Friday, September 28, 2012

Flower Power ... Comes To Life!

Sometimes I become obsessed with a look ... and it becomes a mission to find the perfect place to bring the look home. I apologize because I saved this photo long before I started keeping the information on where it came from ... whoever did this ... I APPLAUD!

Remember I tried to do my own version for Erin's Room?  My peony.  It was fun ... but didn't come close to my INspiration!

Finally I found the Place, the Professional and the Look ... 

I am working with a wonderful client and we are creating a Living Room/Study/Office of sorts (The Place!).  She is an incredible Mother of 3 ... busy enough. But she also writes and her first book is about to be PUBLISHED!  But that is not all ... her Husband ... is a Passionate (The Professional) Photographer. And he made my dream come true (The Look!).

And they liked (I coerced them!)  my vision of this in Her Study.  Sophisticated, Feminine and BOLD.  I cannot wait to show you the rest ... it is almost done and I nearly swoon whenever I round the corner after coming into their home when I see this ART on the Wall!!

What takes your breath away?  I hope you get to experience it every day!!  And Have a Wonderful Weekend!




  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E roses! Very inspired and gorgeous. Your client must be swooning over her new office. Can't wait to see the reveal. Kim, it looks like your plan fell perfectly in place!

  2. How great! Can't wait to see the Study. The Peony Art..Out of this WORLD!

  3. I absolutely cannot wait to see this!!

  4. Stunning, I am excited to see the entire project.

  5. Don't you love when it all comes together like that!


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