Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ORC - To Beam ... or Not to Beam

I am contemplating beams this week ... as part of our One Room Challenge, I have a room with beams.  

What to do with them?

I can highlight them.  This is my favorite.

I can make them disappear. I may need to do this because of the shorter ceiling height.

Or I can reverse highlight!  This is Happy.

I'd love to hear how you beam!




  1. Well, if your beams are old wood, like in the first image, it would be a shame to paint them. However, my husband is 6'2", and I can appreciate making a ceiling feel taller.

  2. I am no help. I like them all. I wish I had a beamed ceiling.

  3. Hi Kim! I have beamed ceilings in my sunroom and they are natural, but so is everything else in there. I love them and want the rest of the room white ( when I take down the gawd awful paneling) but will have this same dilemma at that point. Im thinking I'll leave them. They are a sort of rare architectural detail. Best of luck!


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