Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pine Ridge, Chenin Blanc + Viognier

Our life is complete chaos, but neither Kim or I would have it any other way. Between our jobs, four children and three dogs we scarcely have time to eat dinner let alone plan one out. Tuesday was pretty typical. At 6:30 am before cup of coffee one, the question came..."what should we have for dinner"? The conversation went something like this. Chicken, "no"; pasta "eh"; steak, "grunt"; how about fish? "hmm, haven't had that in a while". So, in a mutual half asleep coma we decided I would pick up a piece of Haddock on my way home from the office. Oh, and by the way Kim mentioned, "don't forget you have to write your blog for Thursday" so pick up a bottle of wine as well, ok?" I love you...

Later that evening, armed with my haddock, a fist full of mushrooms, a box of cherry tomato's, some capers and a dozen or so Greek olives I shuffled into the Sherborn Out, our go to local wine retailer that has a nice selection of wines and is really close by our home, which works fabulously when I am under the gun for time. White's the easy and logical choice to go with what's in the bag I am hauling around, so I start scanning the flabby, Chablis would work well but to expensive, Riesling could be ok if it is dry enough but we did that for Thanksgiving, so after poking around  for a bit, Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc was what was pitched into the sack to join the moveable feast.

What a treat, it matched up perfectly. A slight effervescence to balance the buttery fish, enough strawberry and peach to offset the salt of the capers and a crisp minerality that left the palette clean and ready for the next bite. An easy drinking white that was delicious and easy on the wallet. $11.00. How do you go wrong with that?

Try it, you will like it.

Enjoy the wine.


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  1. Wow! Impressive all the way around. Did I read this right, You cooked dinner? I would gladly have beer with my fish, if my husband shopped and prepared the meal! OK, maybe not beer.


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