Saturday, July 21, 2012

Custom Saturday

I am visiting my precious friends at a lake outside of Birmingham, Alabama ... and when I awoke yesterday ... LONG before anyone else, I didn't have the access code to the WiFi!

So I didn't get to finish up my One Week of Custom ... so here you go with a little Saturday treat!  I am all dialed in now!

I have been showing a lot of larger furniture ... Beds, Tables, etc.  Now ... one of my favorite "little" pieces.  Note that some of the custom came about due to size restrictions or finishes.  This one just happened because we love it!

You will be getting to see more of this room in the coming weeks ... Window treatments are being made right now ... so just enjoy the beauty of this little piece!

Enjoy your weekend ... see you on Monday!




  1. That little nightstand is perfect. The oak woodgrain is lovely and the curves are great. Love the contrast of the lamp to the heavy wood!

  2. Love the little table. Sometimes Little is A Good thing.

  3. I love this table and thickness of the top! Great job. Have a nice weekend Kim!


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