Monday, December 12, 2011

For the love of ... Table Skirts!

They can change a room's look in an instant!  I used to search and search for pretty table cloths for the holiday season, for all year.  And let's face it ... mostly what you find "off the rack" are the typical rectangle and oval ones that drape down the table ... maybe 3" if you are lucky!!  There are certain things in life I have come to realize have to be custom made.  Off the rack in the table skirt world is pretty pathetic! 

Here are some beautiful examples of skirts that may be chosen for the holidays ... but can be used all year long ...

Atlanta Homes Magazine

Urban Grace

French Country Cottage

Either you like them or you don't ... I do!  Also, I love a skirted 30" round table in bedrooms and living rooms ... or any room, really.  The fabric adds a touch more warmth in the space.  I always have them made, I tend to change them frequently ... and I also must insist that you use an "inter-lining" in yours.  This "flannel like" lining goes between the pretty fabric and the lining.  It gives body and also helps it lay better.

My seamstress just let me in on a little trick!  Since I change mine alot (I think she got sick of making them!) She made me an "inter-lining" table skirt ... so now, when I change my mind she just lines the material without it (one less step) and I throw the finished skirt over the inter-lining!  Makes it easier on her and a little less costly and wasteful for me!  I still would encourage making them right way ... but if you tend to change a lot and want a quick fix ... this is good!!

Have a wonderful week ... my countdown to Christmas is weighing heavy ... pressure is ON!  Hope yours is a good one!



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