Monday, December 31, 2012

Show Me What You Got ... 2013!!

The Beauty of the New Year ... 
A clean and beautiful slate it brings our way ... 
A Feeling of starting Fresh and New ... 

And here is my Mantra for 2013 ...

 Wishing all my friends a Beautifully Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Kiss Your Life ... Today!!



Friday, December 21, 2012

Ahhh ...

It's here ... the last minute details are being "wrapped up".  Christmas Biscotti is made, thank you Erin, my sweet baker, and the rest of the family is on Delivery duty ... 

Wishing you all the Spirit of the Season, whether you celebrate this holiday or not ... please accept my wishes for a Merry Christmas as a wish for peace, JOY and a celebration of family!

Last day of school for my kids ... I will see you back in January with a new VIBE for 2013!!



Monday, December 17, 2012

Tangerine Tango ... Still doing it for me!

I am moving toward a decorated home for Christmas.  It is 8 days away so time is going to stop me if nothing else does!

This is a funny time of year ... working frantically on my own home to welcome family and friends to share in the celebration of Christmas.  But then frantically working on others homes as well ... to get them ready for LIVING!

Searching some specific pieces of furniture I found myself intrigued with these ... 

Let's just discuss all the things RIGHT in this room ... Color, Chair, Orange printed drapes, Greek Key Coffee Tables, Orange/Red chinoiserie pots, Gorgeous Chest,  Navy blue lattice hiding out in the left corner and of course Chiang Mai Dragon pillows.  

Okay, the artwork leaves me a little disappointed ... but with everything else that is going right ... well, I can forgive that!!

Here I am loving the Sofa, the console behind the Flame Stitch Chair and the seemingly oversized art behind the sofa.  The Large Stripe Curtains ... yes, I will find somewhere/some one to do this!

Modern, classic fabric and POP Art.  All of these found here.  

Here's to a good productive and Festive week!!




Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trays and CowGirl'n Up!

I have been on the hunt ... for a good Tray!  We have all seen them, they seem to be everywhere in magazines and online pinterest boards, except for when I NEED one!!  I am working with a client in her Living Room/Study and have been searching for the right LOOK!  I looked at Brimfield, I looked at Scott's ... I was trying to find beauty at a good price.  I was NOT finding what I wanted.  
Then ... as I was scouring the internet on Saturday I came across this one at Neiman Marcus Home.  A little more expensive than I wanted ... but after searching and finding nothing I was starting to like this deal.

Then yesterday I had a moment to hit the Boston Design Center ... looking for fabrics, but had to take a spin in one of my favorite Accessory Places ... and will you take a look at the TRAYS and TEXTURES I found at FURN & CO!

I decided I could probably use a bone inlay BOX as well ... 

Then there was TEXTURE ... not just BONE!

I have a particular love for the square ones!

The Ostrich like Leather was SPOT ON!

Another BOX ... in Chevron ... Yes, Please!

I am looking for a Client, I have to keep reminding myself ... but I'd really like to take this one home.

Perfect for my Sun Room Re-do ... but it stayed put ... I will probably visit it ... often!

Lucite ON Lucite.

And here ... in EMERALD ... yes, the Pantone Color of the Year ... Right now, Right Here on your TRAY!

I had to take a break ... I have been looking for trays for a month and then today I went on Tray OVERLOAD.  I couldn't have been happier.  

I was getting hungry ... this kind of hunt makes me famished ... I need to re-fuel. But the thing about the BDC is there is only ONE restaurant ... Au Bon Pain.  And before you can get in there you pass the Ralph Lauren Showroom.  Well ... one doesn't eat until we have taken a SPIN through here.  

This is what hit me today ... a LUCITE Bull Head ... and nothing to feel guilty about with this one!

This brought out my Inner CowGirl. Mostly because of the  Fringe!

Yes, Leather Fringe ... I am completely satisfied.

Back to the reality of my Day!

After all the Tray Love ... I still believe the NM Home one is the Winner and happy that it is on order and we are moving on!

Happy Hunting ... what is on your List? 



