Friday, April 5, 2013

Schumacher and Mary McDonald ...

I love watching the video clips of Designers sharing what they vision.  

Mary McDonald's new Line for Schumacher Doesn't disappoint!

Notice the all the places she finds inspiration. 

My kind of Girl who gets inspiration from CAKE!

Tangerine ... Why Yes!!

She Rocks a Mood Board!

It's all in the Details!! 

All Images via Schumacher.

Not just in Design.  In Life.  It's the Little Things That Count ... And Set you Apart!

Don't skimp on the Details!! 

Have a GLORIOUS weekend!




  1. Well I happen to agree with you 100% - I'm talking details today too. Little details make all the difference. Yay for Friday.

  2. LOVE that new line! Hope your weekend is filled with some lovely details! :)

  3. I saw the video and I think her style is amazing - just love seeing her inspiration! The black and white gown with the pockets (I think it's Oscar de la Renta) is beyond stunning and such a great inspiration piece!! Happy weekend ~

  4. Yes, it's ALL IN THE DETAILS......
    and....that dress says it all!

  5. Amen Kim - I think the details REALLY matter. Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs and inspiration, have a great weekend!

  6. Love her stuff. That detail on the chair skirt KIIIIIILLLLLLSSSSS Me.Hope you're having a great weekend Kim.
    xo Nancy


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