Friday, September 7, 2012

Playin' with the ... Queen of Hearts!

Does your car sometimes just automatically pull off the road when it sees an Antiques Sign?  

And mine was a RENTAL!!

I was coming in from the Atlanta Airport ... and took a minor little detour to try and hit Scott's Antique Market ... they wouldn't let me in.  It was 10:30 am.  They exhibitors wouldn't be there until 4pm.  Serious miscommunication.  NOT on my part!

So I headed East on 285.  I truly had no idea if this was the right way.  I have a nav system on my phone.  

But I have to put on my reading glasses to use it.  And I have to follow signs.  This is not workable.

I remember vaguely a story about a baseball player that was late to the Braves game because he went the wrong way on 285.  This could be me.  It's okay ... I'll get there ... eventually!

So I forged on, in unfamiliar territory.  Then hit 85 North.  I just drove down this road two weeks ago with Callie.  It was BORING!  But this time I was on less of a time clock.

I grabbed a Sweet Tea and kept moving.

Then about the time I was seriously looking at directions I noticed a giant sign on the right side of the Road.


WHAT???  I missed Scott's ... I was feeling a little pitiful so I convinced myself it was the right thing to do!

So I pulled in.  The Queen of Hearts Antique Mall.

I am really not certain where I was.  Between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Buford.   Somewhere.

It was a little treasure hunt.  I wandered the King Section and the Queen Section.  

And everyone was very nice ... it's the Southern Thing.  I think I have become a little crusty living in New England.

I don't mean to stereotype.  But people are sooooo friendly in the South.  They call you dahlin' and suga' and all that sweet stuff ... and I just purr at the sound of it all!

Here's one of the things I love most about this.  Soaking in the creativity.

So many inspirations!  I have tons of thread spools.  Except they are all plastic!

Here she is ... the sign that drew me IN

And for a few burlap rolls.  Seriously?  I just took a stack of burlap bags to the Swap Shop Last week. I could probably go back and get them this weekend.  I'll guarantee no one else wants them!

And a little Barn Door Chandy ... A Stencil on OLD Wood!!  

And a pear ... crafted from music paper.

And lots and lots of critters.  I found cows, ducks, monkeys, roosters, you name it.

Just like the burlap thing though.  Do you find that you love it and just about the time you get around to doing it ... it is EVERYWHERE!!  So now you think you cannot possibly like it anymore.  It is TOO PEDESTRIAN!  I love that word.

Hanging lanterns.  From old books. 

More Burlap.  I find I want to do this stuff at home.  Maybe this will be the Year!

And more burlap ... with Parisian scroll work and images.

I snapped all three up.  They will go on my DC Christmas Tree this year!

Did anyone else DECOUPAGE these milk cans when they were younger.  And ate Charles Chips while doing it!!

And then who wants a plain old mannequin any longer.  when you can have these?

I know!!

And the kitten vases just struck me as funny.  And a whole grouping of them.  Oh the possibilities!

Another Rustic Chandelier.

And then I came home with burlap ... which I was telling myself is so past.  And the horse ... this one ... 

I have so many projects going on right now, I haven't even shared my mantel dilemma.  But this Horse is about to make it all better!!

Hope everyone has a GORGEOUS weekend ... Take it all IN ... Fall, Football and find some Fun new treasures wherever you may be!  




  1. What a delightful detour! I've never seen kitty vases. LOVE your burlap--that was quite a find (is it really passe?) and the horse. I have to be 'tacky' Kim, as we Southerner's say, and beg you to tell us what you paid for your treasures. Loved all of these pictures!!

  2. How spontaneous and fun! I can't wait till the weather cools -- I want to spend some days doing this.

  3. Your road trip is a riot! Will you ever find Scotts? I heard they were open on Thursdays now also.
    I'm from Long Island, N.Y. or what we'd say The Island!
    Love the horse.
    Oh btw, I'm called "Miss Patty" here!

  4. What a find! I still love burlap even though it's everywhere. Looks like you had a great time wandering this shop. I love the horse and those chandeliers.

  5. I love the horse. I also love Atlanta. How fun!

  6. I love your Tang horse! What a fun trip, and treasures! Safe travels, my friend. Have a nice weekend.

  7. How fun! I love antique shops; they're such a treasure hunt! The horse is super cute!

  8. That looks like super fun shopping. I totally understand what you mean about the South. After spending 20 years in Pa, I am used to jerks. I love the little, old Southern ladies. I am glad to be back in the South but ironically, there are tons of people from Pa in my neighborhood. My husband wants to move further south.

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your fun your adventure, Kim! Can't wait to see the horse on your mantle and burlap on the Christmas tree! :)

  10. I'm a sucker for Antique stores and burlap so this post was definitely my kind a tea. Great stuff. Thanks for kinds words about my store over on mixandchic and for checking out the goodies. Feel free to swing by the blog as well and see what we're up to.

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