Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Home ... The Un-Foyer!

Good Morning!  This weekend was kind of the calm before the Storm!  Prom next weekend, Erin comes home, Callie graduates, Graduation parties ... and all the while Sammy and Christopher have to keep it together because they aren't out of school until June 25th.  Here we go baby!!

In the meantime, back to My Home Tour!  
This week is rather short ... but focused on the details.

Old Colonial Homes don't have nice tall ceilings.  Nor does mine have a "Foyer" ... but simply an opening to the hall to spit you out into the rest of the rooms! 

The only REAL changes that took place here is the paint color.  I was over the Tan/Green hued hallway and we painted it BM Frappé.

We also tore out the beat up flagstone threshold and put in a nice "grained" porcelain tile which seems to be bullet proof!  Hallelujah!

As I have also mentioned to you ... this is a work in PROGRESS!  So you see the beginnings of my antique art that I have just begun and hope to add to as I find things I love ... 

One day I will tackle the stairway.  I am in total limbo trying to choose to just paint ... bringing in the Gloss Black ... or adding a Sisal runner ... or Both.

So it sits here until I can come out of my Frozen State and make a move!

As you walk in the door you are basically Met by our "Man/Girl" ... Don thinks is is a Girl.  I think it is a "slight" Man.

We were walking through Boston one weekend ...MANY years ago and stumbled into an Art Gallery.  Announcing how we are NOT really abstract/modern art kind of people.  Oh how naive we were!  Not only did we walk out with this Jamali ... but it has been the opening in the door to a broader art world that we now love!

Now while the Foyer itself is small ... my favorite part is the Details.  So when you can't bring alot of Stuff in ... focus on the mechanics!

The Door and Lock System ... Brass, Heavy, Old School!

And the most fun doorbell in the world!!  We don't have it labeled as they do at Downton Abbey ... we only have ONE!!  No getting Lost in our house!

The Jewels of the Door!

Small Spaces need attention to ... and I am really just beginning to acknowledge this space  ... I hope you will stay with me as it continues to "Grow!"

Hope you make it a great day ... and pay attention to the Details!!




  1. Love the color Kim! And the door hardware and chime! I have never seen a doorbell like that, but I'm imagining it has the most amazing sound. A perfect stairwell to hang a collection. Hope you were spoiled on Mothers Day! You deserve it!
    xo Nancy

  2. Love the door bell! And your ideas about the black and sisal for the stairs would look amazing! Good luck with all the parties!

  3. I am so envious of the door lock and doorbell. We just bought a new doorbell that is your standard ugly doorbell. I want one like yours.

  4. Love those little details! You should table it ala Downtown - how fun!

  5. What fabulous details you have, Kim! Love the idea of your antique art collection and that great modern piece. I vote get out your black paint in your spare time! :)

  6. I love that tile you put in. It is so fun, and the doorbell is great.

  7. Wow! fab details Kim! Love that doorbell!!!

  8. I'm loving the changes you've made thus far. The tile is so pretty and so is the new color! I know you will continue to build on it and I know I will love the finished product!

  9. Love the new look...and the door plate and door bell are awesome! Great tip on focusing on the details in a small space.

    These are the things that MAKE a space!!!!

  11. I'm a big fan of pretty brass! Everything looks great!

  12. Oh Kim, your hardware and bell are fantastic!

  13. Looks great. Sounds like you have busy times ahead.

  14. Great job! I really love seeing those improvements especially of your door locks.

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