Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Friday!!

What a whacked week with the Fourth of July on a Wednesday.  I don't know about y'all but it has really caused some commotion in our house!  It has been a busy week with client projects, the One Room Challenge, doing some of my own house spiffing up, Erin's work schedule is crazier than mine, Callie and Sammy are on Nantucket (what a life!) and Christopher's baseball team has made it to play offs ... this is all good, right??

So I escaped for a little eye candy and inspiration.  My local friends probably know about Zimman's in Lynn.  It is kind of a haul to get there ... but when I do get there I find it worth every minute it took.  Zimman's is HUGE for fabric ... but the upper two floors are full of fabulous and different furnishings.

Here are a few things that caught my eye.

French design, modern wood working, I'll take one.

But then, I would like this as well.

This reminds me of paper - maché

Pink, Pink, and more Pink

Birds in Pink.

Turquoise and Orange ... oh yeah!

An Orange Chandelier ... what would Don say?  Oh well ... no need to test that right now!

Looking forward to this weekend so I can get my routine back.  Sort of.  At least I will pretend to!  




  1. I'm out of my groove lately, too. If I remember that's what summer does to us. I love that first table and the orange chandelier. Hope you have a good weekend. Good luck in the playoffs!

  2. I love Zimman's, and go there once a year...when I am in Swampscott. I can't wait until Monday when the kids go back to day camp. We will all be happier.

  3. Wow! sounds like you need a trip to the beach! Bless your heart! Love the tour of the shop, Stray Dogs is one of my favorite lighting sources especially for beach designs!

  4. What a great looking store. I would lose my mind.There is no peace and quiet in the summertime if you have kids, is there?


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