Friday, December 2, 2011

Tree Inspiration ...

Whenever I go visit Mother and Daddy ... I always go to Parsons.  Parsons has been in Cumming, Georgia since ... Forever!  They have some of the typical gift shop items ... including Vera Bradley, Brighton, blah, blah, blah ... but what they have that no one else has is ... Christmas!  Not just the average ornaments and sterile decorations that everyone else brings out at this time of year.  They have gorgeous ribbons, candles, artificial floral "stuff" that no ACMoore or Michael's will ever be able to replicate.  There lies the problem. I can only bring so much home at a time!  Here was my inspiration tree ...

We put up one artificial tree each year along with a real one.  The kids get the real one ... it is our family tree with homemade ornaments from years gone by and new things we add along the way.  The artificial tree has become home to our collection of White House Ornaments.  Don started collecting them when he lived in Washington DC and we have continued the collection ... now we have over 20.

This year's ornament honoring Theodore Roosevelt ...

While we are thrilled to have over 20 of these special ornaments ... that really doesn't fill a tree ... so with the inspiration tree from Parsons and a quick shopping spree ...

I was able to haul 9 gold glittered hydrangeas and some beautiful "balls" home!!  I wish I had bought more ribbon and some of the fun "twigs" they used.  Maybe next year ... like everything else I do ... it will continue evolving over time!

Have a Sparkling Weekend!!




  1. Good morning darling Kim!

    Your kind comments are so appreciated; isn't it fun to compose our thoughts and wishes? YOUR TREE IS STUNNING! It is always so hard for me to decide what colors to focus on. I have a sweet white tree and this year it is donned in SILVER GLITTER and dried sweet.


  2. Oh my goodness! Those trees are pretty!


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