for the next week ...

This was the view from the front door ... this was a really big deal for us ... and we loved every moment, the time together mostly ... the adventures in location, fun and food!

I will share lots over the next few weeks and hope I don't bore you!!  

Have a wonderful weekend!



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before & After ... The Reveal!

Yesterday I posted about a tv room and window treatments in a little Before & After Scenario.  Well ... I was a slightly disappointed in the post because I didn't have a final photo of the whole room.  You see while we were making things beautiful ... my client and her family found their dream home and decided to put this home on the market.  That can certainly put the skids on a design project!!  I considered calling her up and asking her for a final photo ... but felt she had much more important things to do while getting her home ready to sell, than have me stomping around with my camera!

She saw the post yesterday ... and sent me these photos to share!  Remember the Ballard Design Inspiration Board?  Here's how it turned out ....

Remember the Before photo?

And the official Realtor's photo ... it's a really cute house ... if you are looking, you should come see it!!

One of the best things about my job is making people happy ... It's what keeps me going!



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before and After ...

Thanks for hanging in there for me ... we had an amazing Spring Break with our kids ... more to come on Friday!!

In the meantime ... Here's a "Small Space" Before and After!  Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction.  This young family had a room that they just couldn't define ... then they opted for a tv room.  Where they could gather in a cozy spot ... and enjoy a favorite movie!


Bare Walls, Rug too small,  and no window treatments left the room cold and uninviting.  We kept the wall color ... it is warm and cheerful.


Installation Day:

New Rug Comes In ...


Duralee fabrics found in an "overstock" fabric store at a great price!

I am currently loving Roman Shades flanked by drapery panels.  Whether they are fabric or woven, they finish the look.  The "faux" shade above the French Doors takes away the blank space and draws your eye up.  This trick coupled with a larger rug makes the room feel so much bigger.  

Addition of a "new" Relic piece of furniture and Chair ...

The Finishing Touches ... all from Ballard.  Mirror and clock to be layered on the relic piece of furniture along with the lamp.  The Bird Art on the wall beside the French Doors.  

Ballard Designs

There is an urge to put small pieces in a small room ... but in fact, that makes the space feel even smaller ... so go Big! ... not oversized, jut Big!



Friday, April 13, 2012

April Break ...

Fabric. Glossy Red. Dutch Door. Does he know how lucky he is???

We are off for the kids' Spring Break ... see you back in a week!!  Lots of fun photos coming for Travel Friday!



Thursday, April 12, 2012


Busy week ... fun projects ... so I am leaving you with one image ...

Happy Thursday ... hope you are enjoying the color of Spring ... Inside and Out!



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Albert Hadley

Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well- being.

Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

The one thing I never get involved with is selecting art or pictures for a client. This is a very personal thing. If the clients have pictures, I will hang them. When they do not own pictures I leave the walls blank.
Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

While I like the things that I own, I don't have anything that I could not live without. I am constantly moving things around, passing them on to friends - a sort of sharing- and when it is appropriate, using things I own in decorating schemes. When I use something that I have owned for many years in a project for a client, I don't think of it as getting rid of something. For me, it is like keeping things in the family.
Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer

I have studied and followed Albert Hadley and Sister Parish for many years.  I was fascinated by their design ... their ability to "control" the chaos but still make their rooms warm and inviting.  Albert grew up in Nashville ... so in my little fantasy world, this made me feel like I knew him.  I only wish I did!  The first time I read about the Design Team it was when I was in the Hotel Industry and never imagined that I would take on my passion of interior decorating and design as a business.  

They say that people live on because we remember them and share stories of their lives with our families and friends.  I feel that way about my grandparents ... they continue to live in my heart and soul and the stories and photographs I share with my children.

Here's to keeping Albert Hadley alive ... he has been blessed to have touched so many that he will live on for a long long time as we will continue to admire his beautiful work.

Thank you AH.



Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter ... day after!

The past week was just crazy, so many things happening and I found myself in an Easter decorating quandry.  My kids are older ... the youngest is 12 but with older siblings, she is young in age, but older in her desires.  I was looking through my Easter Decorations and pulled out a few Egg Trees, etc. I felt a little sad, but at the same time ... we were done with those things.  I mentioned this to Callie and she said "I know what you mean, don't you want some more sophisticated Easter decorations?"

Well ... I didn't know that really ... but she was right!  I tell you this because quite awhile ago (another lifetime, really) I fell in love with Herend figurines.  I have a few small bunnies that I have always loved ... so this weekend, they came out of their homes on shelves and graced my table ... I only have three and they are small.  I haven't really "collected" anything in quite some time ... so I am considering a new collection.  One small piece at a time ...

I have no idea why I have bunnies ... but I love them ... and perhaps they'll do what bunnies do over the next year ... multiply!  Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring has me thinking about Bunny's ...

Designer Bunny Williams to be exact!

While I have been toying with Mid-Century Modern the past few weeks ... I have been doing some tweaking around my house.  That proverbial spring cleaning as they call it.  Opening the Windows, airing out rugs, bringing in the fresh air and just taking a moment to bring some MCM into my reality.

So I turned to Bunny ... one of my all time favorite designers ... and look who's been doing a little dance with MCM all along.  I knew I loved her!

The Red Chair

So all you traditionalists ... heads up ... You can add just a piece or two of MCM and shake up your world!  In a really, really good way!

Thanks Bunny!



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prom Dresses and Chinoiserie

Callie took me shopping for her prom dress last night ... she has been looking on line for a week, and I have had to veto several.  Have you seen the prom dresses they are selling??  Well, I had to remind her she is 17 not 35 and it is a prom, not the Academy Awards. And I don't need to see all of her skin!!! hmmm.  So, in the midst of this prom dress shopping ... Chinoiserie made a surprise appearance and made me smile!  Some fun outdoor living designs were in the mall for me to admire ... I think this was my own personal prize!

The Blue and White was so refreshing for the outdoor space and immediately made me think of my sweet friend at The Pink Pagoda.   If you haven't visited her blog ... you should!  Here's some of her art you can find on Etsy



p.s. we found a dress ... :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chinoiserie + Ghost ...

The Ghost Chair.  There is something about lucite that I love.  It is clean.  A little funky.  A kick! 

Last week I was doing my job ... shopping for clients and finding pieces to inspire me and them.  

I found this:

Ghost + Chinoiserie

Lucite just kicked it up a notch!! 



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