Thursday, September 27, 2012

MOC and the FIG

MOC update ... my cushion (Don's cushion) has been covered ... and I had three pillows for the sofa made.  This is one of them, it doesn't fit right, so another is on its' way to go on the back.  It kind of looked NEKKID without it.  

Next up ... the slipcover for the Sofa.  I just haven't pulled the trigger to buy that fabric yet.  20 Yards, it is going to give me a punch I just know it!  Also ... did you see the Fabulous Brass Chest that Kim from Chattafabulous posted here?  Well, I grew up with one of these and now that we are downsizing my Dad ... guess where it is going to come to rest?  Right here in my Sunroom Baby!!

And ... about this FIG ... 

Here are some tips that Louise from StoneGate Gardens passed along ... but I will tell you this.  I water mine about every two weeks ... a really good watering.  And it seems to be pretty happy.  I think it might be one of those plants that does better with a little neglect rather than over watering.  I don't know ... just sayin'!

MOC ... one step at a time.  Getting closer every week! Good luck with all those FIGS out there!!




  1. I've been admiring these in photos and I've been wanting one. Thanks for sharing the care tips!

  2. Thanks for that of mine is doing well and the other is looking bad.....!


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