Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Four B's ...

Country Living Magazine contacted me to share what they have been up to for their 2013 ShowHouse.  You have probably seen some of the ramp up for their Real House Makeover lead by Designer Emily Henderson.

Kind of fun that we bloggers are contacted by different companies in regard to design trends or happenings in the Design World in hopes that we might help them promote their particular product or project.

I always try to read them and consider my options ... write or don't write.  
And, honestly, I usually don't write.

Well this little tid-bit from Country Living seemed appropriate.
 Beautifully appropriate I might add!

And here are the Four B's 

Things I love ... 
and love to share ...


This little Bungalow was left standing full of water and virtually destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. 


Country Living stepped in to help this homeowner get this place back into shape.


Well, who wouldn't love Emily Henderson to bounce her vivacious style into their "new" home!

Here's a look at some of the transformation ... and I'd like to point out some of the design elements that I try to use with my clients and these are PERFECT examples!

Before look at the dark wood/beam ceiling.  
Sometimes people are afraid of painting pretty wood. 


The Fourth B ... 


Many times balance and symmetry are thought about as in "the same thing on both sides". 
A Mirror Image.

NO, NO ... look at the BALANCE created by the tripod lamp and the fig.

This is Perfectly Creative Balance.

This Kitchen is so fun and notice the paint going all the way up! 
Such a perfect way to make a space feel larger and sunnier.

Again in the Bedroom ... Paint all the way UP!  

Balance again in the Bedroom. 
Bold UP.
Calm DOWN.

This bathroom is so Bungalow Good!

An example here of the clean white space with a terrifically bold floor.  
I am a big fan of Big Punch in Small spaces.

Also giving the Balance Example.  

Bold Floor.
Quiet Ceiling.

Not only did I adore what Emily and the Country Living Team did with this Bungalow and lucky homeowner, but found the implementation and lessons to be well worth sharing!

You can read more details here or when the new CL hits the stands next week!

It's Wednesday ... I think I will strive for Balance today ... what are you up to?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For the Love of ... Quilts

They are story tellers. 

Ours are always kept at the ready in the summer time. 

Not so much in the past couple of weeks, but generally we have cooler nights in New England and these make the perfect companion to the hammock or outdoor movie.

This is one of the first photos I pinned on Pinterest.
I am not really a "shabby chic" kind of person. 
But I still find it particularly pleasing.
It is a style boat that I would probably jump on if I had a beach or lake home.
The Quilts are what drew me in.

Mine are collected. 
I hope to see them used, loved and a few more added through the years.

Starting at the Top:
1. I remember my mother cross - stitching this one when I was around 7 years old.
2. Blue heart quilt in Erin's room when she first moved to a big girl bed.
3.  Kantha Vintage Quilt that I just added this year ...loved the soothing colors.
4.  Handmade by my Grandmother.  She gave each of her Grandchildren one when we were in our teens.

Byron, in particular, loves the hammock and won't get on without a quilt ... he figured out that he would fall through without it ... He's a quick study!

When Winter starts creeping in,  I stack them up and out of the way waiting for the warm weather to return.  

Sometimes I look at them and think I really don't need all these. 
 Maybe I should streamline and move them on.

 But more than just their functionality they seem to be a part of me and bring wonderful memories.  
I have shared these memories with my children ... and hope that one day they will be sitting on a hammock or adirondack chair somewhere wrapped up in one of them.

And They will feel the love. 
And know their stories.
And will store them away in Winter waiting to bring them out again in the Summer.

 And then, in turn, wrap their babies in the love they hold.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding My Summer Colors ...

I  hate to even bring this up.  But our Summer is going to be coming to an abrupt halt in the next two weeks ... Erin back to Auburn, Callie off to Bucknell and Christopher will be at Football camp prepping for a hopefully winning season for the DS Raiders!

Sammy will be the only one truly still on vacation until the end of August.  I am going to see if she'll let me hang out with her.

I have loved taking some time off with my kids and truly reveling in the warm weather.

During this time off, I discovered new colors in my life ... 

