Thursday, October 11, 2012

Classic Dragon!

I love Chiang Mai Dragon ... it's happy and bold and dragon like!  But truthfully ... once I start seeing too much of something ... I am ready to move on. 

But here it is in 'chandy' form ... okay ... I am back in love! The Star of the Show Here.

Simple. Bold. Good.

Goes to show ... a Good Thing Keeps coming Back!!


Is there something in your design world that you WANT to be tired of ... but just cannot?




  1. This is so funny. I want to be over Hollywood glam and anything "groovy" from the early 70s. I am smitten with Sputnik chandeliers but I need to get over that crush. Whenever I point these things out to my husband he smartly asks if I will like it five years from now.

  2. Hmm, that's a good question. I would have to say chevron print is getting on my nerves but I am still drawn to it!

  3. Can we discuss the fabulous red lacquer dutch door too? I am so in love with dutch doors...I feel an obsession coming on....

    1. I know Emily!! that is what drew me in the first time I posted this photo ... it just happened to have a fabulous chair in there as well!!! xo

  4. I don't know about this question. I think I want to be tired of less color, but I really do like the calm of quiet.

  5. Love the dragon. Planned to use it in my laundry room until I saw the cost of 1 wallpaper roll. I needed 4 rolls. I have to admit....I lost a little of the love after that or maybe I'm just bitter :) - Brandy

  6. Same here, I love the Chaing Mai pattern and love that it is out in new colors. I could use a hint of it in my house. I agree if you see it everywhere Im over it.
    Have a great weekend Kim!
    xo Nancy

  7. ha, I am with you--I have loved the dragon for years, finally saved enough pennies last year to buy two pillows for my bedroom...and now I'm kind of over it. But maybe I'm just over it in the aqua colorway? Maybe I will still love it in mocha?


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