Friday, April 19, 2013

The Imperial Suite!

Last Sunday, Don and I took advantage of our kids' Spring Break to take a little getaway! Kids were all busy ... we had 3 days to ourselves.

I had never been to Palm Beach, so when Don suggested we head down to the Breakers, I thought ... Sure, okay!  Then I started looking up antique and design shops and got more excited.

As most of you know, Don is in the hotel business, which makes traveling with him kind of fun.  No ...  REALLY fun!

Welcome to the Imperial Suite!

Powder Blue and White Zebra Linen.

The Details ... which I've been talking alot about recently.  The striped wispy linen drapes over a beautiful set of linen drapes with blackout lining.

Oh Yeah, the Master's was on when we arrived!  Don was watching Golf .. I was studying how clever the two tall lamps on the floor instead of on the console table!

Mirrors and White were everywhere keeping the space clean, light and just a touch of glam!

The Ceiling Detail.  Tray Ceiling, deep moldings AND a detail ON the Ceiling!  Who says Less is More!!

Yes, please ... Step into the Bedroom!

Upholstered Headboard ... just ramped up the ordinary, wouldn't you say?

The Bathroom brought in the dark, warm woods ... 

The View from the Shower!

I have more to show you next Friday ... but I will tell you ... we only had 3 days.  Once I saw how wonderful this place was, we planted it.  Right there on the Beach ... Just an excuse to have to come back!!  We took advantage of every precious moment right here ... Enjoying the NOW!




  1. You lucky duck! I know you were having a blast with those great PB details and then the beach. So glad to hear you had a fabulous getaway.

  2. I love this hotel. We got engaged in Florida, and had dinner at the Breakers. These's noting like Florida this time of year. What a beautiful suite. I did not know Don was in the Hotel business. Fun fact.

  3. Okay, so jealous. How cool is it that you get to stay in fabulous suites like this one? Funny - I just picked up a book at Goodwill (of all places) called "In the Spirit of Palm Beach" and it's just chocked full of photos of the beautiful life and people there.


  4. Wow, what a great trip and thank you so much for photographing all of it..A beautiful suite, and how fortunate for you to get away and THERE!!! Enjoy the sun and the tropical touches. Don, how about a blogger girls getaway at the Imperial suite?
    xo Nancy

  5. Wow! Palm Beach is on my bucket list, and I have a secret dream of doing some hotel design!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim

  6. Oh so jealous! What a beautiful room and great view! I would not want to leave... besides for the pool down below!

  7. How fabulous for a little getaway!! I have always wanted to stay there.

  8. Wow, you are a Lucky Duck, aren't you? I would love to stay in that suite!
    The bed, headboard and wall covering are phenomenal!
    I wouldn't leave!

  9. Boy with that view, no children, and a beautiful must of had a fabulous time!

  10. Oh Wow! Lucky, lucky!!! I've never slept in a suite that big and gorgeous before! Thank you for the tour Kim! ENJOY!

  11. I'm loving the calm palette-definitely a getaway soothing feeling!

  12. wow what a beautiful place! what a great getaway! wonderful pictures! looks like a great getaway!


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