Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One Room Challenge- Week Two

We began last week with the goal of turning a drop zone kitchen area into a family friendly Keeping Room.  

Priority One is to take care of our focal point!  Give this stone fireplace a makeover ... Bring this baby back to life and give it the star role it deserves!


The stone is beautiful but the white mantel, dark firebox and the clutter above just make it fall flat.
And the mirror. ... I love mirrors by the way, but ... 

Here's my tip about mirrors!

If you don't have something fabulous on the opposite wall to see, then it is like looking into a black hole. No Good!

We will be working on a solution for this in the next week or two!

Joe, the painter, can work miracles.  Remember this bedroom furniture he painted?  We told him we wanted to this mantel to be something special ... a piece of art in itself.  

And the inside of the firebox is so dark and dreary ... a little metallic bronze paint to warm it up!  

Joe Delivers!  Our NEW focal point ... and a sneak peak of the paint color too!  

Although I am a big fan of a happy yellow ... we wanted to bring this space into a calmer, but still warm space.

Next week we are going to discuss the need for custom made furniture.  Think about it.  How many times do you go shopping with something really specific in mind ... and can't find it.  I am convinced this is why designers like Jonathan Adler, Bunny Williams, Amy Howard, etc., etc., have come up with their own line of furniture.  If you build it ... they will come.  And we are building it!!

Don't forget to check in with our other ORC girls ... they are all working hard ... and guaranteed to bring you some Design Fun!



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  1. The dark mantle makes such a difference. I never would have thought of a metallic inside the firebox. I really can't wait to see how you are building furniture.

  2. Wow- that looks fantastic. I agree with Linda on the metallic inside the firebox..brilliant choice!

  3. Amazing what a bit of paint can do! Can't wait to see what you are building!

  4. kim - looking FANTASTIC!!!!! wow, the metallic was such a good idea!

  5. What a fabulous idea to paint the firebox a metallic color! Great choice!

    Custom furniture sounds exciting, looking forward to see them in the coming weeks!

    Happy 4th!


  6. That looks amazing! Can't wait to hear more about that furniture!!!

  7. So much lighter brighter and're knocking it outta the park on this one. Can't wait to see more

  8. Great idea. Looks wonderful! The answer to your question is that I had my fabric laminated also called vinylized - not cheap, but it will last forever - Beth of Chinoiserie Chic

  9. that looks great, it really gives it a more grounded presence. I can't wait to see what you are building.

  10. The fireplace is amazing, Kim! I'm dying to see what custom furniture you're doing. Very intriguing!

  11. Your project is so exciting. You make a great point about mirrors that I am afraid most don't follow. I loooove the bronze paint in the firebox. It is a little unexpected but not garish or out of place.

  12. It is looking better already....!

  13. It's going to be fabulous...loving the colors!!

  14. What a transformation! I love that bronze inside the firebox.

  15. Wow, the metallic bronze is beautiful! Can't wait to see next week's update!


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