Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the MOVE and Thank you!!

Yesterday I was overwhelmed ... when I woke up and looked at my desk I truly wanted to walk back out of the room ... so I told all of you about my emotional breakdown!!  And you took it all in stride and pushed me to move forward and get myself an INTERN! 

I made the call to a local college and am officially about to interview some interns (I hope even ONE is interested!)!  Thank you all for listening and helping me make the commitment.

So this is how the rest of the day went ... Fantastic!!  I met with two clients on projects we are close to wrapping up and felt energized by this ... as well as deliveries of one chair to a client for her BOUDOIR and pillows and window treatments delivered for a Design Delivered Client!

Remember where I showed you my inspiration fabric and then the actual fabrics from FORSYTH Fabrics in Atlanta?  Well ... I am quite pleased!

These are headed to a Lake House

I will be requesting photos once everything is installed!

And you know I'll share!

And here is the CHAIR ... going into a very chic Master Bedroom ... This Chair came from her husband's family when they got married ... she wanted to keep it BUT ... here's what it looked like

And here is what it looks like today.  Okay, the upholsterer ... who I absolutely adore ... came up with the little arm covers.  I have not embraced them yet.  But I appreciate his thought process!!

A little Fabric LOVE!!

A good day ... some things coming out of the LINGERING stage!!  And you, my sweet friends helped me move FORWARD!!  Sometimes a girl just needs a PUSH so she doesn't JUMP!!




  1. The chair is going to look amazing. Congrats on making it through a manic Monday! We all have those days. I seem to be having that year. Oy! Let me know how the interviews go. I am convinced I need an intern.

  2. Good for you on reaching out for help. I'd rather just keep yelling at my husband when I get stressed from overload :). Love those fabrics.......Forsyths is right down the street from me so I might need to pay a visit!

  3. Yeah, help is on the way. Love the chair...ditch the arm covers.

  4. Those are quite possibly the most gorgeous collection of pillows I have ever seen my dear! Glad you're getting an intern.. wish I could be there to help you! Wouldn't we have a ball!
    Have a great day.
    xo Nancy

  5. If I were there I would gladly apply to be your Elder intern!
    BTY love those fabrics!

  6. I am all about hiring interns! I was an intern many times during college and loved learning about a number of careers that way...in terms of the chair..I am with Linda...love the chair not the arm covers! I appreciate his thoughtful attention to the detail of keeping them clean though...

  7. Yay! I'm glad you are interviewing! Beautiful photos!

  8. So glad you didn't JUMP! Those pillows are just gorgeous! and love that newly upholstered chair (the arm covers would have to grow on my but would be nice to have for every day use...could easily remove them when company comes around).

    Great job and great job pushing yourself through!


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