Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something Special ... Thanks to Kravet and BlogFest 2013!

Honestly, the BlogFest FUN keeps coming! 

I really don't win things much.  Like I have been playing that PowerBall and I don't even get ONE number.  humph.

Blogfest ... turned my luck ... I actually WON!!

Kravet and HGTV sponsored our lunch on Monday ... It was fun and so HGTV with all the bright colors ... they made us feel like stars and treated us like celebrities!!

HGTV Publisher, Dan Fuchs and Editor Sara Peterson

So here you go ... Moen Shower Head.  Not One.  BUT TWO!!

I was kind of thinking this might be a fun Father's Day Gift, we will draw for the TWO winners next Friday at midnight EST and I will announce on Monday morning so I can ship in plenty of time for DAD!!

You know the drill please like or follow and leave a comment.  You will be entered for each comment!

Thanks for playing along ... and Thank You to 
Kravet, HGTV and Moen!

for such a fun and USEFUL giveaway!!

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!



Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Statement Art ...

No Question that art is one of the Accessories of the home.  A place to be unique and show  the world what makes you different!

Over the past year the Statement Necklace has worked it's way into every woman's wardrobe.  Something fun, whimsical ... and sometimes truly Stunning.

The Home is Following Suit.

I have always loved Large Art.  It does make a statement.  It also brings in color, texture, happiness, sometimes a statement about beliefs, etc.

Last week, at Kips Bay Showhouse, The Art truly made a 

Large Statement!

The tryptic below simply took over a hallway.  Yes, these huge pieces are in a hallway ... and on plexiglass they gave off light.  Truly Stunning.

This piece was in an open area on a landing between rooms.  Hard to tell the scale here, but it was incredible!

These pieces were on a staircase.  While not just One large piece, the number and the weight of these "fossil like" pieces were heavy and calming in one breath.

Bulletin Board ... Filling an awkward wall.  

Then this piece ... I am so sorry that I only had my iphone and that you cannot feel the power this piece had in this space.  Truly Amazing.

This bathroom ... serene and beautiful and so much better than a large mirror!!

We've all heard the statement "Go Big or Go Home".

This goes for Art as well ... if you are going to do it. Then, DO IT!!

Please check back tomorrow for a GiveAway!
I was a Winner at BlogFest2013 ... and that means you have a chance to win as well!! 

Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!



Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorite Room #1 ... Barbara Ostrom

Happy Friday!  I was so energized on Monday and Tuesday ...
I am feeling the need for the end of the week!

The Kips Bay Showhouse was a ShowStopper!  I love what the Designers did here.

For my Show and Tell ... I am going to start with one of my Favorites!

So, yesterday ... I showed you this ... 

One thing that struck me more than anything.  I deal with many lower ceilings.  In New England, older houses generally have lower ceilings.  Nothing about the aesthetic, it is all about keeping warm in Winter.  

This room had low ceilings ... and with this Gold Treatment it seemed as if the ceiling was in the clouds.  
Okay ... I am on board!!

Also, I have been telling you all about the COLOR!!  And this ... is Neutral.  So I can feel the love for both, okay?  And this one was one of my faves!!

But while neutral ... notice .... 

The Gold/Glam

The Patterns.

The Gold Again.

Plus the FretWork of the Windows.

Gold, Herringbone.
TV inserted in a Frame.  Because it is a REAL room!

Beautiful Gilt Sconces.

Off the side of the room is this little Office Nook.
Complete with Pistachios. 
Who Wouldn't like to work HERE??

Just enough clutter to make me happy!

Built-ins to make it Warm.

Take a look at these Window Treatments. 
No finial on the right hand side.  Architecture doesn't always allow space for a Finial.  Even in Showhouses you have to work with Reality.

I don't mind it ... Do You??

The Scale of the Fabric on the Windows is a STATEMENT!!

Not certain if you can see this Before very well ... 

While on this Tour, we discovered that this space had been previously used to house the owner's Art.  No one Lived Here.

I want to be a piece of Art.  So I can live here!!

Gilt and Lucite.  YES!

Zebra Rug ... Bringing the Punch.

Gilt Gold Ceiling On Patterned SeaGrass Rug.

Hi and Low.  Texturally speaking.  Bring it On!

Please allow me to introduce you to The Designer of this Room ... 
Barbara Ostrom 
The Ceiling Treatment was what drew me in ... then I discovered MORE!
I love what she did in this room.  Starting with the ceiling.  So I looked her up.  
And here's what I found ... 

She might have a Penchant for Ceilings.  Oh yeah, Bring it on Sister!!

More Goodness on her website. Check her out!

Hope you are gearing up for a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Enjoy!

Making the World Prettier.  One Room at a  Time!



Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gloss, Gloss, Baby ...

"Ice is back with my brand new invention 
Something grabs a hold of me tightly 
Then I flow that a harpoon daily and nightly 
Will it ever stop? 
Yo, I don't know 
Turn off the lights and I'll glow"

Ice, Ice, Baby ... Words by Vanilla Ice.

And I am all about the ICE!! 

I promise I have rooms to show you ... Thanks to Kravet I got to visit AND take photos of the Kips Bay Showhouse.

BUT the Impact I want to share today ...
It's all about the SHINE!

Please forgive the photos ... these are all from My I-Phone.  
But I think you can get the PICTURE!!

High Gloss Walls and Ceilings ... they are the Name of the Game Baby!!

This Art ... on Plexiglass ... LIT what could have been a "normal" hallway UP!

 And just to throw another lyric your way ...

"Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing. 

It's time we all reach out for something new, 
That means you too. 
You say you want a leader, 
But you can't seem to make up your mind. 
I think you better close it, 
And let me guide you to the purple rain."
... Prince

And the Purple Rain Came Down ... and I am on Board!

Hard to tell with my I-phone ... but the ceiling below is a GLORIOUS soft lavender/gray GLOSS.

All That Shimmers IS Gold today!

Ceiling Treatment to beat all others.

I was stopped in my tracks.  Seriously, I couldn't MOVE.  I want to still be there.  THIS needs to be coming to a ceiling near me SOON!

More Dark Seductive GLOSSY ceiling Paint.

Just when I was almost convincing myself to embrace the NEUTRAL.
No More ... I have been Set Free!!

Watch out ... the Gloss Paint is coming out and nothing Neutral is Safe!

Do YOU Gloss?  I'd highly suggest it!

Making the World Prettier.  One Room at A Time!


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