Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Home ... Master Bedroom

 Last week I made a commitment to show you our home.  I am thrilled to invite you in ... but please keep in mind ... this is a work in progress! 

Come on In ... 

Don't worry about taking your shoes off here ... we have lots of dogs ... they run barefooted!

I am taking you straight up the stairs to the Master Bedroom!  

You are going to have to use your imagination with me here ... this was the bedroom when we bought the house.

EW.  Sorry, just old and lacey.  You know I love antiques ... but I need to lighten them up with some other fun things.

I should also add that when we bought the house ... everything was Green.  


Stay Focused here ... Below is the Sitting Room ... 

The Original layout brought you in the Sitting Room, then a small walk in closet was behind the sitting room and then you turned into the separate bedroom (above).  

We declared this weird and also Sammy was very little when we moved here ... she really couldn't find us tucked behind all the doors!

We blew out the walk in closet and turned the Sitting Room into our Bedroom.  

We still have the sitting room it is just IN our bedroom ... much better.  We would have NEVER sat in that little room!

So here it is now ...

Yep, we are TV watchers.  I cannot lie.  And the Chairs ... need slipcovers.  They are Raw.  I cannot make up my mind on these, so they just SIT!

And at the other end ... our Bed.

I found the Chandelier at Scott's ... you know the Lady with all the French Antiques in the Back (I think it is the South Building).  She's one of my favorite booths to visit ... If only I could just rent a truck and bring a haul home one day!!

Notice the 3 windows on the back wall.  When we removed the closet there were no windows.  We opted for this rather than two traditional windows on each side of the bed because the room is narrow.  Plus I think this gives us a little more light!  One Day I will add window treatments.

As you take this tour with me you will learn that Don and I love Art.  Of all kinds, we like Contemporary, Traditional, French, Folk ... some we splurged on ... some we bought from emerging artists that are more affordable.  Some our Kids made.
I have said this in the past ... and will say it Again. And Again. I am a fan of REAL art.  Whether it is a Fine Painting from on of the Greats or a Self Portrait from your child.  Art needs to be original and speak to you.  Don't buy it because it MATCHES!!  Buy it because you LOVE it!

One of the first things we did was add the bookshelves.  They make it warmer and more cozy.  They tend to get shuffled around frequently as I add and take away.  

This is how they are today.
You may remember the Clock I swiped from Alice!

Don's a wanna be Rock Star (thus the guitars!)  ... suits me, I'm a wanna be Country Music Singer.  We fit perfectly.

Okay ... so remember the Original Bedroom above??  It is now our Closet.  Yeah, pretty jazzed about that!  We'll be taking a look at it and the Master Bath (pretty tiny, but still room for Art!) next week!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello!  Next week I'll let you peek into my bathroom and closet!  Enjoy your Week!!  Kids are on break this week ... we're having a little R&R ... will share more on Travel Friday!!




  1. YAY!! thanks for sharing your home Kim!! i love all the zebra! and i love the detail on the candelabra covers :)

  2. So pretty, Kim. Love all the special touches that make it all yours. That zebra rug is so chic!

  3. I am loving your bedroom! The starburst clock on the shelves is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love seeing your home, Kim! What a great idea to get rid of the wall, the bookcases are my favorite! Enjoy your week!

  5. Wow! What a transformation Kim! I love your bed! that woven headboard is divine! And don't worry, I have a huge TV in our room too, still need to get cabinets built to flank the fireplace though.Love seeing everything, thanks and have a lovely spring day!

  6. I love the bookcases. The whole room is beautiful and looks way better with your changes. We're tv watchers too:)

  7. WOW
    What an amazing transformation! GREAT new uses of the spaces!!!
    Love the placement of the clock!!!! Love Love It!
    Now I can't wait to see the rest!

  8. Kim, I am loving your monogrammed bedspread and I would kill for bookcases in my bedroom. I have been wanting to do a post on my bedroom...maybe I will. :)

  9. What a beautiful room. I love the fireplace and bookcases. And that chandy is just right for a bedroom!

  10. oh my gosh you home looks so comfy and beautiful. where doyou come from?:)

  11. You have been busy. I want to add book cases somewhere - makes it look so cozy!

  12. You have a fireplace in your bedroom...that is so cool. I love that zebra cow rug...thing. Do the kids tell you to lower the noise from the guitar? This is the perfect adult space, great job.

  13. Your bedroom is fantastic! You've done so much and done it all sooooo well! And I'm a TV watcher too. Love that TV every night before bedtime : )

  14. See, people are going crazy over these home tours! Great job. Your MBR looks so cozy and inviting, what a wonderful adult retreat! It is lovely and thanks for having us over!
    xo Nancy

  15. Your house is so picture perfect with the white and black shutters! So pretty. Love your bookcases in your bedroom too. I'm glad I'm not alone when it comes to making decisions for slipcovers :). Take care, Lauren

  16. Good call on opening up your MBR-It all looks so spacious and usable. And I love the fretwork detail on your light fixture ;)

  17. Wow, what an incredible transformation! You did such an amazing job! Thank you for taking us inside your beautiful home!

    The Glam Pad

  18. So enjoyed this tour of your bedroom Kim! Oh how I wish I had a sitting area like that!!

  19. What a great transformation...I love the zebra of course.

  20. Love the master bedroom! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  21. What a great transformation! Love so many things here, the zebra rug, the white chairs, the bookscases, the bedspread and the fireplace! Thanks for sharing your home. Looking forward to see the rest. Happy spring!

    P/S: Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes.



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