Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Statement Art ...

No Question that art is one of the Accessories of the home.  A place to be unique and show  the world what makes you different!

Over the past year the Statement Necklace has worked it's way into every woman's wardrobe.  Something fun, whimsical ... and sometimes truly Stunning.

The Home is Following Suit.

I have always loved Large Art.  It does make a statement.  It also brings in color, texture, happiness, sometimes a statement about beliefs, etc.

Last week, at Kips Bay Showhouse, The Art truly made a 

Large Statement!

The tryptic below simply took over a hallway.  Yes, these huge pieces are in a hallway ... and on plexiglass they gave off light.  Truly Stunning.

This piece was in an open area on a landing between rooms.  Hard to tell the scale here, but it was incredible!

These pieces were on a staircase.  While not just One large piece, the number and the weight of these "fossil like" pieces were heavy and calming in one breath.

Bulletin Board ... Filling an awkward wall.  

Then this piece ... I am so sorry that I only had my iphone and that you cannot feel the power this piece had in this space.  Truly Amazing.

This bathroom ... serene and beautiful and so much better than a large mirror!!

We've all heard the statement "Go Big or Go Home".

This goes for Art as well ... if you are going to do it. Then, DO IT!!

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Making the World More Beautiful ... One Room at a Time!




  1. I think big artwork adds so much to a room. I especially liked the extra large artwork in the hallway.

  2. Youre speaking my language! Art is my world and the bigger and the more the better. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pieces. That piece over the fireplace is pretty gutsy!
    xo Nancy

  3. Thanks to my Granddaughter, Erica, I am blessed with many large wonderful art pieces. Love them and what they add!

  4. Albertina at Mimosa Lane has the same large art piece on her post today. I love statement art.

  5. Hands down one of my favorite accessories - a HUGE piece of art!

  6. Statement art is the only way to go! Love it! The top tryptic is stunning. It is so dynamic it looks like it is in motion.

  7. Agree!I love huge bold art works too, my only problem is wall space - don't have one huge wall in my house for a bold piece of art!

  8. I'm with you on big art! Although I'm having to get creative with all our big Texas-sized art... we downsized with our new home and now have 8 foot ceilings, yikes!!

    The Glam Pad

  9. We have a good bit of big art. Lucky for us, one of my husband's good friends is an incredible artist. Love the examples!

  10. I LOVED the Art in this post! I am so with you girlfriend about "Go Big or Go Home"...I have a few really big pieces in my home and it just makes the spaces they occupy! I wish I had more wall space!! LOL


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