Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Celebrity Sighting and Question For YOU!

Today was one of those snippets of fun in the midst of chaos!!  Truly, my favorite kind!

Last week, Linda posted a little tutorial on "why we blog".  Do you (I?) do it for more business?  To make money?  To gain exposure?  To get Published?  Or just see where it takes us?

I started this blog two years ago on a whim. I had been reading several blogs for about a year.  I found something I really liked and heard my little voice saying things like ... I can do this, I like this ... I think I have things to share, etc., etc.  Friends of mine were not so enthusiastic.  

That's a lot of work.  Every Day?  You'll run out of things to say! ... What, are you crazy?  What is a blog?

But I jumped on anyway.  Sometimes the best way ... just do it and see what happens!!  

Well, Linda and I have talked.  And she knows I have stated that I just want to see where this ride takes me.  
Not enough.  If I want it to succeed, it has to be more.  and I have to consider Tweeting and Facebook, etc., etc.

So I have been thinking.

Then Today.

The Boston Design Center and WaterSpot hosted 

for a presentation and Luncheon.

Susanna agrees with Linda!  Designers today need to be hooked into the Social Media.  Even Old Girls like Me!

Susanna shared her stories of being published and just flat "going for it".  She has a wonderful background from her time with Elle Decor and House and Garden.  Her words were the same as Linda's.

Find your Voice.  Make it Happen.  And don't be Shy.

I have been blogging about a year and a half.  Growing ... slowly!  And I have treated this as a place to share my daily (almost!) life in design.  With a little bit of personal thrown in ... just to lighten things.  

Today's chat with Susanna made me realize that I blog, yes to "grow" my business and to Share my adventures in Interior Design ... 
But the clarity came when I all of a sudden KNEW ... I mostly blog to Inspire you to be Creative in your Lives.  Whether in Interiors or just the way you approach the day.  

And an unexpected treat of blogging.  The friends I have made that continue to inspire ME!

What would you like to hear about? As I move forward I'd like to know that you are a part of this. My thoughts are to include a post from YOU!  Tell me your thoughts, or something you want to know more about and I'll gladly share. I'd like to take the adventure with you as my partner! So please if you see something you want more OR less of let me know!

Other than that ... thank you for continuing to read and support me ... and I'll do my best to Bring It!

Thanks Linda and Susanna!




  1. Kim, I don't deserve this much credit. I'm not great on Twitter, and I often forget to post on my FB page...thanks for the reminder. I do know that opportunities are abundant through blogging. My new favorite book is "Lean In". I want to Lean into blogging.

  2. Kim, I would love to see more of your house. Even if it isn't perfect in your eyes, I think it would be interesting.

  3. I am with Kerry. I would love to see more of your house. And perhaps share how you get into the design business, I am sure many readers of yours would want to know!

    Have a good day, Kim!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway to win a stunning mural wallpaper.(worth $500!)


  4. Perfect post my dear! LOVE THE ORANGE TUNIC on that darling guest talking to Susanna. Everything is so true. I blog to inspire and be inspired! It is so positive, and now that Im not blogging all day long :( I realize how it fuels my soul and creativity!
    xo nancy

  5. What a great post! I love that you blog to inspire others to be creative!! I have recently started reading your blog thanks to the ORC and enjoy it so much!

  6. I just read on your "about" page that you live in Sherborn…..I had no idea! I live in Norfolk and drive through beautiful Sherborn at least once a week!

  7. Great post! You look adorable. I'm curious about how you handle the 'after' pictures of your projects. Many times mine aren't perfection or there were limitations that the client placed on me that I had to follow. How do you handle limitations that may not be an accurate reflection of your best work. (JEZ, does that make any sense, Kim?)

  8. A great post Kim! And I love that you've found your blogging direction. You are inspiring and I love Susanna's advice - decorate fearlessly!

  9. It's already working stylish girl! I'm always inspired by your posts and design! If Susanna had seen your ORC room she'd know you have the 'decorate fearlessly' down! :)

  10. Kim go for your DREAM! You can do whatever you want!
    I am with the rest....would love to see more of your home.
    I will enjoy following you on your journey!

  11. I have only been following your blog for a few weeks, and so far, I love what I read and see.

    I agree with you that blogging is a great way to share - ideas, inspirations, projects, travels etc. The thing about it is that, you don't really know what MAY inspire others, and that's the fun thing about it. You may post something on a whim, but someone tells you, they were inspired.

    I think creative people like you, should just post what they just want to, thats because the creative juice in you just shows in your post all together, wether you want it to or not!:-)

  12. I love what you do already, Kim! I'm still dying over the space you created for ORC. So so so good!! Is that you in the orange? You look great! Love that top!

  13. I love her advise to decorate "fearlessly". I think that should extend to everything we do in life. Love your blog:)

  14. That orange tunic! Beyond. Love how serendipity works - the inner voice urging you on in spite of the naysayers, a trusted friend who believes in you, and then an admired industry person inspiring you to just go for it! These things aren't by chance. And Linda doesn't give herself enough credit - she has helped my little birdy wings take flight so much over this past year too. Love all the stuff you do, girl.

  15. Hi Kim...what a beautiful post. Thanks for the inspiration!! All the best, Lauren


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