Monday, January 28, 2013


Happy Monday ... what a weekend it was!  Hope you had a great one ... 

Today, I am working on the Solarium!  I have interviews with two "muralists" this week so I have been going through sites to find the look WE (my Client!) wants!

I found ... Gracie!

And the Hallelujah Chorus sang in my head when I found this one!

Don't you love it when your stumbling actually turns up a Winner!!  I believe it is called RESEARCH!!  Will keep you posted on the interviews and what I find!  Do you know any great muralists?

I am still on the Hunt!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Sampler ...

Painted Floors!

Would You?  Could You?

One Day ... I Will!!



Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Day in the Life ...

I try to post my Travels on Fridays.  Sometimes I am in luxurious spots (thanks to my sweet husband who allows me to tag along when I can Ditch -Lovingly, the children!) and sometimes I have just as much fun Traveling in my daily routine!

Well, today is Not Friday ... but I was traveling yesterday!!

It was kind of special ... I had a lot on my plate!  Working with a precious young psychiatrist and we are creating a warm, inviting office for her to see and heal her clients.  It currently looks like this!!

Whoa, we have some work to do here!

While driving to see the office, I passed Wilson Farm in Lexington.  I had been there a year or so ago and loved it.  An old Farm Style grocery with fruit, flowers, fresh veggies.  It was 15 degrees outside yesterday.  FRIGID ... and Wilson Farm was warm and a such a treat for my senses ... 

Clearly I understand this is not "local" fruit ... but how beautiful on a cold day!

I checked out with flowers, tomato wraps, butternut squash and edamame.  Yum!  

Then off to another client's home to check out the tile she is considering for her new fireplace area.  I have to admit.  I would have NEVER chosen this tile.  I would have said ... Oh, no. This is for a backsplash.  She isn't that locked in ... she liked and said let's try it.

Well ... she rocked it!!  it is going to look amazing and fun!!  We just had her new Sconces hung over the mantel we found Here.  

Yes, the pink insulation is still showing ... we are putting on the finishing touches!  The mantel we found here.

Then home for some layouts and plans ... 

I Really didn't make any Resolutions this year.  But I did make myself a promise.  To try and slow down and enjoy my days.  Yes, they are busy and things need to get done.  But I don't have to be so frantic.  

I kept my promise ... for one day anyway ! How are you being true to yourself ... today?



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MCM - Animal Style!

As many of y'all know ... the last few months I have been cleaning out my parent's home in Georgia.  I finally finished.  I considered each and every piece.  Do I like it? What memories do these pieces hold? Will I EVER use them?  Is it worth the money to move it all and put in my Attic? Don was with me, he tried to be delicate ... but even he rolled his eyes when I was considering the pale green floral cross stitch in gold frame.  But Frames Cost Money!!  Okay ... put it in the GoodWill pile.

I did bring home alot.  Most went to my Dad's new home but boxes are residing in our mudroom.  Until I figure out what to do with it all.  Now, you have to understand, as a person who LOVES to scour flea markets and antique shows.  I was sitting on my own Market!  

Then there was this ...

This Cheetah (hate to dispute OKL ... but this is NOT a leopard!) on One Kings Lane is not Mine.  But I have his twin.  My Mother and I gave this to my Father for his Birthday when I was 10 (I'll do the math for you ... it was 41 years ago!).

We were SO excited that we paid EXTRA to have it gift wrapped and when we got home, WE unwrapped it for him!!

It is now in his new home.  Just yesterday he called me and said "I've had to move the Cheetah".  "Why, Daddy?"  I asked.  "He's staring at me when I watch TV".

When I saw this on Beth's Pinterest Board I had to Smile! 

This Cheetah is like a real pet to our family.  And believe me, we have plenty of real ones ... he is special.  

I used to wonder how all these great things made it out to the flea markets ... who found them, who let go of them ... didn't they know what they had?  

Now I know.  Sometimes, you just have to Let Go.  And let the pieces bring happiness in a new home.  I let an unbelievable amount go.  Don't want to underestimate the people at the GoodWill of Cumming, Georgia, However, I don't think they have any idea that they are holding some pretty awesome treasures!!

