Monday, November 4, 2013

Creepin' in ...

the holidays that is!!

And I know I am not thinking straight ... but I'd love to do Thanksgiving outside.  Something about it seems like a perfect way to celebrate our family.


Yes, I live in New England ... I didn't say I was actually going to be able to make this happen! 

 I also need a large tree to hang lanterns.
A girl can dream ... yes?
Like this ... I have no idea how we'd look or feel tromping out to the field for our meal and then the clean up would suck.  But seriously ... if you could just sit here for a couple of hours and there could be someone filling wine glasses and sweeping away all the aftermath ... 

I think you would like it too!

I am beginning to think about how we are going to handle it this year ... the kids are getting bigger and I love having us all at one table.  We seem to be out of the "kid table" age.
I am still trying to figure out the best seating ... I have brought up tables and put them together to create on large one.  It works ... but this is the time of year I wish I had an enormous dining room to house about 20 comfortably.  

Are you starting to think about this?  How do you handle everyone?  Needing some creative inspiration!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.




  1. Outside!? Yikes, I wouldn't even dream of that here in Virginia but it does seem rather authentic. Sadly, there are just 5 of us for Thanksgiving. I can seat 14/16. My big ones aren't so big that they bring someone to holidays yet.

  2. Yes!!!! I am trying to find out who are coming first, usually we have friends from out of town who stay thru the holidays, this year, we're hoping to have some relatives come or if not, we'll be the one going to others home!!! I wish too I had a huge Dining table, mine can only sit 8. Luckily I can still have a separate kids table, but I can understand what your dilemma is Kim. Good luck with the planning, outdoors is gonna be a real challenge - but if you have a nice outdoor fireplace with lots of overhead heaters, it just might work!

  3. What a very cool idea, I love it, too IF you could guarantee a warm day.I am excited aboutour big family gathering. Have a great week Kim,
    xo Nancy

  4. Like Nancy, I think it is a great idea but that time of year is always cold, so might not work. Anyway, great inspirations! Have a good day!


  5. I would love to eat outside for the Holiday. Unfortunately, that would require major heaters....and a tent. We are a small crowd this year, so the dining room works.

  6. Love this idea, Kim, even though it may not work in reality (at least not in the Northeast!).

    Have a happy Monday! xoxo

  7. You are too funny, being in NJ I have the same weather problem.. but the thought of an outdoor Thanksgiving would be wonderful! Great post!

  8. Since our family is all over the world, we will be having our dinner at a lovely restaurant with close friends.

  9. Such beautiful images -- makes me want to move so I can have Turkey day outside... where we live its cold and usually celebrate with a family football game!


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