Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Custom for ORC! Week FOUR

Welcome back to ORC!  If you are new to our challenge and want to start at the beginning, click HERE and you can see what we've been up to!

Now here's what's going on ...

These wonderful New England Colonial Homes that were built in the 60's and 70's ... that we love ... have  low ceilings and NO mudrooms.

This brings on a big DUMP of things when kids, husbands ... and yes, even me!  ... walk in the door.

For our Keeping Room we wanted to address this clutter thing with some personality, function and BEAUTY!

Our Custom ... portable ... MUDROOM!!

Okay ... I know the baskets are ASKEW!!  They USE this piece every minute of the day ... so please, no judging!!

And the Ceiling ... remember the inspiration rooms ?  I wanted to paint these beams so badly ... so did SHE ... we sampled a few ... we got stopped by her husband.  I hate to admit this ... but HE was RIGHT!!!

So ... I have to say the past couple of weeks have been a little boring and we put together the neutral basics of this new room ... well stay tuned PLEASE ... because next week ... We Bring on the BLING baby!



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  1. No judgment my darling. Loving your portable mudroom! So smart!

  2. That piece is lovely and functional...a home run!

  3. I like seeing the neutrals...that's actually the part I struggle with!

  4. Mudrooms are SUCH a necessity when you live with children! Portable or not- great job!

  5. This piece is great! Got to love custom! Can't wait for next week... I am ready for some bling!

  6. wow, this is a GREAT IDEA! Can't wait to see more reveal next week! I've been following all of you gals during this ORC and I'm your newest follower!

  7. Love that piece. Now my curiosity if peaked about the bling! What is it with men and not painting wood???

  8. The "mushroom" is perfect. baskets always move.......can't wait for the BLING!

  9. yay for portable mudrooms--I love how the bottom has baskets.

  10. Such a great piece. Beautiful and Functional..I'm scrambling for next week and can't wait to see how you bring all together!

  11. Love the portable mudroom idea! Looking forward to see how you incorporate the "Bling" next week!


  12. The portable mudroom is a very clever idea! So pretty and functional! I am so excited to for the final pictures. Have a productive week.

  13. That's such a great idea! Can't wait to see what you do next week!

  14. I seriously need this mudroom. With 4 kids everything is dropped at the front door, to be able to hide it all away would be amazing!

  15. Very clever, Kim! I'm intrigued with this talk of bling : )

  16. I smiled when I read this - as I grew up in Connecticut in a house built in the early 70s. 4 kids, no mudroom, although our garage entrance was into the basement (the house was built into a slope) so there was a little space in the basement that was kind of a mud room. Not really, though!

    Love your blog header - I live in Atlanta now, so I understand the Southern Panache part - Southerners love their homes and do have incredible style!

    - Holly

  17. Us New Englanders really dont know how to make things easy for ourselves with the the closets or mudrooms huh? But I do love a good storage armoire and that one is no exception, its stunning!

  18. The portable mudroom is genius!

    P.S I did buy the Kafka abstract and next time I'm in New England, drinks for sure! xx


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