Here's to Letting Go ... and not letting it stop the thrill of the HUNT!!



Monday, January 21, 2013

The Painted Home

Design Coffee Table Books are always on my Christmas 

 ... And this one was under the Tree!

I think it's the January doldrums and lack of color outside that is making me soak up the SUN through the pages of this "Painted Home!"

These Apple Green Leather Chairs and gilt bamboo stool give me just the lift I need!

Dena shares her home in the pages of this beautiful book.  The love for her home comes through with all of the cozy spaces and her flair for color and pattern! 

I didn't know Dena before I got this book ... evidently she's quite a Hot Ticket (as my MIL would say)!
And I applaud!!

And This Romantic Dinner for Two or Four can be created in a heartbeat ... this is why I love "moveable" furniture!  Dining Room by Night ... 

Sitting area by Day!

I am working with a new client right now on a beautiful Sun Filled Room.  I have named it The Solarium.  She is game and I am investigating Painting the Walls ... in a Mural Fashion ... I love it when my clients' are All IN!!

What are you GAME for this week?  Well ... I hope you Bring it!



Friday, January 18, 2013


Last week I finished My Father's move from Atlanta.  I arrived Wednesday around noon and headed up GA 400 not anticipating going into a very quiet, scarcely furnished house full of memories and no one to share them with.  I needed to feed my soul before my task at hand.

I have read about Boxwoods before and knew it would hold some treasures and eye candy for me.  Y'all know I LOVE New England and truly can't imagine myself living anywhere else.  But the shopping cannot hold a candle to Atlanta.  Don't be offended my sweet Boston stores, you are just few and far between.  Atlanta seems to have design tucked into every corner of every road!

Boxwoods did not disappoint.  

You cannot be in the South without finding a Fabulous Monogram!

How fantastic are these chairs?  Seriously!!!

And this little lamp has some attitude going on ... and gave me a laugh ... !

The Table Settings provided a little inspiration for 2013!  Notice how beautiful, but really very simply done.

Take the sign off the front door ... and I would MOVE in!!

Do you have favorite Go To Shops to get your creative juices flowing?  I will miss being in Atlanta quite as often as I used to be.  But I know I will find a way to squeeze a Fix in!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

English Country Chic ...

I like to think that I am "French Country" which is funny ... because I am probably not.  But I love the look and do my best.  Then I am drawn to images such as these and I realize I must have a little "English Country" in my soul.

And let me tell you ... this is NOT Your Old Lady English Country ... Dig the railheads on floral!

Mix and Match Chairs ... and that was NO random mix and match!  Do you understand the thought process that must go into that relaxed look??  It's like the make-up you have to put on to achieve the Natural Look!

Warm. Fresh. Timeless. 

Crewel has always been a favorite of mine.  It brings Color, Texture and Life to linen!

Mixed with Red and White.  I love the very Perfect Randomness here!

A litte Fox in the Garden.  Yes, we had a "couple" of Fox's that lived in our front yard last Spring.  So this is particularly sweet.  They brought us gifts of dead mice every few days ... We appreciated the help and they were happy they had paid rent!

I know it's a little fuzzy ... taken with Don's i-phone.  I made him take it!!  I have to say little fox man was pretty content sunning in the front yard ... I saw no need to stir him up!!

Ever since being introduced to SeaGrass ... from a trip to the Ocean Reef Club and Joni at Cote de Texas, I am single handedly trying to bring Sea Grass into every home.  The texture is amazing and it is the perfect backdrop for Every type of fabric.

Maybe I just want to live in a place that I can plop my wingback in the Garden and never worry about it!

Lavender has made a comeback ... and Men are bowing down!!

I want some Antlers.  My Family is amused.  Don says we can have them when we own a ranch.  Now, as a coatrack ... maybe I can win this battle!!

Put your feet up, visit HERE, and enjoy the new line of fabrics and let's celebrate HOME!



Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Morning Reveal!

I was so excited to show you a few tease photos last week ... well ...


I love that my client can work in this beautiful space every day ... and her family can "drop in" on her ... and they DO!!  All day long! 

Here's to making every day more beautiful!!

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