Friday, October 12, 2012

BOHO ... with a touch of SASS!

I am certain y'all know Erin of Elements of Style Blog ... well yesterday she posted about teaming up with HomeGoods and HGTV Designer Taniy Nayak to help people find out their "style" and how to make it come to life. There is a quiz, so go to Erin's blog and take it from there so you can win a gift card to Home Goods.  Who doesn't want that????

I kind of knew this about myself ... but oh so nice to be affirmed in Life!!  

Have a Wonderful weekend ... I'm enjoying the Fall Flowers happening.  It is no secret I am not a gardener, sometimes Nature just behaves on it's own for me!!




  1. I'm a socialite....who knew lol.

  2. So funny we both posted about the same thing! So glad we both are sassy! Have a great weekend Kim
    xo Nancy

  3. I'm Vegas Baby with a touch of Boho. So not surprised :) - Brandy

  4. I am spa - love that! :) Thanks so much for your kind words about the launch of my business today - coming from you that means a lot! Many thanks. :)


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