Monday, October 22, 2012

White Farm Houses + Fall Foliage

Thanks to all my sweet friends for checking in last week ... I took a needed little hiatus to get a few things together and am back this week to bring you lot's of eye candy!

This past weekend in New England was breathtaking.  Truly, the kind of weather and vision that will keep you coming back for more.  I have always professed to being a Summer Girl.  Well, I may be shifting ... that's legal by the way!!

I am a sucker for a FarmHouse.  I have found that I appreciate all architecture ... but my heart lies in a FarmHouse.  And the Fall Colors against a White FarmHouse ... can't find anything prettier in my book!

The stone walls winding down the road ... part of the magic of this little town I get to live in ... just add to the beauty and texture of Fall.

Sharing a few of my favorite FarmHouses in town today ... some I know well, others I am simply a Stalker.

The Simplicity of a Bench and Pumpkins and a few leaves blowing by.  Simple Beauty is What I am Loving today.

 I know!  You can just feel the clouds moving in this photo ... A gorgeous New England Sky!

Porches ... they speak volumes of HOME while just sitting there!  These FarmHouse Porches remind me of the South.

I got to take a few extra photos here because I actually KNOW the people who live here!!  They already know I am a bit whacked in regard to design!

Built just in the past several years ... this FarmHouse evokes the charm and look of our more historical FarmHouses.

I am just a straight up Stalker of this one ... we drive by it frequently ... so much so that I feel like I know the people that live here!

Don't you want to just sit in those rockers and watch the world go by?  I think they would think I am off my ROCKER if  I stopped by, knocked on the door ... and asked for a Tour.  

Another one of my Stalking Houses ... this one Historical.  I often wonder how people would react if a stranger knocked and admired ... would you do it?  Would you let someone in if they said this?

The dog was out in this yard ... so I Snapped and Ran!!  How weird???

I hope your weekend was as beautiful!  And anytime you want to drop in here ... You are More than Welcome and I hope you'll stay and visit a while!!

Happy Monday!




  1. Haha, one day a woman knocked on my door and introduced herself. She said she stalked my entire renovation and wanted to know a few bits of information about our project. Today, she is one of my best friends. Kindred spirits.

  2. I have a collection of houses that I would love to see up close. I definitely don't have the guts to knock on the door. Patience pays off because one iconic farm down the road from me is now for sale so I just looked at the knocking necessary.
    I agree that a big white farmhouse is one of the prettiest.

  3. Perfect homes for stalking. Love a white country farmhouse and this one is perfection!

  4. My FAVORITE season! All your pictures are WHY!!!!!
    Thoroughly loved see all of your photos!!! Thanks so much.

  5. I would love to see the inside. When I see a gorgeous house from the outside I always wonder if it is as gorgeous inside.

  6. Love me a Farm House. So very glad you are a stalker and bring these great pictures to us. Glad the dogs didn't get you but glad you got the shot of the pumpkins on the wall.


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