Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy ... is she coming to a town near you?

As everyone on the East Coast is busy preparing for Hurricane Sandy ... I so send prayers that everyone will be safe. 

Scenes from our home last year during Hurricane Irene.  We were safe thank goodness, but did experience 4 days without power.  School was cancelled.  Callie thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have friends over. 
I thought that was fine as well.

Don reminded me that we have a well ... so we can't flush the toilet without electricity. Hmmm ... this presents a problem. 6 girls, no flushing.  

Girls ...  price of admission: One Gallon of Water.  


Now we are facing the threat of Sandy.  Repeat Situation.  The call came in last night at 7pm.  School Cancelled.  The Governor declared an emergency.  Calls went out and 7 girls have now landed on Farm Road.

One, bless her heart, remembered the rule from last year and brought her admission ticket!  She must have been a Girl Scout.  Always Prepared.  I love that!

If something happens, she will be the only one allowed to go to the bathroom.  

I don't take this lightly, I know that Irene created havoc for many.  But do want to say that last year our four days without power were kind of fun.  We lived by candle light and played numerous games of Scrabble. On the Board. No electronics were involved.  We chatted and laughed by candles.  We ate weird stuff and we enjoyed one another. 

Thankfully we had no terrible after effects.  And I do know that for some it was far more serious.  

I guess I just want us to make the most of what is thrown at us the next few days ... and know that we will all come out of it with some positive memories.  

The girls all started arriving around 9 last night ... 

Hope you are having a wonderful day and making the most of what Nature is throwing our way.  




  1. Sounds like a fun way to wait out the storm! I hope you all stay safe!

  2. Fill the bathtub with water, I'm sure you already know this. I went to the market, again, this morning for things like instant oatmeal, coffee, and canned soup. We're ready and expected to lose power, too. Be safe.

  3. Sounds like you are ready for the storm. Hoping you stay safe and dry.

  4. Love your attitude!!! If I were coming, I'd bring three gallons of water!!!Stay safe.

  5. Your house sounds like alot more fun than mine! What a great sport you are, and I love that everyone comes to your house, that is the BEST compliment! Good luck during the storm. Thoughts and prayers sent your way.
    Keep us posted! So far only rain and wind here today, but the fun should start tonight..
    xo Nancy

  6. Good luck at your place! I'm lucky to live in a town with a good electric company ie, not NStar or that other one that always messes up. I think the last hurricane we lost power for 30 seconds total. I'm sorry you were without it for so long.

    That's so sweet that one of the girls brought water with her. We have a well too so I though about putting some aside but haven't yet. :)

  7. I LOVE that you look on the bright side! Stay safe!

  8. We survived Sandy. I've never seen such strong winds before. All that's left are small branches and leaves. We were lucky.

  9. Are you all ok Kim? Prayers being sent your way!
    Hope you're alright!
    xo Nancy

  10. I hope you and your girls weathered the storm OK. I've been keeping up with Sherborn online. Understand 95% lost power but hopefully it is on by now. I hear ya about having a well! I store empty cat litter jugs with water in the basement for emergencies. It is absolutely the worst part of losing power. Hope you can post soopn and update us.


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