Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Home ... The Sun Porch!

Monday ... here again!  I am not going to lie ... last week was a BEAR!  It seemed like it should have been Friday ... On Wednesday!  But we made it through and what a GLORIOUS weekend we had ... once the sun starts to shine New Englanders come OUT!!  

Folks were biking, walking, running, chatting, SMILING!!!  It was a nice little Thank you from Nature after a long week!  

We regrouped and spent much of the weekend outside ... I hope yours was good as well.

Here we are at Week 4 of Our Home Tour!

Our Sun Porch ... where Don and I live.  Truly, we could almost do away with every other room in the house.  This has become "our" place ... and the kids' even know I have MY spot!!  They get the rest of the house ... stay out of my seat!

Here's how it looks TODAY ...

If you have been following me for a while, you know that this has been my Inspiration Photo.

Here is where it all started ... A screened in Porch when we moved in here in 2007.  Now, I am a Screened Porch Girl.  I NEED a screened in porch.  I fought Don HARD ... we need this room.  Not the way it looks here ... but I wanted it to stay.  He won ... and we both won!  We could probably use the porch as it was for ... maybe ... 5 months out of the year.  Now we have a room that we use EVERY single day and I couldn't be more thrilled.

He was right ... Damn, I hate that!!

First it was enclosed and we added a small tray ceiling since we had the space to go "up" a little.  Old furniture got shifted around and we were IN!

I found a Lee Jofa fabric I fell in love with for the windows ... I like the colors, the bold, but simple pattern that could go from window to window!  The Roman Shades do go all the way down, however, we have never found the need to drop them.  We love the openness to our back yard, which is truly nothing but woods.  

A good friend was sending a Slipped loveseat to the Dump ... WHOA sister, I might want that!!  So we tried it out.  A little puny, but I was happy with the solid fabric ... Also a big chair ( on the right) in here that Don hated ... Byron, however, loved it.  Done deal ... no more dogs on the furniture ... out it went!

Finally this past Fall I called my SlipCoverMan ... I need my Sofa recovered ... I have to ditch the LoveSeat ... so it took a little detour to our home for a few months and ended up in the dump after all!!  I also had a new fabric cushion and pillow cover made for the leather chair (ala my Inspiration!).

We have Swap Shop here at our Dump.  It is like our local flea market ... take some, leave some!!  Remember the ottoman from there?

The Chair that I just had redone that brought some fun color contrast into the room.

HomeGoods Lamp jazzed up with a little black ribbon ... giving a nod to the new black chair!

I like animals.  I am finding that the fake ones are becoming more appealing!!

My NM/Target Tray ... finally the way I like it with my Books, Chinese calligraphy brush, Chinoiserie Vase!

Because the room had been a screened porch ... it is truly a "3 Season Room" that you have to step down into.  We added the Barn Style doors just to give the room a "separate" feel and some personality.  We didn't want to keep French Doors due to space.

I love all the Barn Door Hardware!

While I said our home is full of art ... this room is so full of windows that we only have room for this relic carving.

The Inspiration Photo was what I needed to help me PULL this look together.  I miss the bookcases of the Inspiration ... but love my view.  

Hope you have a wonderful week ... I am counting on it!  Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and visit!!




  1. What a great space Kim! I can see why you spend so much time in there. Everything is lovely but I think my favorite are the barn doors. Genius!

  2. I love this space! I claim my spot on the ikat recliner! The barn doors are perfect, and the mix and match fabrics are amazing! Lovely!

  3. Wow, Kim! You've totally captured the feel of your inspiration photo, but with your own sophisticated style! So much I love, where to begin...fabulous!

  4. Your Sun Room is perfection. Sun Rooms are in almost every home here! Everyone walks through their other rooms to get to the Sun Room! We have a home, one of the few, without one, but our Great Room has all the exact features as the Sun Rooms. We live in that room with it's open feel and the windows on the outside wall.

  5. What a fantastic space, Kim! The doors system is so unique and it looks like a great space for relaxing - in style!

  6. Kim, this is a beautiful space. I love so many elements in here. It is so fun seeing where you live! Love the brass chest, your styling, those french doors...oh my. The inspiration picture is evolving in there! so fun...
    xo Nancy

  7. Oh My Kim, there's so many things here that I would want to take home with me! First is that awesome wingback with that ikat print, and that gorgeous brass table!!!!! I am a new brass-aholic! Love all the art and the whole look!

  8. I would love to turn all my walls into windows. There isn't a better feeling than a room full of windows and natural light. Now lets talk about those barn doors! LOVE, such a good idea for that space.

  9. What a wonderful room, Kim! I would spend all my time in there too. Once in a while, our husbands are right - even if we don't like to admit it!

    Enjoy the sunshine!!

  10. oh i love it kim - esp. those barn doors! sooo great. and way to pull those in with the black ikat dot chair. looks JUST like your inspiration pic!

  11. I have to agree, you made the right call - room looks so inviting! And those barn doors - get out!! Love 'em!
    alison g.

  12. I am Gaa Gaa in love with your sunroom! It is absolute perfection. You have every detail down. The window treatments blow me away!

  13. Beautiful!! I'm so jealous you have a brass Sarreid chest!!! I tried to get one at auction but missed out. Such a statement piece. Love it all though!

    Great job!

  14. How wonderful to have that wall of windows! I absolutely love what you did with the room!

  15. What an inviting space! Love the barn doors and the chair with the ikat fabric.


  16. I am a Screened Porch Girl, too! Having a screened porch has many benefits. Regardless of the weather, the place can be use as a venue to read, relax, or even sleep. You can also hold parties and celebration without worrying about the rain or insects.

    Angelina Garcia @

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