Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brimfield ... and Why I love my Car!

Another one of my favorite things about living in New England ... the Brimfield Antique Market!  The first time I went, I was in such shock I came home empty handed!  It was too much, I couldn't wrap my arms around it ... it is amazingly HUGE!!  But that was the first time, NOW ... I am prepared and I have a ball every time I go, and generally have a list!  I have also figured out my favorite fields and head there first.  This summer when my daughter, Erin, was home from college ... we loaded ourselves up and headed out ... in the Denali!!  I LOVE this car.  Yes, it allows me to cart my children and their friends and all of our dogs anywhere they need to go.  Friends even borrow it during graduation ceremonies to load millions of balloons and cart their children to birthday parties!  Besides all that, I love to HAUL things!!!  She has 135,000 miles and was built in 2002!  As as much as I'd like to trade it in ... I can't!  We have come to love one another and she proves her worth every day!!
This is the arrival home from Brimfield!  The nice young men who sold me the wicker sofa helped me load this and even gave me their bungee cords to tie it down!!  Did I mention I am a sucker for wicker????  I think it comes from sitting on my Grandmother's wicker sofa on her porch in Alabama ... I still have that sofa and it makes me smile!
Yes, I brought home THREE sofas and assorted other goodies.  The striped sofa went to a client for her living room, It is from the late 1700's and has such a beautiful and regal shape.  I will show after photos soon!
 Don tries to remember he loves me!  The boys are checking things out ...
FABULOUS French Settee for $200.00.  Yes, it will make up for the cost when I have to re-build, re-upholster and buy fabric ... but still ... isn't it the bomb????  What about these prints ... 5 of them ... original sketches from 1932.  They are all "city" scenes.  I am doing a little research to see if I can find out a little more!
 Chair and rocker to complement the wicker sofa!

This might have been my favorite find of the day ... 4 volumes of "The South - The Building of a Nation".  These came from New Hampshire ... I must have a southern soulmate somewhere up here and she knew I needed these.  Not to mention they are simply beautiful books with a wonderful patina.
Keys ... we love these in our house!  THREE are for old secretaries I have without keys.  ONE went to my mom who needed one for her secretary and ONE to school with Erin for her bulletin board.

All of these things need a little love and attention ... They are all "under renovation" as we speak ... I will  report back with photos of their "coming out" party!!

Happy hunting and picking!!




  1. Some people hate big cars because they feel bulky to drive. But you were able to find reasons to love this car! Well, I, too, would definitely love it, with the large storage space and plentiful passenger seats. It’s very helpful for a big family. You can even use it for camping together with your friends or family!

  2. Well, I can really see how really useful this vehicle is to you. Not only can it accommodate the whole family, but your dogs as well. Also, you can put a lot of stuff in there. Well, you were able to put the wicker sofa on top of it. Awesome! Hahaha! You don’t need to hire a truck or a bigger vehicle to carry all these loads.


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