Friday, March 30, 2012

MCM - Dick Van Dyke Style

My mind is still rummaging around in this whole Mid-Century Modern era ... and finding every time I see a piece I blurt out ... "This looks like the Dick van Dyke Living Room!" What about you???  But here's the other thing.  While I have never focused on this look ... it feels right, it feels warm.  I grew up here ... and when we grow up with something, whether it is in style or not ... it feels good.  MCM is comfort food for me.

This was the best shot I could find. This is from a Rachel Ray interview of  Dick Van Dyke in the original set of the show!  Look at the "wedge" sectional ... the lamp, the round wood two-tier coffee table and the little round pillows!  Of course, the ottoman that Mr. Van Dyke tripped over whenever he entered the room!

My MCM Re-Creation:

But I would ditch the black accents ... and bring in glass and some brown

Okay ... I changed up the table a little ... I like the texture here!

Then I would probably add some pillow accents like this ...


And then place it all on top of a Sea Grass Rug

And then, just to bring it forward ... I'd layer this on top of the seagrass ...

This weekend ... celebrate your age ... MCM or not ... we are all "on trend!"



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Antique vs. Reproduction

Which would you prefer? I would prefer the real thing ... but like all else, it takes a large budget to always get the original.  So I have learned ... and actually have fun ... mixing the two and enjoying pulling them all together.  I try to encourage clients and friends ... and myself ... to consider "investment" pieces.  Those that you know are classic (to you, not style) and that will always make you happy. Not the trendy.  Spend the money on the investment pieces and then play around a little with the accessories or particular fun object that you won't feel guilty about giving up later in life!

What prompted this recent thought process?  The new Restoration Hardware Book that just arrived.  I found this settee.  I have a fondness for settees.

The Reproduction:

The hunt at antique fairs and markets is my passion.  I am still learning and educating myself on what is truly an antique and how to recognized one when I see it.  Mostly because I would like to know, but if I like it and think the price right on that particular day ... I buy it ... and am happy!  Antique or not.

Here's my "somewhat" antique, all freshened up!

This was one of my purchases at Brimfield Antique Fair this past Summer.  It is OLD ... but I don't know how old ... and perhaps it is an old reproduction ... but I call it Antique!

Here's where it began ... I know I keep taking you to these photos of Brimfield ... but this was a good day!!

And here is what the inside looked like when I attempted to DIY this thing ...

I found gross things inside ... I took it to my upholsterer!!

This was one of my inspiration photos for Erin's Room ...

I am close to being done ... the bedding is killing me ... I can't get it right.  Stay tuned!

What's holding you back????



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Galleries and Artists of the South

I am Southern, but now I live in New England ... and I kind of like it!  So ... I guess I can't label myself as either.  But I am honored to be featured in the Art Galleries and Artists of the South Magazine!

Not only is it fun being a featured Designer ... it has opened my eyes up to even more Art Galleries ... you all know how I feel about art. And, boy, does this magazine offer access to any kind you imagine.

Thank you so much Art Galleries and Artists of the South!!  Please take a look and enjoy all the beautiful images!



Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Have I Been???

Does this happen to you?  When you discover something, or find something you've never seen many of ... like a car you might be considering, or a fashion style, or an accessory, or in this case ... A Chair!  When I find something like this ... all of a sudden, it is Everywhere!!  Making me wonder where I've been hiding out not to have noticed before.  Well, these chairs ... I don't need any chairs!  You know Don has threatened me (not really!) ... but he'd kill me if I brought home more chairs.  But I love these chairs ... and here they popped up in Traditional Home ... and these have the most wonderful cushions and skirts.  Where have I been?  Where did these come from all of a sudden?

Well, if you love them like me ... and can actually purchase them ... here are a few resources ... all sorts of price tags!

I just saw them at the Design Center for $345.00 each.  Well, we can do better. Take a look at these resources.

These 3 ColorWays - $139.00 each

I love these and think you should buy some today ... and send me photos so I can be envious.  Envious in the most positive of ways!!

Happy Monday ... I need to get a lot done this week ... in life, and design!!



Friday, March 23, 2012

ORC - Professionally Done

The One Room Challenge was so much fun and we are still getting lots of questions in regard to our rooms ... if you didn't follow along, click here or click the button on my side bar for an update!

The photos I posted along the way were my own snapshots ... and here are a few done by a professional getting ready for my website portfolio ... hope you enjoy!

Many questions still arise ... here are the details!

Twin Sofas
Relic Table and Horse Lamp
Flower Pillows

Thanks so much for all the fun and sharing in the process with me!  Have a wonderful Weekend!



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Isabel Love

I've been obsessing ... Isabel is drawing me in and I seem to be singularly focused.  As I have been engrossed in her portfolio, I am dreaming of beautifully rustic bathrooms.

All images Isabel Lopez Quesada.  Thank you Isabel for moving me so!



Tuesday, March 20, 2012


One of my favorite "new" Mid-Century Modern Designers is Jonathan Adler ... hands down.

Last week I posted a photo of Don, circa 1968 and touched base on the new era of Mid-Century Modern. I am intrigued and want to explore it a little more.  Design, like Fashion, comes and goes ... nothing is really new anymore.  Just re-worked.  Here are some of my favorite NEW things:

And here's one of my favorite things to do.  Making it new again. The re-creation of this room.

All Images ... Jonathan Adler.  Something so old is new again and has a catchy label ... MCM!  Okay, I couldn't re-create the carpet.  I just can't go there!!

Here are a few shots of JA's store on Newbury Street in Boston ... very fun ... and will make you smile!

Here's to taking something old and making it new again!!



Monday, March 19, 2012

Girl Crush ...

Thank You Mrs. Blandings  for introducing me to Isabel Lopez Quesada, a remarkable Designer from Spain.  Remember her beautiful foyer I posted?  Well ... I cannot get enough.  Her rooms are beautiful, the Art makes me swoon. And the design elements.  And the symmetry.  Calming and comfortable ...  sophisticated and edgy.




What is inspiring you this beautiful Monday?



Friday, March 16, 2012

Paris ... in the Fall

We are considering it ...

Here is what we are finding:

This is Pinot:

 Cote de Beaune:

Le Fleurie:

Now, here's the thing ... these are all basically the same price as having a hotel room for that many nights.  And, we MAY cook in ... our interpretation of cooking in might be stopping in at a little boulangerie for a charcuterie and a couple of nice bottles of wine.  Which is perfectly fine by us!  

What would you do on this Travel Friday?



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