Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Office Design ... Move In!

Finishing Touches last week on the Office Design 
Let me share how this all began ... 


"Sage" Carpet Installed, Walls painted, then the Boxes and Boxes arrived!

Clearly I don't "clean" enough.  I saw this little fluffy thing and thought to myself ... "well this is a cute JuJu sort of thing to use on her bookshelves!"

Then I turned it over ... it is a DUSTER!!!

Give a Girl her Sweet Tea in her Fav Tervis Tumbler, a little Country Music and the Keys ... 

And then you get ... 


I have to share that I am "terrifically" blessed.  I had never met this client before but was referred by a friend whose home I did help with.

We chatted and in minutes I KNEW I couldn't wait to work with her.  

As an Interior Designer we learn about our clients in such an amazing light.  I "studied" her (not stalking!) through the books on her shelves.

And I discovered how interesting it must be to work with young women (mostly) who have eating disorders, or self-confidence issues ... or other fragile places in their hearts.

In my head (she'd love to figure me out!!) we started creating a  natural and calming space ... and a Bird Theme emerged.

Quite Accidentally I might add ... 

Nature gives us beautiful and calming colors and textures.

Two File Ottomans are coming from Ballard's to go under this console ... but they won't be here for awhile.  I have a feeling they are going to be worth the wait!

Remember these guys ... a little Lacquer Spray Paint in Glossy White gave a little POP and cohesiveness to the bookshelves!

Another accidental Bird peaking from the corner of this plate.

 All the Little Details that brought this space together.  
My precious client who helps those a little fragile ... to take their wings and fly.

I will bring photos again when we get her Woven Wood Blinds installed, The File Ottomans and a Side Table for her chair.

Take those Wings of Yours and Soar this week!!




  1. You know how to work up a great office my friend!

  2. Ooh La Laa, Kim! Love this peaceful, perfect office. Wow! you hit all the details and how you managed to make the furniture in this small space is amazing. Lucky, lucky client. Talented, talented you!

  3. So many pretty details are in this space. I love how you grouped the art over the desk and also the framed diplomas…the bookshelf styling and layered rugs. What a soft and calm space.

  4. You created such a lovely soothing space...your client was lucky to find you!

  5. Wow what a difference! I could get a lot of work done in there :) Beautiful job!

  6. A gorgeous but calming space for a wonderful lady! Fantastic job Kim! I am inlove with the driftwood lamps (i am driftwood obsessed I think) and all the art work as well. I love how you emticulously chose the furnitre- a bit of rustic appeal but not too much, I am inlove too with the bookshelves!

  7. What a transformation! Even in the second picture the room looks like it grew vertically. I love everything about the room. Your client must be over the moon about it. On a separate note, that's hilarious about the duster!

  8. Your client must be so thrilled. this office looks fantastic! Love the bookshelves and the sculptural flower artwork!

    You did a great job as usual, Kim!


  9. Fantastic job KIM!!!!Wow, you've been busy! This is a warm and cozy space and welcoming for conversation. Great job. You must have had fun shopping for all the accessories, cause you did a great job! Love it all, and I know your client is thrilled. Take a breather!
    xo Nancy

  10. WOW, Kim!! What a gorgeous space you've created for her and her clients. I love the over-sized art and your beautifully styled bookcase!

  11. Looks great. Love your styling of the bookcases.

  12. What a beautiful and cozy room for your client that you created. Love every detail of it!


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