Monday, July 30, 2012

Curve balls and Brimfield ...

Erin and I were supposed to start our drive this morning to take her to Auburn.  She is living in an apartment for her Junior and Senior years and we have had such fun this summer finding  and repurposing for her little apartment.  Trying to keep us both remembering that this is a COLLEGE apartment.  It needs to be fun, but cheap!!  We don't need any fine pieces ... but want some style!

Here are a few things that we found at Brimfield earlier this month.

A few accessories to add to her bookshelves and for her bathroom!

The large tins for art over their IKEA Ektorp Sofa ... which I am convinced is the best college piece of furniture ever!

Cooper is convinced that this means someone is about to throw a ball for him!

 Two little chairs for their small balcony ...

The dough bowl and french linen are mine ... just thought they looked fun in the loot shoot!!

The dogs were please with our find ... and Byron continues to nurture Murphy!

Erin has been working so hard at school and her job this summer Don and I decided to get the Denali fixed up and let her have it to take back to school.  This also gave us the freedom to shop here as we would have plenty of hauling space!

Then the curve ball ... 

Good news ... all are healthy, no one hurt, and we bought ourselves a couple more days home with her.  We'll be flying out later this week and when the car is fixed we can re-schedule our road trip!

Life's curve balls ... making the best of 'em!




  1. Great finds. I can't believe that it is almost time for kids to head back to college. Where did the summer go?

  2. Wonderful finds. Erin's apartment will have so much personality. Curve balls have good sides..enjoy the extra days.

  3. Oh dear! You've got quite a week, Kim! How fun getting things together for the apartment! It will be fantastic!

  4. Such great finds! The silver lining to that curve ball is more days with your girl! You're right!!

  5. oh boy, sorry about the mishap but great attitude, Kim! Best of luck with the trip to Auburn.. I knew I loved you- you're a golden retriever person like me! ( currently without one, but hope its temporary). What breed is the black cute pie? Theyre darling.

    1. Nancy, Murphy is a Newfoundland ... but we get him shaved every year as he gets so hot and so miserable in the summer!


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