Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pop Up Sale ...

As our move is going to happen pretty quickly ... I am beginning to purge.  
Let the Down Size Begin!

As well as popping these up on Craigslist ... I thought I'd give a shout out to my locals ... 

So here's what is going first!

Bought this Chippendale Style Camelback sofa antiquing in Maine several summers ago.

Bought this Antique Secretary on the same Maine trip.  I am going to miss this one.  She is 52" wide and I don't have a home for her.  I think you should take her!
You can see that we stored a TV in here.  Loved it in my kitchen!

This Ballard Design Chair and Ottoman ... this is from their website ... mine are like brand new!

Who am I kidding ... Diamondback Elliptical ... I don't think I'll miss this one much!

Clearly these are local pick ups ... I am negotiable on all.  If you or anyone has an interest ... let me know!

I Will be Popping Up with more things as we go along!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Wish I could fit that Secretary in my suitcase, Kim! Your treasures will be scooped up fast.

  2. The secretary…OMG! If only I lived nearby…. I think I missed something about a move…going to go thru the archives. Good luck with the purging!

  3. Wish I live close, love the secretary Kim! Good luck!

  4. best of luck with the purge! I know it can be painful but cleansing! Hope these sell out fast.xo Nancy

  5. Goodness Kim I would have a hard time parting with everything but the exercise machine. Good luck with it all!!

  6. I hope you sell it all and quickly..that would be fab!

  7. Yeah, we gave up on exercise equipment for the home two moves ago. Good luck.


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