Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Look what I got in the mail today !!!  Loving a little eye candy!!

AND ... Amanda Nisbett Designs.  I ordered this sooooo long ago I forgot about it.  It must have been HOT!! 

As you, my sweet readers, know.  I struggle with neutrals vs. color.  I am on a relentless see-saw ... color/neutral/color/neutral.

Well, Amanda has helped me see the light.  I think I just might be balanced with my new term.  CGN.  Color Goes Neutral.  Seriously.  

Look with me.

Nothing Harsh. Not too Busy.  Not Overwhelming.

Just Neutals ... INfused with Color.

CGN - Color Goes Neutral.

I just might have found the balance on my see-saw!!




  1. Oh how I am with you.....it depends on the day whether I prefer a subdued palette or a vibrant one..... like the idea of a neutral base with a pop of color..... need to check out this book.

  2. This book looks great. I can't decide, either. The only thing constant around my home...is change.

  3. The book looks fabulous! Amanda Nisbet is one of my favorite designers! I love her use of colors in all her interiors. I agree with you on CGN, it's the perfect compromise! You still have some colors for interest and solid neutrals to ground everything together.


  4. What gorgeous inspiration rooms!! I'm usually all about a neutral background with little pops of color around, so I love seeing these examples where rooms are infused with color- but yet it's neutral! So cool!

  5. So you got your a-ha moment. I love Amanda Nisbet - her use of color is fearless and so perfectly put together!


  6. Oh Kim, I'm so on that same fence! I drive myself crazy going back and forth. Love your first photo, the perfect example ~ she has such a way with color!

  7. Hi Kim, love my book too, Amanda Nisbet is so talented. I always do a post on my new design book the week I get it in the mail. I may as well get a post out of that $30-75 dollars, right?!!


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