1.  Soft purple hues found in my Rose of Sharon.
2.  Coral and blues together in this Scarf Top.
3.  The Streets of Lewisburg, Pa. Bucknell Road Trip
4.  $1.00 samples of Trina Turk and Schumacher Fabrics. Whoop Whoop!
5. Mirror Love.  Coming Home.
6.  Chair Makeover - Trina Turk "Pool" Love.
7.  The Simplicity of a White Clapboard House with Black Shutters.  Love.
8.  Fun Jewelry sporting my New Blue Addiction.
9.  Corn popping up in Rows.  Summer's finest.

What are you finding out about yourself this summer?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday, July 19, 2013

YaYa Weekend 2013 ...

1.  The Ya Ya tradition begins - 1997.
2.  Panama City Beach ... sugar sand ... can't get any better!
3. The Originals.
4.  Don's intro to the YaYa weekend.  He was a hold out.
5.  The Petites.
6.  YaYa Gifts.
7.  Pimento Cheese Sandwiches for the Beach. Yes, on white Bread. I know.
6.  Don and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary.
7.  Erin and Callie ... hip pose.

Life from Instagram.  Did you know that Instagram is the BIGGEST Data suck on your phone?  I just had to stop by Verizon and change my plan.  It's worth it, right?

Have a wonderful Weekend ... we are looking for a little heat relief ... what are you doing to stay cool this weekend?

Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.



Thursday, July 18, 2013

Orange and Emerald ...

The chair brings the Orange.  Nature brings the Emerald!

This chair literally fell together!  I love it when this happens ... it was a no-thought come together of the best kind!

Hopefully you remember the day I found the skin ... one of those purchases that I truly had no idea where it was going to be used.  Just knew it needed to be mine!

Once I made the decision to use the leather on my chair, I wasn't entirely sure what fabric I wanted on the pillows to complement my chair.  And I wasn't pressed to make a decision which is always a good thing!

And this happened.

The blue/white print is from an old Lilly Skirt that I had in a pile to go to GoodWill.  I loved that skirt, it was getting a little short!  I just glanced over one day while doing the laundry and decided it needed to be a funky little pillow!

I call it Preppy Zebra!

I also didn't want to lose the "spirit of the skirt" so I left the little brass button and pocket!

Then the crazy popular Chiang Mai Dragon fabric.  I was in my upholsterer's workroom one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and saw this:

Well, I stopped in my tracks ... this is beautiful ... what a lucky person bringing this home.  Ha Ha, fooled me!  It was already used and done.  This sofa was in for a little facelift of it's own to become leather.  

Well ... hmmm ... what are you doing with the fabric when you pull it off?  I asked.

Um, can I have a piece?

Well ... sure ... and here it is my "vintage" fabric pillow.  

Couldn't be happier!!

My throw is a vintage Kantha quilt ... it is so soft and HUGE!  Was purchased to use on our hammock.  But now it is the true traveling blanket!

Yes, the chair will reside in my Illusion Office ... but if I could, I would leave it right here in the grass ... isn't it lovely?

Murphy gives a nod of approval ... the chair brought him out into the heat for a few minutes ... then he disappeared back under the deck into the rocks!  Poor Guy, the heat is really killing him.

Last week brought together my ya ya's and their families.  My Family.  We have been spending a week together every summer for 17 years.  We each come away relaxed, loved, and re-juiced for the next year!  
I have been blessed by their friendship, thank you my dear friends!

Thank you for hanging in with me and continuing to check in! 

Making the World more Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer happenings ...

1.  Boston Harbor Cruise ... we were tourists in our own City this past weekend.  
What a treat!

2.  Can a 50-something year old woman paint her nails turquoise.  Of course she can ... horrified I even asked myself the question!

3.  Officially took over a 4'X6' space at Holliston Antiques.  Thanks to my sweet Blog girls, Jennifer and Kimberly for encouraging me to make the leap!

4.  Momma/Daddy Snapper Turtle trying to lay eggs in our storm drain.  Yes, I just learned that both male and female turtles can lay eggs.  So says the Crocodile Hunter Man that came to take this one away to the pond!

Anything fun going on in your little corner of the World?


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishing you ...

A Happy Fourth of July and a kick off to a 
Seersucker Summer!!

Summer seems to get shorter and shorter as the kids get older.  College schedules cut things short ... so I may be blogging a little less this month as I am Loving every minute of my family this July!

Thanks so much for continuing to check in and comment.  You truly make my Days!

Making the World more Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


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