Friday, November 4, 2011

Even the dogs have style ... in Paris!

This is Lyon ... pronounced Lee-ON!   We met in a little bistro-cafe at the Marche aux Puces ... flea market ... in Paris.  It was a cold December afternoon and we stopped into this little place for a glass of wine and to warm up!  Lyon is the pet of the owner of this cafe ... Actually, Lyon runs the place ...  If you are lucky, he'll take a seat at your table and join you for a latte!  Doesn't he just ooze Frenchness!!!

Here are a few fun finds on this lazy afternoon stroll ...

Here's how they do "painted furniture" ...  So simple, So beautiful.

Not surprisingly ... Beautiful French Chairs ... EVERYWHERE!!  If only Don would let me buy a crate to ship them all back!!! 

Can you imagine a home with entry gates like this ...

Look at the blue velvet settee in the corner ... ohhh how I wish I could get these things home!

We've only brought "carry on's" home ... but had the most wonderful time dreaming about how we would use all the fabulous things we find ... we would need several new homes, by the way!  

Au Revoir, Mes Amis!  Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Paris has the most amazing fabric shops!! What a lovely trip

  2. Magnifique! What a wonderful trip Paris would be. Finding more than I can possibly fit into one house is the reason I like to design for others.

  3. Enjoyed your post...I found the best antique stores full of lovely things on my trip to France. Was designing entire rooms (in my head!) around pieces I fell in love with! Give me a shout if you ever want to split a crate! :-) Elle

  4. I love the dog in the cafe! Adorable! We were in Paris a couple months ago...I wish we would have made it to the flea market. Although I probably would have gone crazy seeing all the pretty pieces I couldn't bring home!

  5. That iron gate is just stunning! Imagine shipping that one home! But you are right, sometimes the best kind of shopping is window shopping, just imagining what you would do with all your new treasures - if you actually bought them!


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