Friday, April 26, 2013

Hide ... obsession

So this week was a blur ... back from Palm Beach ... Did that even happen??? It is always fun to have a few days away ... but then do you feel like you are back peddling just to catch up?  I have two installations happening under a crunch and while it is crazy it is my favorite time of a project ... seeing it all come together. 

This also happens to me ... while out and about collecting things to finish off a space I stumble on things.

Some Not Necessary.
Some Absurd.
And some, you just HAVE to scoop up.

Like this Orange Hide ... from one of my favorite Discount Fabric Stores and in My Favorite Color, as you know!

What are you doing to do with it the lady asked?  I have no idea ... but I am NOT passing it up!

I laid it out on my Zebra rug just for you to get the SCALE of this Orange Baby!

I brought it home ... quite pleased.  And started pondering the options.

Then I had to go back ... for another piece of fabric to finish another project and ran across 
THIS one ...

Hard to tell the patina of this one in the photo ... but it is shimmery platinum delight.  I have it in mind for a client's office chair!!  She doesn't know it yet!

And then the Orange Hide ... just might make a great statement on my Bergere Chair ... to continue my journey in the Illusion!!

Do you ever stumble on something and you just can't pass it up?  No Matter what?  Did I mention it was only $75.00!!  Oh Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend ... I am finishing up my "Palm Beach" Closet to share with you on Monday!!




  1. I have yet to get a hide rug of my own Kim, love the orange one too!!!!! I bet it will look great on any room you use it! And ye, I s'stumble' upon a lot of things that I DON't pass up too many times! Have a wonderful weekend too!!!!

  2. Love the idea of the orange hide on the Bergere!! Can't believe those prices!! Have fun and good luck with a smooth install! Can't wait to see!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Xo Nancy

  3. Yes, I have a little problem with things I can't pass up! :) Oh my gosh, I can already picture it on your chair, you needed it! Happy weekend!

  4. Fabulous idea using the hide for your chair! Fabulous!
    I love to "stumble" on things. I'm due!

  5. Love the orange on. At that price, you could never go wrong.

  6. Awesome deal. And I do this type of thing all the time. How can you pass it up?

  7. That orange will look fabulous on your chair. Definitely a statement piece, as it should be ;) People don't have enough fun with chairs-I say go for it. Show em how it's done!

  8. Yes! I see things all the time that I know your sure I'll regret not getting! Great finds, Kim! Easy to see that they'll work beautifully somewhere!

  9. You're killing me with that find! Fabulous!! Don't things like that just make your day!!


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