Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ORC Intaglios ... My Way!

About 4 weeks ago now ... Twenty of Us Bloggers lead by the Mighty Linda began a Challenge.  
Complete a Room in 6 Weeks.  If you are new you can check out how it all began for ME.

So last week I asked you about the Art of Intaglio's.  Well ... I am happy to report that you all were pretty happy with the Art Form!  

I gave you THE definition of an Intaglio.

Now let me tell you MY definition:

Anything 3 dimensional that you love and want to keep and would love to set apart in some way.

It all started here ...

Cookie presses from my Grandmother ... housed in a little wooden holder.  Cute, I loved them for sentimental reasons, but never would have displayed them like this in my kitchen or anywhere else.  At least not in my current design mode.

I have been drawn to Intaglios and the way they are framed is one of the things that makes me love them so much.  Off to the craft store for some shadow box frames.

I could have bought plain ones, but these were about $10.00 less ... X 4.  Sold!

And because I am bringing in my Signature Color ... Tangerine TANGO!

I picked out my Favorite Four and broke out the spray paint.  

I had this left over fabric from Erin's room Re-do.  
It's my Textured Intaglio Design!

Just a little part of my Grandmother with me everyday!

They will be dressing My Wall Of Illusion!

Now here's the BEAST lingering in my Basement ... towering over me daily reminding me that I am FAR from Done with this One Room Challenge ...

Anything that stops in my path with a flat surface ... 
gets used!

These details that I LOVED ... are causing me great angst.  And the Consumption of Wine!

I have great hopes of bringing this to you in a Final Form next week!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Break ... and a breath of Fresh Air!

The kids' Winter Break was last week and we snuck off for a little time in the NH mountains.

When we first arrived ... I was in this mode ... I'd rather have the SunShine and Beach!

But then look at this ... It was a pretty Stunning Day and it's nice to have us all together without X-Box and sports activities!

 A litte Country Farm Bed and Breakfast around the Corner offered some fun sites for me to photograph ... 

I love a Good Stack!  Look at the textures and colors all buried in this pile of wood!

What most see as Brown. I know you can see the details with me ... 

Gray, red, brown, orange, black, gold ... all forming a gorgeous neutral palate!

Which got me thinking about the birch's in my In-laws backyard.  Way back when, they said I could have one.

So this weekend seemed the perfect opportunity.

Don thought I was whacked ... perhaps.  But My Sweet Brother in Law was ready to amuse me!!

My Own beautiful Stack ... Ready to be packed up!

Ali was Paul's helper ... and put up with me!

Great time skiing with family ... 

And Yes, I went Right.  
At the Sign.  
Off to Conquer the Illusion!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share our surroundings for the past few days.

Please check back in tomorrow to witness The Illusion coming to life!



Friday, February 22, 2013

The Art of Intaglios!

I have been loving the look of the INTAGLIO.  

What is it??

 A. An Engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief.

B. The Art or Process of Executing Intaglios.

C. Something ( As a Gem) carved in Intaglio.

D. Printing (as in die stamping and gravure) done from a plate in which the image is sunk below the surface.



I think I am also loving the simplicity of the art form. The White matting, setting apart a textural "picture".  

Simple. Dramatic. Clean.

I'm on it!  I just might be using this Art Form for my Office Illusion and the ORC ... I am in Artist Mode.

Have you seen any particular Art Style that has grabbed your attention lately??

Please share!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Wall of Illusion ... ORC Week 3!

One Thing I'll Say about Linda and the ORC.  She gets her ORC'ers Ready, Committed ... and Motivated.  Good Thing. Because the Challenge is BIG and I needed the Push!

MY Illusion-Office is becoming a Reality.  Go Visit the Disaster To see How this all started!

About five years ago ... I got my own toolbox for Christmas.  I know, probably doesn't sound like much to the average girl.  One of my best presents ever!!  Don got tired of me stealing his tools ... well, now I don't have to, and DARE him to touch mine!

But I did swipe this air compressor.  
Woman with an Air Compressor and a Staple Gun.  
Don't get me MAD.

Last Week Paul and Joe built my Wall.  Now the fun part.  Since I chose this fabric, I need to prep the plywood.  Fabric straight on board is stiff and hard and doesn't look friendly.

So ... Batting up The Board.

Batting Hung.
Fabric Hung.
Trim Wainscoting Happening.

The Corners ... Taking Shape!

Up-Close Detail of trim and fabric.  I am thrilled with the "texture" of the fabric!


Crown Moulding.

We have some Wrinkles to be worked out.

Here's what is happening Behind the Wall:

ArtWork ... HomeMade
I NEED 2 Cheap & Fun Chandeliers ... HELP!
Painting The China Hutch - UGH!
Organizing ... hasn't even come into the Picture!