Monday, December 10, 2012

Taking Shape!

The decorations finally began this past weekend ... and I was so happy to decorate our little White House Holiday Tree with my new printed burlap ribbon!

I just wish I had bought more!!  when will I learn??

Lots of chatter about different colors at Christmas ... I absolutely have been drooling over some of the gorgeous decorations in different colors.  So Vibrant and Beautiful ... but here on Farm Road, we are still pretty traditional with Red & Green running the Show!

The countdown is on ... I have only purchased ONE present so far ... Although now that our kids are older, the shopping seems simpler (they are VERY specific!) and fewer packages. How's your shopping going??



Monday, December 3, 2012

Settling In ...

This weekend went by in a flash ... the boxes from the attic were unloaded and Christmas began to take shape in our home.  Saturday night I was able to sit and relax and catch up on some of my design magazines ... and I ran across these ...

I am feeling the love for Wallpaper right now.  It is back in full FORCE!  And I can see why.  The Complete antithesis of the minimalistic, monochromatic room.  Are you feeling this? Or Still wanting the Serene?

I love the room, the colors, the pattern and the lamps!  And then I REALLY looked at the room.  Do you see the coffee table?  It has a BOX CUSHION as it 's top!!  A true Table Ottoman right here!!


More color and pattern.  I love the symmetry of the design style ... which totally SETTLES the pattern mix.  Fantastic!!

Finding the peace in Chaos ... hope you are finding yours!



Thursday, November 29, 2012

Painted Wood Floors

Thanksgiving was last week I know ... but I say to all my blog friends, thank you for your friendship and continuing to check in!  A year ago, when I began my blogging adventure I promised design ideas with life "smattered in".  Well, I had no idea that so much life would be smattered in!  

I am finding that life is what makes design fun.  We all have REAL life.  And we all (I think) are just trying to make our homes a little bit prettier and warmer to celebrate our families and loved ones.  Coming in to a home where you feel loved and supported and comfortable ... this has become more and more important to me as I work side by side with my clients to create each unique space.

You all know I am pining away for a Farm House ... with painted floors.  And I love Orange.  Actually, that is a little dramatic ... but I do love the idea and I would love to try it sometime!!

This is a Beach House ... in New Jersey ... and seriously, doesn't this make you happy?  I know, it is Christmas time ... and I am unloading the boxes as we speak.  

You have to admit, that room is much prettier than the task at hand!

Hope you are having a wonderful week and feeling the Spirit of Christmas!!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quite by Accident ...

I have happened upon inspirations as I am appreciating the Kitchen and celebration of the Family over this holiday season ... this one makes me smile!


Happy Yellow and a Place for Family to gather.

The one change I would make?  The flip flops ... Why not the footprints of your Family?

My one mantra as a Designer ... make things Personal!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving ... Celebrate your Family and love every minute!!



Monday, November 19, 2012

In the Thick ... of Life

Blessings come in such random ways ... One day I am meeting my favorite Bunny Williams and Erin Gates ... and the next day ... blogging comes in second place.  I am taking care of my family and closing a chapter of my life in Atlanta.  As you all know, My Mother passed away in August and as an only child I have now taken on the care of my Father.

Last week I spent a precious six days with My Dad in Atlanta taking him to doctors, getting his things together to sell his home, selling his car and preparing for his move to New England.

We are in transition mode ... looking to find a place for him to spend the next chapter of his life.  We will hopefully have him settled in the next month or so ... but until then we are having a family shift.  He has come to live with us.  Rooms have taken over new ownership ... furniture has been moved to make everyone comfortable.  Christopher just turned 16 and now has ownership of the basement.  He is in heaven and we may never see him again!   We even moved the microwave out of it's home in the island up to the countertop to make things easier for My Dad.


We are in the Thick of Life ... It is an important time and as this Thanksgiving and Christmas approach I am blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family.  And a Father that trusts us to take care of him ... and although we have moved him from all that is familiar and comfortable ... he knows we are helping him make this next phase of his life positive and happy.

