Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The PineApple Inn

On a continuation of Callie's search for the best suited college ...  I am finding it to be a little grueling.  Not because I am not excited for her or anything like that.  But, they are beginning to all look alike.  Callie continues to look at each one with wide-eyed wonder.  Plus, I am not a "hover" parent as many of us have been termed.  I just want her to find a place to be happy, learn, take advantage of the opportunities each Institution brings to the table, and make lifelong friends.  

Mind you, I did this three years ago with Erin ... and although we are visiting new and different schools, my observances are becoming more like ... hmm, more stone on these buildings or Oh, these buildings are made out of mostly brick.  Not fair to the institutions ... but right now it is all about FEEL for her.  
I have redirected my my own little quest to enjoy new parts of the country and towns that I have never visited.  Last Friday took us to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to visit Bucknell.  

A week ago Callie went with a friend and her Mom to Colgate.  So this weekend was my turn! The Girls had big plans to spend the night on campus with another friend and I was on my own for the evening.  I called blindly and made myself a reservation at the Pineapple Inn on Market Street.

I love B&B's ... in fact have always wanted to run one.  Mostly because I could decorate many, many, many rooms ... and Don could cook!!  This one was filled with gorgeous antiques.  REALLY filled with antiques.  Beautiful and lots to look at ... but it became a little overpowering for me.  Then I met the InnKeeper and through a little conversation discovered I went to elementary school with his cousins in Nashville!

Now he was very nice so I was trying to be very at ease when he told me there were no locks on the doors ... their little Inn is like Mayberry.  I get it, I live in a town like Mayberry ... but I live with my family, not strangers!  So ... I moved on, went across the street, bought myself a bottle of Wine and turned on the Hunger Games on my computer.  All with the Door Unlocked.  

Before I hopped in bed to cozy down ... I peaked into this beautiful old trunk at the end of my bed.  My children have had me watching too many Crime Shows.  It was filled with old rusty tools and one very large saw.

I called Don ... okay, if you don't hear from me in the morning I was chopped up and my body parts could be easily stuffed all around the house.  You will know where the murder weapon is.  Don told me to go to bed.

It was cozy ... the details on the pillows and my duvet were very worth noting.  I can use this somewhere, somehow.  

My Inn Keeper had me assigned to breakfast at 8 am the next morning.  Farm Fresh Eggs and Homemade Amish Bread. I wish we had had a little more time to really enjoy the area.  I would have loved to see some of the Amish Farms. 

The Bed linens were luxurious in every way ... kind of made me forget about the Tool Box.

I haven't been much into pumpkin decorating since my kids were much smaller ... but I like this ... it was very Fallish and Welcoming.

The Hydrangeas, of course, drew me in.

When I departed and said good bye to the Pineapple Man after my yummy breakfast ... I laughed at my worry about the tools in the chest.  Still a little weird though, huh?

Our official Bucknell tour began here.

The Rolling Hills remind me of Tennessee and I really found it quite lovely.  Very quiet ... I think they study alot here! Although it was a Saturday morning.

Six hours down on Friday ... a night at the Pineapple Inn, Tour of the School and town on Saturday morning ... lunch and back in the car for home. A long ride, but fun to listen to the girls chat ... they kept me entertained for sure!

Hoping you can find entertainment and inspiration wherever the RoadTrip of life takes you this week!




  1. What a fun time! I would have freaked out also! I agree the linens were lovely....but....
    What did Callie think of Bucknell?

  2. Funny about those tools in the chest... I would have felt the same. Glad your trip was successful. I know this can be trying! I'd find a school I loved, and my kids would be lukewarm, so we had to keep trekking til they got a 'hit'.
    I miss those times that bonded us even closer.. right before we had an empty nest. ( which I now love). Hope you are well Kim- you're a good mom!
    xo Nancy

  3. The tools are creepy to me, too. I have 2 friends kids that go there. They take Early Decision 2.

  4. uh, i would have needed more than a bottle of wine to get me to fall asleep after seeing that pineapple man on the front step...and then i would have probably needed about 3 more bottles of wine and a knock on the head to fall asleep after seeing that saw in the chest. I would have been up all night just thinking about the "pine apple" man wandering into my room through the unlocked door picking up that saw and....

    But you made it throught the night and looks like a beautiful part of the country!

  5. Bucknell looks beautiful! We're already educating ourselves about college options, so I love when you share your visits. Wine wouldn't have worked for me at all. I would have needed tequila shots and Ambien in that B and B.


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