Go See what is happening with all My Other Creative ORC'ers!!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Emerald + Coral = Love

The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show is going on this week.  Wish I were there!!

Lot's of Eye Candy for sure ...


So while dreaming of fun bright Colorful Jewels ... I continued my Little Brain Adventure and dreamt up a Posh room in Palm Beach if I lived a very different life!!

All based on the two colors that make me Tick and a piece of Art I wish I owned!!


As I am writing this my hands are still a little frosty from taking the dogs out in the Snow.  Perhaps that's what makes my Brain Travel so much fun!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow ... Week 3 of the ORC



Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy Presidents' Day!  

As I am working on my Office Illusion for the ORC I am finding myself in a funny place.  I came up with the "Illusion", because sometimes I really do feel like the rooms I see and love in the trade publications ... dare I say it ... just MIGHT be an Illusion!!

Not that I don't think these gorgeous homes and rooms don't exist.  Of course they do ... and oh the lucky folk that get to actually live in them.  

As I am day to day working in real homes of families wanting to create a space that is welcoming and happy, there is a lot to consider.  First and foremost ... how to get the best bang for the buck.  I prefer not to just hop on over to Home Goods to fill the lacking spaces, but sometimes I do ...  whatever I do I try to make each space unique and true to their style.  Even when I come away very pleased with the results of a space I have worked on, and know my clients are very happy, I have always felt the reality that some of the spaces would never be able to grace a Magazine Spread.  

Okay ... I am rambling on because I came across this photo in the March Elle Decor

Now, this home in the south of France belongs to a Vintage Textile Dealer ... it is her family's country farm house.  Something I most likely will never have the ability to own.  So ... forgive my being a little snarky, not something I normally do.

But really ... is this space BEAUTIFUL ... OR are we fooled into the "illusion" of a life in France and the fact it is in Elle Decor ... it must be?  I think I might be afraid to sit there!

I'd love your thoughts about the Illusions we are fed on a daily basis!! 

Hope you are all enjoying a nice long weekend! Kids are out for the week ... but I still have marching orders for myself while focusing on my own little Illusion happening in the basement!



Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Winner ... and the Giving IS NOT Over!!

Thank you all for coming by to help This Girl out and reach my Goal of 100 Followers!! YAY!!  What FUN! ....

And the Winner IS:  


Now, don't be sad ... you still have another shot at winning today!!  Linda is giving away this too cute set of Navy and Gold Bangles Tomorrow ... so click on over and Enter to Win!!

Go HERE to Win!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to visit and enter ... 

Happy Valentines Day EveryOne!!



Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ORC - The Illusion!

Week TWO ... The Illusion Begins! Thanks for stopping by to see how We are All progressing with our ORC ... If you are new, Click HERE to see my Inspiration Office, My Mood Board ... and where this all began!

I like pretty things ... as most of us do.  These are the most UN-Pretty photos I have ever posted.  Forgive me ... but the Reality is Harsh and Ugly!

This Wall ... started cluttered. I have now cleaned it ... Pretty, huh?

Okay, I really just piled everything up in the workout area.  Who has time for working out???

If I was as good/motivated/had the tools/as cute/ as Linda ... I would have built this room myself.  However, I am none of those ... so let me introduce you to my Heroes Paul and Joe!

Here is where the Illusion is going to come in.   

This is the UNFINISHED basement.  I have no intention of Finishing it in the Standard Sense.  I ONLY have SIX weeks, okay????

Kind of blurry but the BOYS were moving like the speed of Light for me!

I am Creating a SPACE.  Kind of like a Movie Set.
This is where my Illusion begins!  

The boys are giving me my BackDrop

BackDrop Framing almost complete.

Wall Panels Going IN!

The Most Beautiful Site all Day!!  12 Feet of Raw Plywood!
Waiting to be dressed!

Okay ... Ready for the Pretty?

I toyed with WallPaper ... but again, this is my Illusion.  I don't want to put that kind of money into this Wall.

So I went on a Bargain Fabric Hunt.  

Metallic Zebra Print ...

A Good Giraffe, a little more subtle ... 

AHHH ... Cheetah in UltraSuede ...

Un-Uh, No Way Hosea.  This price was NOT an illusion. Moving On!

Here's what I have ended up with.  Nice Cotten with a little textural weave giving it a GrassCloth Look!  I do love the Animal Print ... but I really do know when to STOP the Madness!!

Purchased for $7.99/yard and a little Trim @$1.99/yard. 
Yes, Wainscoting for my BackDrop!

Thank you for Living through the Ugliness with me and Keeping me focused to DO something with MY space!!

Don't forget to CLICK below to Check out what all the Girls Are Doing this week ... 


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