Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Snip - Its … Is it over YET?

March is what I am talking about.  ICK.  I am over it and looking forward to April in a big way!!

Here's how I ended the month …

1.  Hoping to use this rug in an office I am working on.
2.  Kitchen Island Legs … in the house. Need them IN!
3.  Paint options for a custom piece in the making.
4.  Beautiful Custom Bedding for a client got delivered.  Stunning.  I need new linens.
5.  Snapchat?  Do you use it?  
It's keeping me in touch with my children!
6.  DIY project.  With Tools.  Be concerned!
7. This Animal Print … someone needs to use this!
8.  These Wood Shade products.  New to me.
Eager to try them out.
9.  Can it be?  Pansies!  Hallelujah!

Have a wonderful weekend, we are expecting rain.  
Meaning No Snow.
I couldn't be happier!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, March 24, 2014

Barn Doors … and a kitchen update.

In our Farm Road House we used Barn Door Hardware to hang the doors to our SunRoom.

We wanted the room to be separate, but didn't want the doors to be in the way when open.

We searched for old doors to use, but just didn't find exactly what we were looking for.

So we bought stock doors from Home Depot and painted them up.

I loved the look and feel of the real barn hardware.

If you follow me on IG you know that we made a trip to Kennebunk, Maine last week to look for old doors for our ProjectDownSize house.

One of my favorite places … I blogged about it here.

We loved the barn style doors so much that we are going to replicate them in our kitchen.

But this time we want something different … 

Size was a major factor … we either needed one large door at 52" wide or 2 smaller doors that would could hinge together to get to the right size.

I came a cross this photo a few months ago and loved the feel of these doors … 

A little Fancier than I wanted … but a look to consider.

Here's what we found … 

52 1/2" wide.  Perfection.
An original Wood Panel from an 1823 House … 

It has the most beautiful soft green patina … the original paint color.  

She needs a little scrub and then she'll be ready for some accessorizing.

Her new Hardware!

Hopefully this beauty will be covering the new pantry shelves very soon!

Happy Monday my friends!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Snip-Its … Can it Really be Spring??

1.  Nudes.  Perhaps I am getting older.  I love them.
2.  This fabric made me happy.  Wanted it for the kitchen.
It was TOO much! But the Color!
3.  Do you know this lady?  We met for lunch this week. 
Get to know her!
4.  Carpet Borders.  On the hunt.
5.  This Chandelier.  I need it for a client!
Does she want it like I do???
6.  The Fig is IN.
7.  This Nude.  She celebrates Confidence.  I love her.
8.  More Carpet/Border Hunt for a client.
9.  This Band. Being Considered for a Red Room (mine!) Near You.

Happy Friday sweet Friends.  Celebrate the Weekend.

The Sun is Shining.  God is Good!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, March 17, 2014

Matchy - Matchy - Monday ...

I fell for it.  Hook. Line. Sinker.

Normally I am not an MM girl.  But I wanted the simplicity and continuity of the Buffalo Plaid in my kitchen.  
Chairs Painted ... do you have a guess?  Gloss Black.  
Go figure.  I know.

The Rooster Pillow is an old favorite ... she can stay.
 If she's nice to her new friends.

Next Up?  Window Treatments and Fluff.
And the New Fridge? In the House. 
And yes, two of the window mullions are missing.
I will fix that.

Thanks for following along my kitchen journey!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Snip - Its ... and A Winner!

1.  Celebrating My Daddy's 87th Birthday!
2.  Fiddle Leaf Fig Extravaganza for a client.
3.  Grate Inspiration for the Red Room.
4.  Turquoise Chevron taking center stage in 
Sammy's Room.
5. Winner Announced Today!
6.  Tried to embrace the "modern" element.  
Not happening.  Leaving the House.
7.  Beautiful night in Boston last weekend.
8. Winner of An Affair with a House!!
9.  Stainless Refrigerator.  IN the House.

This week saw a few projects in progress ... and some longer daylight is helping the psyche!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Snip - Its ... March

Lion or Lamb?
Desperately hoping ... Lamb.
Being Stuck inside, however,
means getting things done!

1.  Hexagon Table and Skirt Delivered to a client.  Love
2.  Kitchen continues the metamorphosis.  Going Dark.
3.  Accessories on the Hex.  Shiny. Rustic. Green.
4.  Gloss Red Sneak Peek.
5.  Don't forget to enter to win!
Winner Announced Friday March 14.
6.  I am on a Hardware Hunt.
7.  My delivery truck get stuck in the ice ... for hours.
8.  Things I am loving.  Boxed Pillows.
9.  Carrara Marble in.  Corner Detail.

Yep.  Still Cold.  But the time changes and the sun is warmer and I can feel my energy return!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, March 3, 2014

Thank you Grace!

While I was unplugged a couple of weeks ago ... and Catching a Breath I picked up the March InStyle Magazine.

And Found Grace!

This is It!

You know I've been wanting this.

So Grace gave me the inspiration to move forward with my Buffalo Plaid.  
The Yellow and Red and Black spoke to me. 

This sweet girl that sat in our living room for years and she just got all gussied up and Moved to the Kitchen.

A Pop of Yellow Happiness is keeping the kitchen fresh
and even sunny with snow still in the window!

Window treatments to be made ... and yes, I am ignoring the fact that there is a door behind the sofanowbanquette.
Because I don't want the door there.
I have dismissed it.
Show you how we do that as the kitchen progresses!

It's all in the Details.

Thank You Grace.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.

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