My kitchen has always been where the kids gather, pancakes are cooked up, and kids hover around and share the drama of their lives.  We are spending even more time here now and I am valuing this like never before.

I hope as the holidays take over these next few weeks you all take a look at the wonderful families you have and appreciate every minute.  Even if we don't live up to our own expectations of making everything PERFECT over the holidays ... it is our family that is number one.  No matter what!



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can you hear me Now?

The Aftermath of No phones, No cable, No internet ... 
We are making the switch.

Today... this is kind of like living through Sandy again ...
 I am hoping it goes more smoothly!!

I am cautiously EYEING the Verizon technician as he moves cables, lines, boxes.  My dogs are not thrilled either!

Wishing you a happy, Day after Election Day!

Be back tomorrow ... The Lord Willing!!!



Monday, November 5, 2012

Texture + Details = Warmth

First and foremost ... thank you all for your kind words and well wishes during Sandy ... we were FINE, but our cable, phones and internet just came on yesterday!!  While I have to say I enjoyed the first few days without them.  The kids and I got outside, we paid more attention to each other and our dogs.  It actually ended up helping us remember what is really most important.  Then, after all the together time ... we were beginning to get a little grumpy!!  So, here we are back in the swing and hoping the few days away made us a little more appreciative of all we have and do what we can to help those who are still suffering through the aftermath.  There are so many who need our help.    

Warmth ... especially on days like the past few where I was looking out into rain and dreariness ... makes me feel better.  Texture can come in many different forms ... and it delivers warmth.


Fabric next to brick.

South Shore Decorating

A pretty Traditional Room ... updated and given a WOW with stained wood beams and painted floors.

i suwannee

Even this bookcase delivers texture.  I happen to like that it looks real.  Not staged to be perfectly colored.  It  houses Real Books!

Here on this Art Wall ... the warmth is brought in by the visual texture of Wallpaper.

A brick floor which totally sets off the simple white furnishings.  Although, I probably would throw down a hide rug ... just for a bit more TEXTURE!!

Even in Primarily White Rooms ... Texture amps up the Story.



Now that the clocks are set back and the days are shorter ... I am needing the warmth of my home even more.  Are you warming up your cocoon?



Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy ... is she coming to a town near you?

As everyone on the East Coast is busy preparing for Hurricane Sandy ... I so send prayers that everyone will be safe. 

Scenes from our home last year during Hurricane Irene.  We were safe thank goodness, but did experience 4 days without power.  School was cancelled.  Callie thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have friends over. 
I thought that was fine as well.

Don reminded me that we have a well ... so we can't flush the toilet without electricity. Hmmm ... this presents a problem. 6 girls, no flushing.  

Girls ...  price of admission: One Gallon of Water.  


Now we are facing the threat of Sandy.  Repeat Situation.  The call came in last night at 7pm.  School Cancelled.  The Governor declared an emergency.  Calls went out and 7 girls have now landed on Farm Road.

One, bless her heart, remembered the rule from last year and brought her admission ticket!  She must have been a Girl Scout.  Always Prepared.  I love that!

If something happens, she will be the only one allowed to go to the bathroom.  

I don't take this lightly, I know that Irene created havoc for many.  But do want to say that last year our four days without power were kind of fun.  We lived by candle light and played numerous games of Scrabble. On the Board. No electronics were involved.  We chatted and laughed by candles.  We ate weird stuff and we enjoyed one another. 

Thankfully we had no terrible after effects.  And I do know that for some it was far more serious.  

I guess I just want us to make the most of what is thrown at us the next few days ... and know that we will all come out of it with some positive memories.  

The girls all started arriving around 9 last night ... 

Hope you are having a wonderful day and making the most of what Nature is throwing our way.  



Friday, October 26, 2012

Red Carpet Day!

You know how some people feel about meeting Brad Pitt ... say, or George Clooney ... or I would have liked to meet Audrey Hepburn.  

Yesterday I met MY stars!!

Bunny Williams!  Y'all know how much I love her work.  Yes, I try to channel her in most of what I do.  The Reason I try to channel her?  

