Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chicken "Beau Coop" ... Thanks NM!

Well, now you all will know ... my obsessions with Chickens ... this is Really Why I want them!

Another space to create ... I have always believed that every Room in Every home should have something Living in it!

I happen to like CRITTERS!

If I needed a break, I could go live with them.  I keep talking about down-sizing!!

Most people stick with a Plant.  I like LIVING things ... besides the people!

Christmas Book!

So in order to have a Chicken "Beau Coop" ... I have to have the Chickens!!

But I'd really be okay with just the Beau Coop!  Have you ever done something crazy as a means to an end?  I really am going to stop myself on this one!!




  1. Someone needs to stop you on this. The coop is adorable, and that part of it would be great, but no chickens. Make is a summer design studio for your growing business.

    1. This is why I have you as a friend ... so much smarter and guiding me in the right direction!! Thank YOU!! xo

  2. Only "You" could come up with the ultimate Chicken House! What very VIP chickens you have!!!

  3. No! You need another project idea! But that coop is really great for a coop!


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