Monday, November 25, 2013

Prepping for Thanks ...

As I know all of you were doing the same thing.  I will not belabor the point.  
The weekend was about getting read for Thanksgiving.
And I am not talking about Grocery Shopping.  I am doing that this morning!

Because of our Move, we decided to decorate for Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.  I normally won't bring in Christmas until the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving.  I made a choice this year to let that be okay. I want this season of Thanks and Blessings to be long, as we have been blessed and are Thankful for the past 7 years in our home at Farm Road.
Yes, we are looking forward to our next Chapter.
But the life, love and laughter that happened here is special.
And I want it to resonate with our children.

 Some Sneak Peeks at the process.
Chevron Table Runner left over from the Illusion.
Antler Ornaments from Walmart. Yep.  Walmart. $1.97. Thank You Very Much!
I considered Spray Painting Them.  I voted for A Natural Feeling.
Birch Logs.  From The New Hampshire State Tree.
Erin even commented ..." I know you are all about the Natural thing with Gold and all", but maybe you should bring in some Navy.  
I do love her, You know I do.
But ... No.

 Grocery Shopping this morning.  We will be Biscotti Making, Thanksgiving Prepping, House Warming, and Packing this week!

Making The World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. I think it is brilliant to extend your holiday season in this home before moving on to the next one! I feel there are no rules anymore- I used to wait until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating but this year I too started early because of so much else going on- need to find the time to do it right! Enjoy Enjoy!!

  2. You are one good mamma. The table looks beautiful and I know you all will have a great holiday!

  3. Oh my goodness those antler ornaments are fabulous! If they look half as good as they did in the picture they are amazing! I am heading to Walmart this morning! Did you get them this year?

  4. Beautiful table for one busy family! Enjoy the week and holiday!

  5. I saw a lot of cute ornaments at Walmart too and grabbed a couple of those Golden Jingle bell stars for my windows! Your table looks set, ready and pretty Kim, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, come to think of it,it might be the last one in your old home.. :-( A bit sad, but still a new adventure awaits and with that, more things to be thankful for right?!XO

  6. I already love it Kim and I am blazing a trail to Walmart for some of those antlers!!!! Have a fabulous holiday!!

  7. Oooh, it looks fabulous! Love your chevron runner, and those antlers - crazy they're from Walmart! Biscotti is our favorite, I make it at Christmas every year. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  8. What a busy time and beautiful table! So glad you're surrounded by family and lots of love! Happy Thanksgiving! xo Nancy


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