Because she Rocks ... obviously.  But also, she strives for "livable" interiors.  Beautiful, yes.  Attention to Detail, yes.  Mix of elements, yes.  But Mostly ... Livable!

Bunny was introducing some of her newest pieces of her BeeLine Furniture Line.  Tables and Lamps to DIE for ... plus much more!

I was BEYOND thrilled to be invited to hear Bunny chat about Interior Design and how she does business.  Seriously, it was like a CHAT.  She was most gracious and handled all of us Stalkers quite elegantly!!

She told us about her new line and how she is involved with every step of production.  Quality.  What I try to share with my customers ... buy ONCE ... quality ... and you will keep it FOREVER!

Her Lamps.  EXQUISITE!  Along with all the upholstered pieces.  Her Design matches her philosophy perfectly.  Stunning.  Detail Oriented. Classic.  Eclectic.  Traditional.  All of BeeLine Home.  It Did NOT disappoint.

And then ... as if I were truly on a Magic Carpet ... I met Erin ... y'all know her!!  Erin of Elements of Style Blog!

  What a doll ... cute as can be ... gracious to my Stalking ... and simply Fantastic.  It was bizarre, I was telling my friend about her new house, moving from the City to the Suburbs.  And then I stopped.  Mid-sentence.  Kind of scared myself.  I think she knows I'm a very positive stalker!!

What a perfect day!  and I have to say ... Thank you Thank you to Lee Jofa and the Boston Design Center for putting such a wonderful Aftenoon Soiree together for all of us!

Ahhh ... back to reality today ... Have a wonderful Weekend!



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

C&T Installed!

My Favorite time ... INstallation!  

We've been working on this Renovation since January ... and oh how I love it when it starts to come to life. 

Remember where we started here ... My client loved this Cowtan & Tout fabric and carried her inspiration piece with her for more than 10 years!  Some things are definitely worth waiting for!

And here is where it really becomes REAL!  Kids have already begun decorating for Halloween ... Spider Webs are creepin' in!!

just a sneak peak for now ... more to come later in the week as this space truly comes to life!!  Happy Tuesday My Friends!



Monday, October 22, 2012

White Farm Houses + Fall Foliage

Thanks to all my sweet friends for checking in last week ... I took a needed little hiatus to get a few things together and am back this week to bring you lot's of eye candy!

This past weekend in New England was breathtaking.  Truly, the kind of weather and vision that will keep you coming back for more.  I have always professed to being a Summer Girl.  Well, I may be shifting ... that's legal by the way!!

I am a sucker for a FarmHouse.  I have found that I appreciate all architecture ... but my heart lies in a FarmHouse.  And the Fall Colors against a White FarmHouse ... can't find anything prettier in my book!

The stone walls winding down the road ... part of the magic of this little town I get to live in ... just add to the beauty and texture of Fall.

Sharing a few of my favorite FarmHouses in town today ... some I know well, others I am simply a Stalker.

The Simplicity of a Bench and Pumpkins and a few leaves blowing by.  Simple Beauty is What I am Loving today.

 I know!  You can just feel the clouds moving in this photo ... A gorgeous New England Sky!

Porches ... they speak volumes of HOME while just sitting there!  These FarmHouse Porches remind me of the South.

I got to take a few extra photos here because I actually KNOW the people who live here!!  They already know I am a bit whacked in regard to design!

Built just in the past several years ... this FarmHouse evokes the charm and look of our more historical FarmHouses.

I am just a straight up Stalker of this one ... we drive by it frequently ... so much so that I feel like I know the people that live here!

Don't you want to just sit in those rockers and watch the world go by?  I think they would think I am off my ROCKER if  I stopped by, knocked on the door ... and asked for a Tour.  

Another one of my Stalking Houses ... this one Historical.  I often wonder how people would react if a stranger knocked and admired ... would you do it?  Would you let someone in if they said this?

The dog was out in this yard ... so I Snapped and Ran!!  How weird???

I hope your weekend was as beautiful!  And anytime you want to drop in here ... You are More than Welcome and I hope you'll stay and visit a while!!

Happy Monday!



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